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It is not always easy to find the ideal model of a crib bumper. You certainly want to buy one that matches your baby’s bed and the decoration of his room. On the other hand, you must also take into account your budget. The Best baby crib bumpers stand out on different points: material, shape, design, price, color, and patterns. That’s what factor on which I am gonna list best baby crib bumpers at parentner.

Your child is approaching 4 weeks and you want to replace his/her crib bumper with real fitting and super match. For this transition to go smoothly, the easiest solution to prevent it from falling is to use bed rails. Our guide offers the models best suited to your little angel.

6 Best Baby Crib Bumpers 

1.BreathableBaby Classic Patented Bumper Safe for Baby

Are you looking for a nice crib bumper for your child? Why not opt ​​for this mint gray snake pattern model that will suit a little girl as well as a little boy. We can say that this is the best brand of baby cot bumper. 

This model from the famous brand can be used at the same time as a bolster to prop up your baby when he is taking his nap or when he is sleeping. Better yet, you can use this article as a divider between the parental bed and the co-sleeping bed.

Why trust BreathableBaby? This brand offers complimentary childcare products that you can match to your baby’s room. Especially since it is committed to manufacturing products that meet high-quality standards. You can be sure that you are getting comfortable and durable material at the same time.


Certified materials – Are you looking for a healthy product for your child? The baby cot bumper from Ullenboom is made with OEKO-TEX certified materials. They are hypoallergenic and free from any harmful products.

Easy maintenance – Around the bed is washed completely, then cover with the padding. Put the machine at 30 °C.

Fair production – if you are concerned about local economic development, consume the products of a company that focuses on fair production. It is a family business that promotes the local workforce.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Decent design
  • The only downside with this product is that it cannot be wedged between the mattress and the bed. Your child can then tear it off easily.

2.Disney Winnie The Pooh First Best Friend Secure-Me Crib Liner, Aqua/White

Are you looking for a beautiful product with excellent quality and price ratio? Use a price comparison engine in your brain to find the best baby crib bumper. It can be said that this is one of the cheapest items on the market while still performing very well. 

This model has an anti-collision function thanks to its 4-sided lining. As a bonus, it is made with breathable fabric. Its design allows it to fit easily into any decoration. 

Moreover, white and fine, this baby cot bumper is no less powerful. It has a 3D liner to have a very thin layer to absorb shocks while leaving maximum airflow in your little one’s bed.

This pretty product is available in two parts if you want to install a full or partial bumper. You have a 51 x 10-inch long segment and a 27x 10-inch short segment. You can allow the baby to see his surroundings when awake.


High breathability – The crib bumper is supposed to protect your boy or girl from shock and drafts. But, there is no question of suffocating it either. This breathable mesh bed bumper lets air circulate freely without harming the child.

Easy and secure installation – you don’t have the soul of a handyman? This is not a problem. All you have to do is install the 4 removable panels of the bumper one by one using 6 clips and 4 magic stickers.

Nice packaging – the item comes in exquisite packaging, which will make it an ideal gift idea for a newborn baby.

  • Easy to install
  • Cheap to Buy
  • according to the testimony of a user, the seams of this bed bumper are not very resistant.

3.BreathableBaby Deluxe Patented Bumper

Do you want to buy the cheapest baby crib bumper on the market without sacrificing quality? Choose this Rich-home fabric book. It has something to please parents, but especially little pieces of cabbage just with its pretty book motifs. 

Hence its name the fabric book for babies. For a very little dime, you have a product with a cartoon theme. Besides, the item has been safety tested to ensure the azo colorfastness. They are not likely to wash off or scratch your baby.

This cot bumper is suitable for newborns girls or boys up to children of 36 months. It fits easily into a classic crib with its length of 92 cm and width of 14 cm as well as its small thickness. This Rich-home fabric book has been made in a soft and resistant material, cotton, and polyester. This model is then healthy and gentle for the baby while being environmentally friendly.


A beautiful motif – it is very important to awakening the baby from his first months. This cot bumper with its patterns in various shapes and colors will guarantee a good awakening to your child.

A quality material – The cotton and polyester blend makes the fabric book soft and strong at the same time. It’s the best you can give your baby.

An unbeatable price – if you want to make good deals or save on your budget, do not hesitate to bet on this baby cot bumper at a reasonable price.

  • The decent theme of the design
  • Child-friendly soft material
  • Unfortunately, the color of the product may not be exactly as indicated on the site due to the brightness, lighting, and contrast settings.

