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Need something magical that keeps your baby calm and delighted during sleep time or engages him/her while you are doing your home or office work. Don’t mess your baby crib with extra material because it can’t engage your naughty baby. Baby mobiles for crib with light and music is enough to prevent your baby from any irritation and making his/her mood always fresh and enjoyable.

Amazed that do mobiles help babies go to sleep? Yes we are right. A perfect mobile crib can resolve all your and your baby problems. Because it can make your baby calm and allow him/her to sleep without any fear. 

Plus its toys hanging option keeps engaging your baby all day long and its music box entertains your little world continuously without any interruption. In short this baby mobile for crib with light  and music is the all in one package for what you wished for.

In this article we are going to tell you some best mobile for baby brain development that not only entertains your baby and helps him/her to sleep better but it also helps your baby in developing emotional intelligence, creativity, language skill and senses just like hearing, seeing and grabbing.

We have shortlisted some reputed brands of best crib mobiles that fulfill all your and your baby’s needs and make your baby crib time more enjoyable and funtime. 

Let’s take a look at our top picks of Baby mobiles for crib with light and select the perfect one that you need and liked the most.


Tiny Love Take along Mobile Magical Tales   

Brand| Tiny Store

Tinny store is the award winning brand that is known because of its soft developmental toys and activity for children. Tiny store is basically connected to Israel’s leading baby supply/toy store chain and its products are sold all over the world.

Attractive Features

Tiny Store Love Take along mobile magical tales has many features that would be helpful for your baby to grow and discover new things but its most unique features are mentioned below.

Incredible Attachment Modes

Tiny love mobile magical tales are featured with incredible attachment parts. Means You can attach this one of the baby mobiles for crib with light most conveniently. It has a two-part attachment arm by which you can easily attach it with your baby’s play yard, crib or bassinet.

It also has clip attachment through which you can hang it on your baby’s stroller and go outside freely with your baby. Plus it also has Velcro strap attachment to attach to your infant carrier.

Fully Entertaining

This Tiny love mobile has a variety of activities through which your baby can play without being bored. This mobile crib can play music for 30 minutes continuously and have 5 different melodies that engage your baby in the crib. 

It also rotates without the music. Means if you are tired of the music you can put it only in rotation mode.  

Fistone Baby Musical Crib Mobile

Brand| Fistone

Fistone is one of the best brands that are reputed for its high-quality, good and advanced featured toys. Fistone’s products are 100% for the children. They are eco-friendly and non odor. Fistone worked hard to satisfy their customers with their new and amazing designed toys.

Attractive Features

This Fistone Baby Musical Crib mobile has a number of exciting features but the most attractive ones are mentioned below.

Removable Rattles

Fistone baby musical crib mobile with light has a removable rattle option. It means you can change the hanging toys according to your baby’s desire and need. 

During your baby’s teething time you can put soft and non-toxic toys that don’t harm your baby or you can put delighted colored toys that give your baby a fair company during sleep time.

Starlight Projection.

This wonderful mobile crib also has starlight projection. With this projected light you can make a complete sleepy and peaceful environment for your baby. So he/she falls fast asleep. 

Its light and smooth music gives a baby an extreme level of comfort-ness during sleeping.

VTech soothing Ocean Slumber Mobile

Brand| VTech

Vteach (Video technology Limited) isone of the top 50 electronic manufacturer service providers from all over the world. It is famous because of its electronic learning products from infancy to preschool kids. Its products main motto is to enhance the senses and discovering power of the children.

Attractive Features

VTeach Soothing Ocean Slumber Mobile for cribs attractive features that make it distinct from others are.

2-In-1 Baby Mobile

VTech soothing ocean slumber mobile is featured with 2-in-1 baby mobile. It can be used as a mobile crib or can be transformed into a crib toy. It can fulfill all of your baby needs for crib playing time with its interesting and colorful animals toys. This mobile crib grows with your baby.

Ocean Themed Images

This baby mobile crib also projects ocean themed images on the top of the ceiling. Its light and bright colors create a full peaceful environment for better and comfortable sleep.

Wide Range Of Entertainment

VTech baby mobiles for crib with light can play more than 45 soft sing-along songs and melodies that helps the baby to sleep well and make the baby feel safer. Plus it also has sound sensor triggers that alert you when the baby cries.

Fisher-Price Butterfly Dreams 3-in-1 Projection Mobile

Brand| Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price is an American that that aims to produce educational toys all over the world. Fisher-Price served its audience for 90 years and made a distant position in the market because of its unique and advanced toys.

Attractive features

Some most attractive and admirable features of this amazing mobile crib are given below.

3-In-1 Baby Mobile

Fisher-price baby mobile for crib with light has 3-in-1 feature means it can entertain and be a good companion of newborns, infants and more than 5 months of babies. It grows with your baby with the time and can be converted into a tabletop soother.

So don’t take tension if your newborn baby becomes used to this crib mobile because it can last with your baby for a longer age.

Starry Light Projection

Fisher-price butterfly dreams crib mobile included with a projection that generates a bright and delighted starry night light show with soothing music that helps your baby to take a deep and peaceful sleep. Its starry night theme developed the sense of sleep-time routine in the baby. 

B.Toys Magical Mellow-Zzzs Nursery Mobile

Brand| B.toys

B.toys is a famous toy company whose toys are award winning. B.toys first priority is to create new ideas and properties in toys that surely develop the sense,and imagination power in the children.

Attractive Features

Beyond b.toys magical mobile’s all using features some of the most distant and attractive features are discussed below.


This B.toys magical mellow-Zzzs nursery mobile does not only act as a mobile. You can attach it anywhere, where your baby goes down for a nap. An adjustable hook attached with it that make it easy for you to hang it anywhere in the car seat, on the crib or the stroller.

Extra Soft

This baby mobiles crib with light is not only good in producing soothing music and lights but its soft and comfortable fabrics and texture make it more exciting and interesting. Because of its pure softness you can feel safe and protected that during playing your baby can’t hurt him/herself with this mobile.

Bitcircuit Musical Baby Crib Mobile Toy With Light

Brand| Bitcircuit

Bitcircuit is one of the best brands that provides good quality and beautifully designed toys. Its toys are worldwide requirement of the customers.

Attractive Features

This Bitcircuit musical baby crib mobile included many interesting features that surely goanna impressed you. 

Remote Control Music Box

With this incredible bistcircuit musical baby crib mobile you can play 150 soft lullaby, 10 music machines, 10 baby songs and 5 nature sounds that helps your baby to keep calm and engaged. 

In bonus you have full control over the music because of its remote control music box. Because of it you can stop the music anytime when your baby is asleep.

Different Colors Of Projection

This baby mobiles crib with light projected the starry night pattern to the ceiling that creates a proper environment of sleeping for the baby. Not only this it’s included with 4 kinds of projection (red, purple, 2 colors alternately flashing). So you can select the favorite color projection of the baby for a better and fearless sleep.

Bottom Line

After a brief review of these highly interesting and amazing baby mobiles for crib with light and music. we are quite sure that now you can easily select the best one according to your need and desire.

Get your baby’s mobile crib now and make your baby’s crib time and sleeping time entertaining and encouraging.

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