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Looking for a non-toxic and an eco-friendly paint to decorate your baby’s little living? Congratulations because you have hit the write article. This article will give you a proper review of the best paints for baby cribs.

We did far and wide research for our readers to provide them with full knowledge related what paint is safe for a baby crib? 

Babies are too naughty and of course careless. So provide them a safe and secure place for playing, sleeping and growing is the first priority of the parents. And of course their small living should have to be decorative and beautiful otherwise they feel bored and upset.

To make their living (Cribs) beautiful, interesting and eye-catching for your baby is not a tough but a little bit tricky job. And during selecting all the material included in the decoration make sure these all are non-toxic, eco friendly, water-based and super soft otherwise your baby can hurt him/her self or his/her health can be affected by these products.

Colors are one of the main things that attracts the babies most. So it’s almost mandatory to paint your baby’s crib just the way he/she likes it and want to spend time in it. We have gathered some best paints for baby cribs that are truly safe for your baby health and skin.

So let’s take a look at our top picks and choose the desired one for your baby’s crib.


Retique It Furniture Paint by Renaissance

Brand | Retique It

Retique it, it comes in the market as a whole new revolutionary product which allows its users to transform their old and abrupt furniture into a refinish furniture. Retique it, paint is in demand of worldwide people because of its great and impressive quality.

Reason To Buy

Retique it,  baby safe paint gathered numerous features that attracts you but the most attractive reasons to buy it are as follows.

Toxic And VOCs Free

Renaissance furniture paint is absolutely safe for your baby and also for your health. It’s 100% toxic and VOCs free. Because of this it spreads low odor, that prevents irritating smells that disturb the mind.

Its Eco-friendly elements make it truly safe for baby health.

Superior Coverage

Renaissance furniture paint provides you a superior coverage and great result that really impressed you. You don’t have to apply 4 to 5 coats for a beautiful outlook. You just have to apply only 1 to 2 coats that’s enough to give your baby crib an adorable beautiful finish.


Retique it paints for baby cribs comes in various numbers of colors. So you don’t need to compromise with the color. Just select the required color or your desire color and paint your baby’s crib just the way you want.

Rust-Oleum Interior Paint 200241H

Brand | Rust-Oleum

Rust-Oleum is one of the reputed manufacturers of protective and safe paints for numerous uses. Not only this Rust-oleum drives a huge number of brands, that are providing safe and eco-friendly paints for their users.

Reason To Buy

Need a reason to buy Rust oleum paints? Then here are the most basic reasons to buy it.


Rust-oleum 285142 paints for baby cribs provides you a crystal clear finish that lasts so long and remains as good as new for many years. Rust-oleum 285142 paint never becomes dull or yellows. It can maintain stunning beauty for many years.

Easy to Clean

You can remain your baby crib as cute and good looking as your baby is, by just simply cleaning it with soapy water or even only water. You don’t have to struggle to give your baby crib a beautiful and new look because of rust-oleum 285142 paint. In short, with this paint you can easily clean-up your baby’s crib.

FolkArt Home Décor Chalk Paint (34846)

Brand | folkArt

FolkArt is one of the brands of Plaid on which you can trust blindly because it’s famous for providing high-quality and non-toxic paints that make your DIY projects more beautiful than you think.

Reason To Buy

Let’s take a look at the major reasons to buy this amazing FolkArt home decor chalk paint.


FolkArt paint for baby cribs is highly pigmented that provides you a long-lasting mesmerising look. Because of its richness in pigmentation it becomes highly durable and gives you a long-lasting beauty.


FolkArt chalk paints are truly safe for your baby because it is made from non-toxic elements. It means it does not cause any kind of skin allergy and irritation for your baby. So feel free after applying folkArt paint on your baby’s crib.

Tried And True Wood Stain

Brand | Tried and True

Tried and True is the brand that is famous for offering a wide range of colors for applying creative ideas. Its provided colors are 100% VOCs free and safe for skin and food contact. Because of its extreme level of protection its colors are in demand worldwide.

Reason To Buy

Tried and True wood stain paint has several features that attracts its customers to buy it. On all of its features the most attractive ones are given below.

Incredible Coverage

Tried and true wood stain paint able to provide you an incredible level of coverage. It can cover upto 1000 square feets in just one gallon. Means it saves your hard earned money and provides you a quality result within just 2 or 3 coats.

100% safe

The tried and true wood stain paint not only gives you quality coverage but it’s also safe for you and your baby’s sensitive skin. Its 100% solvent free, VOCs free and skin friendly and its superior penetrating linseed oil and natural earth pigments makes it super safe for your baby.