4.BreathableBaby Classic Baby Mesh Mini Crib Bumper

Is your girl or boy going to point his nose soon? As a parent, it is only natural to seek out the best in baby products for your little boy or girl. So where to buy a baby cot bumper? If you are ready to invest the high price for this accessory, the quality is at the parentner with this gray marble cot bumper from Baby’s Only brand. 

It stands out from all the others thanks to its rather special material. Indeed, it is knitted and comes directly from kidney countries, manufactured by a Dutch company. Its appearance is out of the ordinary to offer you a luxurious bed bumper. Its gray/granite color allows it to fit easily into any style of interior decoration. Whether you have a little girl or a little boy, this understated accessory will go perfectly in an already very colorful bedroom.

However, this baby crib bumper needs special maintenance so as not to undo the knits. To do this, simply follow the instructions provided with the product. This Baby’s only item is nevertheless very resistant and does not risk deteriorating wash after wash.


Top-quality –  the Dutch company uses German yarns to knit this lovely baby cot bumper in the Basque Country. It can be qualified as superior quality thanks to the material used (cotton blend) and the manufacturing method.

A product that follows the standards – in addition to the quality proclaimed by the brand, this product meets the OEKO-TEX 100 standard to guarantee a healthy and solid product for your toddler.

A sober design – if you are not like most parents who adore blue or pink depending on the sex of your baby, this cot bumper will meet your most demanding expectations. Get your baby used to the fine taste now.

  • High quality
  • All standard followed by company
  • The only downside of this item is its high price compared to other models.

5.BreathableBaby Classic Breathable Mesh Bumper for Solid End Cribs – White

Want to keep your baby safe while giving him the freedom to see the world around him? This braided set from the BreathableBaby brand is the ideal product for you. Besides, this cot bumper protects your baby against the risk of hitting his head against the bars. 

However, the bumper is not the same height as the bar. The baby can keep a view of the rest of the house. This also depends on the configuration of the bumper. You can form a circle, a rectangle, a heart, or a U with the braided rope.

You can buy the product in different sizes depending on the age of your child. There is a minimum height of 220 cm, an average height of 360 cm, and a maximum height of 420 cm. They are all 5 cm wide and 15 cm high. This crib bumper is a proven choice if you want to provide comfort and well-being to your baby. It is trimmed in cotton with a super soft crystal velvet outer covering.


Great versatility – This bumper can be used not only in the crib but also in the stroller or car seat to create a cozy little nest for the baby. You can shape it as you like.

A very soft material –  The cot bumper can be in direct contact with the skin because it is very soft. So you can use it as a pillow or cushion when your child is growing up.

A nice touch of decoration – This product in green and white will suit a little boy’s as well as a little girl’s room. You can put it in the bed or outside on the sofa when a baby is not sleeping to decorate the room.

  • Soft material
  • Great quality
  • be sure to wash this braided bed bumper at a low temperature either by hand or by machine because the material is very delicate.

6.Pure Safety Vertical Crib Bumper in Blush Cotton 

Are you going to welcome your baby home soon? Give him a cozy space so that he can make the transition from mom’s tummy to the cradle or single bed without hindrance. 

Build a little nest for him with a padded bumper. Where to buy a new original bed bumper for your princess? Choose the set of 6 cushions from the Elfique brand. This package is composed of 3 starry white cushions and 3 pink cushions, 60 x 120 cm.

You can install these 6 cushions linearly along the contour of the bed, against the bars. It protects your daughter from impact against the slats or prevents her from getting her hands or feet caught between the bars.


Quality fabric – The cushions are sewn with 100% cotton fabric, soft and hygienic for the baby. The non-woven polyester padding ensures maximum comfort. Especially since the fabric is OEKO-TEX certified.

Easy maintenance – the cushions have a zipper to easily remove the cover and put it in the machine at 40 ° C.

Optimal safety – the cushions hold well against the slats thanks to the anti-slip strips.

  • Very small to keep in baby’s hand
  • One consumer says knots can unravel during washing.

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Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Baby Crib Bumpers?

The baby will arrive soon and expand the family. It is an incomparable joy for the parents who have been taking care of their future little room for weeks now. Among the childcare accessories on which you should not skimp is the cot bumper. Because it must be received with very particular attention, it is necessary to think of recreating a cozy cocoon closest to the belly of his mother and the little cradle of motherhood. It is therefore advisable to add a comfortable bed bumper to your baby crib.

Security – Safety first of all

The cot bumper is supposed to create a reassuring and comfortable cocoon for the baby. So what’s the best cot bumper for your child? The transition from mom’s tummy to a freestanding bed in a bedroom should be done in the smoothest way possible. So, choose a well-padded or quilted bed bumper with wadding or polyester. 

