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Who doesn’t want to see their child sleeping soundly? To experience this worthless happiness a co-sleeper is the best way to go. A co-sleeper is simply a baby cribs that attach to the bed. So that’s how you can see and take care your baby at any time during the night.

A co-sleeping crib next to the bed is now becoming too famous and also demanding. Because having a baby crib to the bed and occupy small space is such a blessing for the parents especially new parents because that’s how they can take extra care of their baby during night time without doing any extra effort.

A bedside crib or a Full size folding crib is also beneficial for breastfeeding mothers. After a rush day, it’s too tough for a mother to do any extra efforts at night time. So to make them relax baby bed extension co-sleeper is the best option.

We have prepared a list of our top picks of baby cribs that attach to the bed. By reviewing this list you can easily find the desire crib that you want to have near your bed.

Top Picks


Let’s take a look at our top picks and decide which one co-sleeping crib next to the bed you want to have.

Unilove Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper

Attractive Features

Height Adjustment

It contains a 7-height adjustment function. Means you can easily adjust the crib according to your bed’s height.

Safe And Comfortable

Can provide your baby a completely safe and comfortable sleep without any disturbance. Its mosquito net sheet protects your baby from bugs, mosquitoes, house fly and harmful insects.

3-In-1 Function

It’s not only a baby cribs that attach to the bed, with its 3-in-1 function you can easily convert it from bedside crib to travel crib or traditional standing crib.

Additional Features

  • Contain breathable mesh which provides clear ventilation and visibility.
  • Easily convertible to different mode just according to your need.
  • Bed frame attached hooks and four-wheel locker provides an extreme level of safety.
  • Airy mesh on both sides that prevent your baby from suffocation.

Baby Delight Reside Me Dreamer Bedside Sleeper

Attractive Features

6-Position Height Adjustment

The crib can easily adapt to your desire position due to its 6-position height adjustment function.

Water Proof

The crib has a waterproof sheet fitted inside the crib. So your baby can be protected from rashes or any other skin irritation.

Easier Convertibility

You can easily convert it from a bassinet to a bedside sleeper by simply just unlocking and uplifting the sidebar.

Additional Features

  • Easy to move anywhere because of its lighter weight.
  • Contain line grey fabric.
  • The mattress is filled with fibers that provide super comfort to the baby.
  • Removable and washable to keep them as good as new.
  • Made from 70% of polyester.

Baby Joy Baby Bedside Bassinet

Attractive Features

Attached Music Box

The baby joy bedside bassinet comes with a music box to make your baby sleep more enjoyable and peaceful. The light and soothing vibration of the music box helps the baby to sleep without any nursing.


It also has a toy rack attached at the top of the crib which helps your baby is growing and makes the crib time more fun for the baby.


Baby joy bedside bassinet has enough inner space which gives your baby a cozy and peaceful sleeping experience. If you have twin babies then this crib/bassinet has enough space for your naughty twin.

Additional Features

  • 4-level adjustable height function.
  • Contain thick sponge and brushed fabric to provide extreme comfort.
  • Tilting angle by which a mother can easily feed her baby.
  • Built-in pulley function by which you can easily move it anywhere.

Chicco Close To You SE Bedside Bassinet

Attractive Features

Water Proof Mattress

Chicco bedside bassinet contain machine washable fabrics plus a waterproof mattress. This means you can quickly and easily clean the mattress without any irritation.

Easy Maneuver

There is a pull handle option outside the bassinet. So you can put the baby bassinet on your bed or much closer to your bed as you want. It also has four rubberized swivel wheels by which you can easily move it anywhere.

Additional Features

  • Easily can adjust the height of the bassinet between 21.5” – 30.5”.
  • The sides of the bassinet is made from soft and airy mesh.
  • Zip-off, machine washable for easy cleanup.
  • A bedside sleeper, as well as a mobile bassinet, glides.

Baby Bay Original Bedside Sleeper Bundle

Attractive Features

Perfect For Small Spaces

Baby bay bedside crib is extremely convenient for small spaces. If you live in a small apartment or don’t want to disturb your home’s setting then this bedside sleeper is a perfect solution.