Valspar Zero VOCs Paint (211423)

Brand| Valspar

Valspar is considered as a global leader in the coatings industry whose quality products and valued services make it number one among its competitors. Valspar paints are best-in-class, performance and sustainability.

Reason To Buy

Here we mentioned the most important reason to buy this wonderful paint.

Zero VOCs

Valspar provided paints for baby cribs is comes with zero VOCs. because of chemicals that are included in a paint creates VOC which effects the air quality, but Valspar paint have zero VOCs that’s mean your baby can easily breathe in a good and refresh environment provided by the valspar paints.

Fusion Mineral Paint Coal Black

Brand| Fusion Mineral Paint

Fusion mineral Provided paints are totally distinct from the other paints that are present in the market. Fusion selected each and every ingredient is highly tested to give you a superior smooth and safe performance. 

Reason to Buy

Beyond fusion mineral paint’s highly tested quality there are also many reasons to buy this wonderful paint for baby cribs.

Easy To Apply

If you are not professional and want a perfect outlook then this fusion mineral paint is for you because it is extremely easy to apply plus you don’t have to worry about finishing because it can level up by itself. 

Fusion mineral paint doesn’t require any finishing coat and maintenance. It is able to give you a fine outcome by just simply applying it.

Free From Harmful Elements

Fusion mineral paints for baby cribs really made keeping babies safety in mind that’s why it’s free from all toxic and harmful elements just like lead, irritating odor, VOCs, ammonia and formaldehyde. That’s why this paint is 100% safe for you and your little world.

KILZ L541046 Chalk Spray Paint

Brand| KILZ

KILZ products are worldwide famous because of its premium outlook. KILZ decorative paints is one of the best solutions for upcycling your furniture. Especially its safe spray paint for baby crib grabs the attention of its customers.

Reason To Buy

Here we are mentioned some essential reasons to buy KILZ L541046 chalk spray paint.


KILZ L541046 chalk spray paint has extreme versatility. Means it not only for baby cribs you can apply it on various material of furnitures as well. No matter if your baby’s crib is made from wood, metal or plastic it provides even fine finish on all that materials.

Quickly Dry Formula

KILZ L541064 chalk spray paint for baby cribs featured with a quick dry formula means it can dry quickly in 15 minutes. But for the 2nd coat you must have to wait for 45 minutes for a smooth and admirable outcome.

Country Chic Chalk Style Paint

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Brand| Country Chic

Country Chic paints has become a number one choice of the people all around the world because they are very user-friendly. It’s much easier to use and gives you the desired result that you want. Country chic offers you a completely unique Chalk-Style paint.

Reason To Buy

There are numerous reasons to buy Country chic chalk style paint in which some are mentioned below.

Amazing exterior Finish

The most distinct reason to buy this chalk style paint is that it provides a fine quality chalky matte finish over your baby’s crib. Not only this if you want to distress it you can easily do this without doing any hard efforts.

No Harsh Chemicals

Chalky style paint for baby cribs  is absolutely free from VOCs. Means there is no harsh material lik phthalates, formaldehyde or heavy metals included that can affect your baby;s health. 

In short this paint is 100% non toxic, zero Vocs, no odor and baby safe paint.

Jolie Paint- Premier Chalk Finish Paint

Brand| Jolie

Jolies motto is to help people all around the world to transform their living in a beautiful and refreshing environment. To accomplish its motto, Jolie provides worldwide the best quality, non-toxic decorative paints that help the people to make their furniture and home admirable.

Reason To Buy


 Jolie premier Chalk Finish paints for baby cribs is 100 water-based. Means you can easily clean the dust, dirt and unwanted marks from the crib by simply using a soapy water and a light soft cloth.

Amy Howard Home| One-Step Paint

Brand| Amy Howard Home

Amy Howard home is reputed because of its artisan quality of paints and refinishing products. It has served its customers over 28 years, and placed a distant position in the interior design market.

Reason To Buy

Amy Howard Home one step paint not only professional choice but it’s also famous in unprosionals. And the main reason for its demand are its amazing features.

Easy To Apply

Amy Howard Home one step paint is highly easy to apply. You don’t need to use sand, strips or paint primer before applying it. You just have to simply clean the required furniture and it’s all set to paint.


So in the end, we just say only this that you can easily protect your baby and take good care of his/her health by choosing the right paints for baby cribs. Select the one from our top picks and make your baby’s crib as beautiful as your baby is.

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