This has two functions: to shrink the bed to fit your baby’s size until he gets used to a more spacious environment, and to protect him so that he does not get stuck between the slats or get stuck.

At the same time, the crib bumper protects the baby from all external aggressions such as strong light and noise. It allows him to have his personal space and a little privacy. This will push him to be more independent later.

Also, before looking at the price of the bumper, make sure it is built respecting the elementary safety standards, essential when it comes to accessories dedicated to the little ones.

A cot bumper is nothing more than a foam rubber with a cotton lining that covers the sides of the cot, sometimes reducing the margins to make the space of the cot that will accommodate the baby from the first days until the first years of life smaller and more comfortable. 

Much more often, however, the bumper is an element to be fixed to the sides of the bed to avoid the risk that, by bumping into the wooden boards, the little one could get hurt.

The ranking of the aspects not to be overlooked sees in the first place the fact that the padding must be able to be easily fixed to the sides, without the risk of slipping on the baby or that there are elements that can be put in the mouth, such as laces or buttons easily identifiable from the baby’s hands. If you are among those who compare prices, you will soon realize that these precautions do not require a particularly high expense, but are a detail to be carefully researched in every review of the individual products.


The cot or crib bumper must be in line with the rest of the baby’s room, at least his bed. The most efficient and suitable is undoubtedly the one which has the design in harmony with the interior decoration of the room. The size, shape, color, and pattern of the product must then be taken into account. In terms of form, the bed bumper always or almost always looks like a flat cushion with a height corresponding to that of the bars or less.

Also, you can choose between a full bed bumper and a partial bed bumper. The first model offers greater safety to the baby. The second model is adjustable thanks to bellows. You can then cover all or part of the perimeter of the bed. 

To stimulate the baby’s awakening, prefer bed bumpers decorated with bright colors and pretty patterns without doing too much at the risk of damaging his eyesight. Don’t hesitate to match your cot bumper with its comforter, changing mat, or sleeping bag.


The choice of material matches the comfort and design of the product. Choose a different product depending on the season for the baby’s comfort. The best baby crib bumpers are also defined by their function. First, opt for a velour and polyester padded model that is both warm, plush, and breathable for winter. Then, bet on a cotton cot bumper with a polyester filling that is lighter and fluffier for summer.

Either way, try to buy one made from easy-care fabric. Indeed, you must wash and iron all your child’s bedding regularly, including the bumper, to avoid the reproduction of dust mites due to sweat.

Compatibility With The Bed Frame

The inflatable bumpers simply fit over the mattress and fit perfectly into any bed. But for convertible bed rails, it will be necessary to install fasteners on the bed frame itself. Make sure that the fastening system supplied with the convertible gate is compatible with your child’s bed frame.

Additional Functionalities

In addition to the standard criteria above, there may be other features you want to have with a toddler bed rail. For example, if the bed rails are washable, that is a real plus, because any parent knows how dirty objects children come into contact with on a regular basis, especially in a bed. 

Colors And Sizes

We know, the market offers colors and patterns for children that are sometimes truly irresistible, especially when combined with other elements of the bedroom. However, these characteristics may reflect our personal tastes, it would be worthwhile to make some reflections before choosing the crib bumper to buy. The first consideration could be the way infants perceive colors since they are able to focus on a very limited field of vision and choosing soft colors also means making them feel comfortable.

Furthermore, as you can imagine, these shades tend to fade less during washing and, probably, no aggressive substances were used during the dyeing phase of the fabric.

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FAQsBest Baby Crib Bumpers

Q-At What Age Are Crib Bumpers Safe?

It would be harmful before 4 months of the baby’s age. Before this age babies can not roll and might get injured.

Q-Are Crib Bumpers Safe For A 1-year-old?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to keep your baby at crib bumpers at the age of 1 year.

Q-What Are The Best Baby Crib Bumpers?

According to the above list, following are the best baby crib bumpers:

  1. BreathableBaby Classic Patented Bumper
  2. Disney Winnie The Pooh First Best Friend Secure-Me Crib Liner
  3. Pure Safety Vertical Crib Bumper


Some reflexes of caution in the choice of cot bumpers should be applied regardless of the stage of awakening and the age group considered. It is strongly recommended to opt for a simple and soft crib bumper, and free of small fragile parts that can be accidentally ingested. It is also strongly prescribed to ensure the presence of a logo of a certified organization on the cot bumpers and the rest depends on your choice, best of luck, and thanks for paying attention to read this parenting article guide at parentner.