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We always need toys for children. Whether it is an event like a birthday or when they sleep on the crib to make them smile and arouse their interest. Soft toys, mobiles, playmats, sensory balls, or other educational toys, there is something for all tastes and for all ages. Therefore, in this review guide best baby crib toys are going to be discussed. 

Among the most popular and trendy toys, you will also find wooden toys and interactive games, which delight young and old. To make sure you don’t go wrong, you can offer a toddler a fabric book, a wooden rattle, or a soft toy. Some of them emit sounds and pretty melodies or light up, exciting children’s wonder! Babies also love activity tables.

They can have fun with the beads, bells, or mirrors to discover new textures and awaken all their senses. Also, recessing or imitation games such as Janod kitchens are perfect for developing their agility and ability. So, if you want to make your baby happy and keep him/her fit then you can quickly find inspiration in our selection of the best baby crib toys.

We review a lot of toys on Parentner, so we know of a fantastic crib toy once we see you. We’ve got the best crib toys on this list, along with some safety notes for your parenting enjoyment.

7 Best Baby Crib Toys

1.KiddoLab Baby Crib Mobile with Lights and Relaxing Music – The Best In Line of Baby Crib Toy

KiddoLab Baby Crib Mobile is perhaps the best portable crib toy available in the market. It’s mobile so that it can be attached to many baby equipment like a cradle, playpen, car seat, stroller ( without deckchairs), etc. To some baby equipment using a universal attachment arm with the massive stroller clip or using the attached Velcro straps.

Moreover, it helps provide the baby with a sense of familiarity, seeing exactly the same calming movements of the creature in addition to the sounds where you go. It is absolutely mobile in most senses of the word, the creatures on the cell phone are facing backward so that the baby has a transparent visual view at all times as well. It is recommended for a toddler up to 6 weeks old, but some children get used to the noises so it can be easily used for more.

The set-up is quite simple. The elevation of this arm is about 12.68 inches from the tip to the maximum stage, so its top is enough.

The best part is that it turns off automatically. This crib category toy can play up to 20 hours of tunes because of this, so it’s all about popping the KiddoLab Baby Crib Mobile.

Size-wise, it’s not a miniature as the title might suggest, its medium size and slow, controlled movements that help the baby fall asleep.

Appearance-wise, the felt are neutral, which makes it much easier to buy as a gift for someone or just for your little cutie.

Keeping it clean is pretty straightforward, a quick wash with a damp cloth and you are good to go.


  • Play for 30 consecutive minutes
  • easy to attach
  • Could play with 5 different songs
  • Has a car darkening option
  • Can be attached to many baby equipment
  • Turns in a slow, gentle motion
  • Non-sexist personalities
  • 20 hours of autonomy
  • Not harmful for your baby
  • Easy to handle
  • The connector can be loosened when attached to the fabric on plastic such as playpens. It is better to fix it in the plastic edging for balance

2.Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym & Maracas

If your baby is learning to use and organize those big little legs that you understand, you want to help improve all that power. And there’s nothing better than enlisting the help of an adorable musical piano assistant like the Fisher-Price Smart Stages Kick and Play Piano as the best baby crib toy.

Adorned with the cutest animal figures, the wise Stages Play and Kick can be used as a crib toy while babies lie down, move around on the floor for tummy time, or even as sitting and playing. The soft keys are sensitive enough to respond to the baby’s touch. It is a very good instrument to get a baby to find a cause and effect impact on faces with the resulting lights and music. In addition, you will receive lots of little laughs!

I’m always looking for baby gear that gives me my money’s worth. And any multi-use or long-term toy or equipment is a big winner in my book. Basically, a baby can start using kick and play from early childhood.

It is made of soft fabric with fabric cords that allow you to connect to the cradle. You may need 3 AA batteries to turn it on. That’s all there is to the meeting.

In step 1, his only basic funny sounds and songs. While in phase two, animal buddies and their appearances are introduced. In stage 3, it comes in the form of shapes, colors, and figures with all the tunes.

There are two ways to get into this Fisher-Price Crib Piano, a free drama with a way to build a song where your little munchkin can listen to sounds with kicks or miniature pops. The play mode allows the baby to enjoy 20 minutes of constant melodies and melodies with volume adjustment. Throughout both events, the vibrant lights continue to dance in harmony with the songs for visual stimulation.


