Baby Cribs For Small Spaces | Product detail with buying guide


Looking for a safe place for your baby to lay down for naps and bedtime? Cheer up! Because you have come to the right place. In this article, we have gathered our top picks of baby cribs for small spaces.

So you can find the perfect mini cribs for your baby where not only your baby can sleep peacefully but they are also safe for your baby and in bonus, these cribs take up a very little part of your home.

If you are living in a small apartment or don’t want to disturb the style and setting of your home. Then our top picks of baby cribs for small spaces are the best option to go.

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Babies are too sensitive that’s why before choosing a crib for your baby you have to take care of some aspects that must be very essential to keep your baby safe in these cute cribs.

Before knowing what is the best mini crib to get? Let’s mark out a few things that must be checked during buying the baby cribs.

Baby cribs: ( Buying Guide)


During buying a crib for your baby make sure that the crib doesn’t contain any Sharpe or even a little bit of edge. Because a single edge can be harmful to the baby and it can seriously hurt the baby.

Going with the cribs that have decorative cutouts especially on the footboard or headboard may look beautiful but these are not a good choice.

As babies are too naughty they can hurt their selves from the edges of the crib. That’s why select an edged-free crib will be safer and best for your baby.

Less Space Between The Bars

Most people considered a wooden crib that contains many wooden bars. It not only looks good but from this crib, you can easily see what the baby is doing inside the crib.

But before buying these wooden cribs keenly checked the spaces between the bars. The space between the bars doesn’t be more than 2 inches.

In case of more space, your baby body’s parts can be stuck in that bars and that’s very dangerous.

Occupy Less Space

Always try to find a crib that occupies less space. These kinds of cribs are ideal cribs because they can easily fit into any tight place. Not only this you can also take these baby cribs for small space to anywhere easily. It means it also ideal for traveling with the baby.


Foldable mini cribs are one of the best options to buy. Because you can easily fold and stored them when they are not in use.

Foldable baby cribs can last for many many years and you can use them for more than one baby. Means it saves you from purchasing the new crib for every turn.

Now move on to our top picks of baby cribs for small spaces. By which you can easily select the best one crib for your baby.

Top Picks

1.Dream On Me Violet Mini Crib.

Attractive Features

  • Dream on me provide you a 4 in 1 convertible mini crib, that allow you to use it with versatility. It can serve you as a mini crib, mini daybed and twin-size bed.
  • Ideal for compact spaces because of its flowing design.
  • Its woods and other materials are totally free from toxic elements. Mean its truly safe for your baby.
  • Contain 3- position of adjustable mattress height. You can adjust the mattress according to your desire most conveniently.

2.Ingenuity Dream And Grow Beside Bassinet/Crib.

Attractive Features

  • The best feature of the ingenuity crib is that it has an alternative function. This means you can easily convert it into a bassinet or a crib just what you need.
  • You can adjust the height of the crib according to your bed height. So it becomes easier to take care of your baby at night time.
  • Have mesh sides that allow enough air to get in. So your baby can breathe easily in the crib.
  • Easily moveable you can take this crib anywhere just like at marker or nursery. Its wheels make it easy to move.

3.Graco Travel Lite Crib.

Attractive Features

  • Extremely versatile that you can convert into a portable play yard. It is one of the best portable cribs that you have ever seen before.
  • You can easily fold it and carry it as a bag and travel anywhere easily with this compact crib.
  • Because of its height-adjustable function, you can set the crib according to your baby’s height. It can last for many years as it is capable to grow with your baby.

4.Baby Bjorn Travel Crib (040280US)

Attractive Features

  • This crib can be set up and fold up magically by just following some simple steps.
  • You can easily take this crib with you anywhere anytime.
  • Its fabric is machine washable. This means you can keep the fabric as good as new by washing it.
  • The crib’s sides are soft and airy mesh. So the baby can see outside the crib plus it prevent the baby from suffocation.

5.Delta Children Mini Baby Crib.

Attractive Features

  • Delta mini crib is one of the best baby crib for small spaces. It can be easily adjust even on little space.
  • With its height adjustment function you can make it comfortable for your baby to sit and stand by simply lowering the mattress.
  • This crib is totally free from lead and other toxic elements. Mean its truly safe for your baby.
  • It is made from quality wood that’s why it can last for many years.

6.Dream On Me, Edgewood 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib

Attractive Features

  • It is highly convertible. You can convert this mini crib into a mini daybed or twin-size bed. Mean it can grow with your child.
  • Edgewood mini crib grabs the attention of the customers because of its beautiful and descent compact design.
  • Made from solid pinewood which gives it an ultra level of durability.

7.Evolour Belmer Flat 5-in-1 Convertible Crib

Attractive Features

  • The feature that makes Evolour belmer crib distinct from others is it can convert in 5 ways (toddler bee, daubed, full-size bed, and twin-size bed).
  • This baby crib for small spaces is a timeless piece. You can use it for baby girls as well as a baby boy, because of its gender-neutral form.
  • Evolour Belmer crib is safe for your baby. As it meets all the safety standards of CPSC, JPMA and ASTM.

8.Nordmiex 3-in-1 Travel Baby Crib

Attractive Features

  • Nordmiex crib comes with a breathable net through which the baby can easily breathe, can see outside the crib. Plus this net can protect the baby from harmful insects and materials.
  • It can be used as a bedside sleeper, bedside crib, or baby bassinet.
  • With 6 height positions, this baby crib is highly adjustable as you can adjust it according to your bed height.

9.Dream On Me Bellport 4-in-1 Convertible Mini/Portable Crib

Attractive features

  • With its convertibility options, you can keep pace with your growing child’s needs. As it can be easily converted into a mini daybed or twin-size bed.
  • If you are looking for baby cribs for small spaces then this Bellport 4-in-1 convertible mini crib is the ideal one. You can place it even in less space without doing any effort.
  • It is highly portable that you can move it anywhere easily.

10.Baby Womb World 3-in-1 Portable Crib

Attractive features

  • It can provide you extreme level of security because it is free from entrapment and suffocation hazards.
  • With a depth of 30mm, this crib ensures that the baby doesn’t crawl down from the crib.
  • Its timeless design with essential baby accessories makes you satisfied that you have spent your earning on the right thing.
  • Besides a crib, it can be used as a side sleeper or toddler playpen.

Bottom Line

Nothing can be more satisfying than seeing your baby laying down on a comfortable crib. Our top picks of Baby cribs for small spaces are much capable to give your baby a peaceful sleep at night time and they can play in these cribs during day time and can enjoy their babyhood.