100% Cotton Jersey Sheet

Baby bay bedside sleeper comes with a classic wave mattress pad plus a sheet that is made from 100% cotton jersey to protect your baby sensitive skin and allow comfortable sleep for the baby.

100% Eco-friendly

Baby bay bedside sleeper is 100% Eco-friendly because it’s made from Beachwood that has no toxic elements. Besides, it also included a bedframe anchor.

Additional Features

  • Included fits flush function.
  • Have 34.5” wide, 18” deep, and 3” tall dimensions.
  • Provide a wide and deep platform to the baby for a night of better sleep.

Chicco 2020 Next2me bedside crib/cradle

Attractive Features

Sliding Side Opening

The most attractive and new feature that grabs its customer attention is its sliding side opening. With this feature, you can easily open or close the cradle by just using one hand.

11-Position Adjustment

When normal baby cribs that attaching to the bed have 3 to 7 height adjustment positions Chicco cradle bed sleeper has 11- height adjustment positions. This means it can easily fit into any kind of bed.

Additional Features

  • Having dimensions of 35.61” x 23.62” and 49.21 inches.
  • Lighter in weight so that’s how up can move it easily to anywhere you want.
  • Contain 4 multidirectional wheels which help it to love easily in any direction.

Arm’s Reach Cambria Co-sleeper Bassinet

Attractive Features

Storage Pockets

Arm’s reach co-sleeper bassinet includes many pockets on each side plus a basket at the bottom of the bassinet for placing and storing all your baby needs.


Arm’s reach co-sleeper bassinet is considered as one of the safe baby cribs that attach to the bed because of its extraordinary design and its all covers and finishes are round (edge-free) which makes it 100% safe for the growing baby.

Additional Features

  • Combria style make breastfeeding much easier for a mother.
  • Four caster wheels are attached to move in any direction.
  • Can be converted into a bedside sleeper or free-standing bassinet.
  • Made from a wood frame which makes it highly attractive and beautiful.

Simmons Kids Room2Grow 2-In-1 Bedside Bassinet

Attractive Features

Water Proof And Washable

For a healthy baby, hygiene must be the priority. With that in mind, the Simmons made a bedside bassinet that is much easy to clean. Because its mattress pad cover is waterproof and machine washable so you don’t have to do any extra effort to take care about your baby hygiene.

Flexible Frame

Its flexible frame and adjustable height function make it easy for your to share the room with your baby in a safe and comfortable environment.

Extremely Level Of Durability

Simmons Room2Griw bedside bassinet made from good quality of material that make it highly durable. In fact your baby can spend more than one year with this amazing bassinet.

Additional Features

  • Easily convertible into bassinet to sleeper.
  • Can expand, instantly converting into different sleeping modes.
  • Innovative 2-in-1 design.
  • Airy mesh fitted on all sided to provide a fresh and clean atmosphere inside the bassinet.

The first years- close and secure baby sleeper

Attractive Features


This baby sleeper is much lighter in weight because of which you can easily place it next to your bed. In this baby sleeper, you can easily feed and cuddle your baby.

Soft and Breathable

This soft and comfortable baby sleeper is designed to increase the airflow inside the sleeper which promotes air circulation and a fresh breathable environment.

Additional Features

  • Have a washable compact design.
  • Easily can maintain the hygiene due to removable mattress sheet.
  • Made from soft fabric that provides extra comfort to the baby.

Swaddle Me By Your Side Sleeper

Attractive Features


This is considered one of the safest baby sleepers. With this lightweight baby sleeper, you can keep your baby close and protected next to you.

Airy Mesh Sides

Its all sides are made from an airy mesh which allows enough air to breathe and also protects the baby from harmful insects. Plus you and your baby can see each other from this airy mesh.

Additional Features

  • 100% polyurethane foam included.
  • Interior measurement would be 29.5x 13.5 inches.
  • Easy to move anywhere.

Bottom Line

Keeping your baby close to you during night time as well can feel your baby safe and protected. Now you can experience your baby’s peaceful sleep and feel the real pleasure of parenting by using baby cribs that attach to the bed.

From our selected top picks you can easily choose the best one baby cribs that attach to the bed according to your budget, home capacity and need. Select right now and make your baby’s babyhood more enjoying, comfortable and protected with these Cribs/bassinets/cradle.

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