  • Soft fabric
  • Multi-use for the theater
  • Stimulates your baby’s activity and response effect
  • Non-sexist personalities
  • 2 ways of manual drama or constant melodies
  • Volume controller
  • Interesting for infant
  • Cheap to buy
  • Younger infants may not get the connections between hitting it and creating tunes

3.Caterbee Baby Mobile for Crib with Music

This Caterbee Baby toy is like heaven on earth. It is well done that even before your child can interact with these features, it only brings you absolute joy.

Its eco-friendly uses non-toxic and durable ABS material to keep your baby safe when the baby tries to bite him (which is very likely at some point). The toy includes 4 strings attached to plush toys that have different sounds and visual causes for your little one. The plush toys have a built-in BB squeaker, bell, or music player that makes amazing noises when squeezed. And the cool part is that plush toys are removable and can be played with toys!

The Caterbee mobile phone can be used on multiple automobiles, bed boards, or playpens as long as the board is not curved or is more than 5cm wide. It’s a bit of that larger dimension. Bigger because it is the ability to be corrected as the little one grows. How incredible!

The rotating portable toy can perform over 60 different constant melodies. Interestingly, there is an auto-sleep feature that turns off the mobile after 30 minutes of inactivity, which means you will have to press again to receive a full hour of music.

Plush toys are completely adorable! The majority of the substance used is cotton which kind of insert with different textures and give adorable toys a shine.

My favorite part of Caterbee Musical Mobile is that the arm is flexible at 3 separate levels, so you can safely say it’s part of the rise as you type a pattern.

Its cleaning and maintenance are easy, all plush components are machine washable on a soft cold water cycle. It is recommended to air dry it.


  • 3-degree height adjustment
  • 60 minutes of consistent songs
  • Alternative to automobile sleep
  • Textured plush toys with sound
  • Non-toxic material
  • Made up of good quality material
  • Expensive
  • Can match on restricted baby equipment

4.Infantino Spiral Activity Toy – Pink

The Infantino Spiral Activity Toy is the best crib toy that makes your child socialize with the toy and find all the sensory movements. It’s a multi-purpose convertible toy (you know I love it!) That can be used in car seats, strollers, cribs, and other baby gear.

The Infantino Spiral Activity Toy is filled with sensory and material flaws. It features a peek to see the mirror, two clacker rings, an animal rattle, a crumpled insect on various textured fabrics, and lace ribbons. Every touch and texture of this spiraling action will be an explosion of sensations for your baby.

The vibrant colors constantly made my baby try to reach out and pull the Infantino Spiral Activity Toy towards her. I really ended up with a number of her extra rings and attached them to the clacker rings every time I added an older toy it turned into a whole different adventure for her.

You can observe the real development of motor skills as the baby tries to hold on to the hanging toys. I hung a few teeth on the Infantino Spiral. I mean, it’s so tender that you don’t need to worry about the baby hurting or leaning hard against him.

Cleaning is really a breeze because it is made of a soft cloth, it is possible to simply get rid of the clacker rings and put it in the machine on a gentle/delicate cycle (rather in a mesh bag or pillowcase). You can even wash it with a baby wipe or a damp cloth.


  • Soft fabric
  • BPA free
  • Customizable by adding toys to the clacker rings
  • No battery or electricity required
  • Ideal for developing visual and motor skills
  • Comes in many different colors and layouts
  • Don’t violate the lender
  • Comes in many varieties
  • Healthy activity for babies
  • It is intended for babies, so it may last you a few months

5.Fisher-Price Twinkle & Cuddle Cloud Soother, Plush Crib-Attach Baby Soother

The Fisher-Price  Twinkle & Cuddle Cloud is an asleep projector with a Soother that transforms into a tabletop toy as children age around 3 decades.

This crib toy attaches to both sides of the baby’s crib also plays audio, projects stars into the skies, and features adorable moving animals and matching lights. Music plays a full 25 minutes allowing your child to relax and fall asleep on their own.

As soon as your child gets a little older, they can even reach for the button to flip the Soother when it turns away.

One cool feature of the Fisher-Price pacifier is the fact that it is specially designed to help your child fall asleep. Within 30 minutes, the colors and sounds gradually fade to finally become pure white sound allowing your baby to gradually fall asleep to a calm sleep.

Parents love that their kids can turn the soother over when it goes off instead of having to do it themselves!

Fisher-Price crib toys are luxury toys that can hang from a baby’s crib for slight stimulation and play.

Four little creatures are included that provide visual stimulation with fun colors and shapes as well as auditory stimulation with clicking and folding noises. Each can be connected to the cradle, cradle, play mat, or simply played in your child’s hands.

Each creature has distinct shapes hanging down from their toes with a few shapes being tooth teeth, which can be great for chewing gum if your toddlers are popping a whole new tooth.


  • Natural sounds of clicking and creasing
  • 4 distinct creatures included
  • Stimulates auditory and visual sensations
  • Can hang a crib, stroller, etc., or be played alone
  • Best material quality
  • Soft buttons
  • These never play with audio
  • The toy can easily fall from the crimson ring

6.VX-star Baby Travel Play Arch Stroller-Crib Toy Set

Pacifiers are some of the more popular nursery toys out there as they are a relaxing alternative to a number of bright and super attractive baby toys. The VX-star Baby Travel Play Arch Stroller has soft lights, soothing music, and it’s guaranteed to help your baby calm down in the evening.

This pacifier is essentially a lavish cloud using modest built-in fun. A sleepy cloud of candy faces part of a calming light display that helps tire the baby out. The lights gradually change color and location in the song along with the audio.

As the lights dance around the show, soft music plays. It is possible to expect calm music created by specialists to help infants sleep. This sound and light show lasts up to 20 minutes. It is possible to correct the pieces according to the age of your baby. The lights will gradually dim every 10 minutes to help the baby run out as well.

Another cool feature is the fringe on the cloud with fun colors that babies will love. Choose from peaceful sounds, ending, heartbeat, waves, rain, woods, as well as lights. You can also make songs and control the quantity.

There’s a remote control that includes this to turn it off and on and adjust sounds and songs. Each of the sounds turns into white noise to work with your baby on the transition to sleep.

Additionally, It’s soft and elegant, therefore, works great for soothing different children too. You can also take the toy to the street with you to soothe yourself on the go.

It can fit most standard-size cribs. You will find crib attachments on the trunk that also help this become a bedside pacifier for a toddler. You can throw the toy out of the wash when it is also dirty.


  • Soft light series
  • Fun cloud layout
  • 20 minutes of sounds or songs
  • Multiple styles
  • Fits most cribs
  • Transitions to help children sleep
  • Ideal for toddlers also because it is sumptuous
  • Easy to handle
  • Soft lights
  • High battery time
  • Odd button positioning
  • Batteries are needed which can get expensive quickly if baby uses them daily and nightly

7.First Wearable Baby Teething Tie 

Toy bars are incredibly versatile. The X-Star Baby Travel Play Arch offers you some strategies to entertain babies in the cradle and elsewhere.

To start with, the Dramatic Arch features 3 separate toys connected using a toy ring. There’s a lion with a rolling, slapping ball in the center, a zebra with a squeaker inside, as well as a fighter with an interior rattle, a music participant, and an attached teether. Each of these toys can be removed separately for use in the vehicle seat, recliner, or anywhere!

Each of these toys additionally features crumpled paper at the plane, in addition to a plush feel. The tie itself is created with bright colors and black and white layouts, which can be especially stimulating for young infants.

This toy drama arch will be suitable for toddlers who are 29cm-51cm wide. If your baby is much wider than that, you always have the option to tie it up so that it goes over the side of your cradle. It is also possible to move this dramatic arch to select a stroller or a recliner. It uses 2 screw clamps to tighten.

I love to use a stimulating, educational and enjoyable toy for my baby. Plus, one that doesn’t rely on sounds, lights, or batteries is a plus.

Hanging toys allow babies to fight and catch. Beyond that, they function as a mystery piece for older infants, as they are sometimes placed in their respective scenes. Each piece of the puzzle is not the same shape and has a distinct sound: clicking, squeaking, crumbling, etc.

This toy easily attaches to your crib, but it can be removed to play anywhere! The ropes are super short and safe for the baby to pull when not attached to the crib.


  • Easy and quiet
  • Captivating scenes for baby
  • Reversible
  • Works like a mystery
  • Can be attached to the cradle or used elsewhere
  • Entertaining monster friends
  • Smooth sound
  • Attachable to knot and crib both
  • The noises in the shapes are extremely, very quiet
  • Older infants will likely be bored quite quickly

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Buying Guide – What To Consider When Buying Toys For Toddlers

The newborn has a long journey of awakening ahead of him, during which the choice of toys adapted to each of the stages of the journey takes on a certain importance. The shift makes the toy more a source of perplexity than of pleasure and awakening. For example, a furiously multicolored toy while the baby does not yet distinguish the slightest chromatic nuance. Here is a short guide for young parents, to help them choose toys adapted to the different stages of a baby’s awakening.

Toys For The 0 To 3 Month Age Group 

In the first 3 months, the baby barely begins to distinguish colors, it is especially the contrasts that attract his attention. As he sleeps a lot, when he is awake he should not over-stimulate his senses either. He already has a lot to do with his environment. He begins to pick up sounds, discovers touch, follows objects with his gaze but only really sees what is 30 cm from his face. Sing him lullabies, cuddle him, it is above all you and the sweetness that he needs.

This period of the first sensory and motor emotions coincides perfectly with the choice of mobiles. These sets of toys attached to each other, in various shapes, which are suspended above the baby’s cradle, and also above the changing table where he stays regularly, will inevitably attract his gaze and his curiosity, participating effectively in its awakening which, at this stage, is mainly visual. 

Toys For The 3 to 4 Month Age Group

At the start of life, the baby goes through phases of rapid development. The period between the third and the fourth month corresponds to an irrepressible tactile urge towards the discovery of its environment. 

Touching with the eyes is no longer enough for him. This is also the time when the baby wants to start exploring the movement capacities of his own body. This is the ideal time to opt for foreplay mats, relatively simple, with some playful elements, which will allow the baby to be in contact with the elements, and to move, to try to turn around, to discover his physical capacities.

The retractable play mats that turn into easily transportable bags are particularly practical to be taken with each outing.

Baby is finally starting to open up to the outside world and to grab and handle objects. He can see better, so toys such as mobiles are great for stimulating him. Finally, he distinguishes colors, his field of vision widens, he brings objects to his mouth, he distinguishes different materials (soft, rough, etc.).

It is during this period that the choice of the blanket will be made.

Safety Tips – Baby Crib Toys

The safest and most parent-favorite toys I have discovered over time are those that are attached to the crib or other baby gear for this problem. I am consistently opposed to promoting the use of toys that infants can kiss on for fear of Aids in case the baby does fall asleep.

Obviously, under the supervision of parents, no difficulty. However, we are all aware that all parents need a rest and that using crib toys that won’t make you hold your breath is a great feeling.

Parenting magazine has 3 top nursery toy safety tips to note:

  1. Make sure the toy can be securely fastened in the cradle railings.
  2. If it is a string or dangling toy, make sure it is not long enough to cause the strangulation (less than 6 inches long would be better).
  3. Make sure there are no sharp edges or pinch points on the toy.

FAQs – Best Baby Crib Toys

Q- Is It Acceptable To Place Baby Toys From The Crib?

The CPSC recommends keeping all pillow-like plush toys out of their crib. Fortunately, many baby toys that are attached to the crib are out of arms to reach and are much safer for little ones. All toys are somewhat different, so be sure to test them out before putting them in your baby’s crib.

Q- What Are The Best Toys For The Infant?

I really suggest the Tiny Love Meadow Days Take Together mobile because it is very flexible especially during those infant days when the baby sleeps frequently. It’s ideal for use on the go or at home, which means you get what you pay for.

For other baby toys, take a look at the best newborn toys and the best baby bath toys.

Q- Can Nursery Toys Ruin My Baby’s Sleep?

As I mentioned earlier, crib toys can be a great sleep aid. And studies have shown that baby toys do not destroy babies’ sleep in any way. On the contrary, it can really help your baby fall asleep. Think of it as if you were watching TV right before bed – this is a method that will help you relax and unwind so that you are tired and not just exhausted. Crib toys do the exact same thing.

They also have the benefit of helping babies feel satisfied and happy in their crib. Infants who are lonely, bored, or scared will not want to invest time in their own crib, and their sleep patterns will continue.

Obviously, you need to use crib toys wisely. Make sure that the crib toy you have is appropriate for your age and can be used correctly. Also, make sure it’s not a threat rather than a crutch. It’s a fine line for walking with crib toys, but it’s not bad.

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Bottom Line

Like all baby toys, crib toys require certain characteristics in order to be considered safe and suitable for use by infants. Ultimately, you can’t slap a toy on the side of the baby’s crib and you’re good!