Best Crib Blanket for Toddler to Buy- Reviews


To keep your little one safe and cozy, the best crib blanket for toddler is a valuable accessory. One of the best ways to ensure your baby gets a better and longer sleep is by wrapping your baby in a warm blanket. It can keep a baby from starting reflex and enhance security and tightness. When your toddler is too grown up for the crib blanket, you can even reuse them as a throw blanket. But when it comes to choosing the toddler blanket, the options may feel endless. We have a detailed buying guide containing all the necessary information to help you decide easily. To narrow down your search, the best crib blankets for toddlers are also reviewed for you.

The 8 Best Crib Blanket for Toddler- Reviews

These are our top picks of the best crib blanket for toddler on the market. Let’s dive right in.

1.      Aden + Anais Dream Crib Blanket for Toddler

This toddler blanket is made of 4 layers of 100% cotton muslin. Due to high quality, lightweight, and breathable muslin, your baby feels very comfortable. With the softness and durability, the blanket lasts a lifetime. It can be used throughout the generations. Our loyal users call it a magic blanket. It is cozy enough to put babies to sound sleep. The cozy fabric does not overheat and irritate the baby’s sensitive skin.

It is a large blanket measuring 47 inches x 47 inches. You do not need to worry that your toddler will outgrow the blanket as it provides enough space. It is versatile that is perfect for bedtime, playtime, tummy time, and every time in between. The weight of this classic toddler blanket is 1.91 pounds.

They are available in a variety of cute signature prints and color schemes for different genders. It is a great baby gift for baby showers and holidays. You can wash it in the machine. With every wash, the baby blanket stays softer.

  • Well made and long-lasting
  • Cozy and breathable toddler blanket
  • Perfect size and weight
  • Versatile and cute d
  • It is machine washable
  • The blanket does not get soft said by users

2.      NS Brook Unique Blanket for Toddler Crib

This toddler crib blanket features 100% high-quality soft polyester. The design is lightweight and unique. It is a vibrant color dotted plush fabric. A thick seaming and nice stitched line support the fabric. The mink material is super soft and gentle on the baby’s skin.

The blanket measures 28 inches x 40 inches. It is perfectly sized for baby’s bedtime, cuddling, and swaddling. You can use it in the crib, stroller, toddler bed, or car seats. As support, it gives full coverage over your toddler or baby. This toddler blanket is a perfect choice to present as a gift to your friend’s or relative’s baby.

You can easily maintain this blanket. Wash it separately using cold water at a delicate cycle. Tumble dry on low heat and avoid direct heat. Avoid using bleach. After every wash, the blanket remains new. It weighs only 14.5 ounces.

  • Great quality and super soft material
  • Fine stitched line and seaming
  • Unique print and colors
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Perfect size
  • None of them so far

3.      Luka & Lily Milestone Blanket for Baby

It is a personalized blanket composed of 100% soft high-quality fleece polyester. To make the mom’s precious moments last a lifetime, this blanket is a perfect baby gift. It can be used for nursery décor and baby registry searches. You can keep track of the baby’s first-year growth. It is silky soft to touch and warm baby months blanket. You can watch your toddler grow with this cute and luxurious blanket.

With the trendy hand-painted watercolor, it comes with a baby bandana bib and two frames. A yellow star frame allows you to mark the numbers. While, you can mark the days, months, and years on a rectangular frame. You can use it as a photography prop for a newborn girl or boy. Compared to other milestone blankets, it is thicker featuring 250GSM. There is no need to use an extra mat.

This is a generous size blanket measuring 40 inches x 60 inches. For your little one, you can also use this blanket as a regular bed blanket. It has multiple uses including hospital receiving blankets, play mat, nursery cover, crib sheet, and stroller cover. You can wash it in the machine. The weight of this love you to the moon and back themed blanket is 15.4 ounces.

  • Perfect thickness and generous size
  • Includes frame accessories
  • Premium quality and design
  • Silky soft and warm
  • Multi-purpose blanket
  • Nice packaging
  • The customer reviewed the blanket is very thin

4.      Upsimples Baby Swaddle Blanket Set

Made of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, it is a comfortable and breathable toddler blanket set. The combination of this composition offers stretchiness with double softness. The cozy fabric is gentle against the baby’s skin. It helps to reduce the risk of overheating. With a fine and smooth open weave, this swaddle blanket is super lightweight weighing 1.5 pounds. You can easily wrap or swaddle newborns or toddlers without late-night struggles.

Whether it is hot summer or cold winter, these blankets for toddlers are perfect to use. The moisture evaporates and the body temperature further regulates. It can bear many washes and remains silky soft without being wrinkle. The size of this swaddle blanket is 46 inches x 45 inches, which is spacious. You can swaddle a baby from newborn to 3-year toddlers. Due to the double layer weave even at the edges, the baby cannot unwrap the blanket.

It can be used for tummy time, sun shield, privacy throw, and more. You can also use it as a burb cloth, changing mat, baby towel, nursing cover, and picnic blanket. The four individual unisex patterns are suitable for both baby boys and baby girls. This thoughtful gift will make every mom-to-be fall in love with it.

  • Stretchy and soft fabric
  • Long-lasting and luxurious
  • Airy and lightweight
  • All-in-one baby blanket
  • Easy care
  • They are too thin

5.      TILLYOU Large Crib Blanket for Toddler

Featuring 100% premium microfleece, it is comfortable to take a nap or sleep with. This fuzzy, fluffy, and warm blanket is skin-friendly. The blanket is safe and free of fire retardant or smell. It is tested before leaving the factory. You can use for all season. It is more durable and wrinkle-resistant than cotton fiber blankets.

If you are looking for an extra layer of coziness and warmth, this is for you. With 300GSM microfiber, it is neither too light nor too heavy.  Your baby can sleep deeply without any risk of overheating or catching a cold in winter. Compared to other baby blankets, it is extra wider and longer. Measuring 40 inches x 50 inches, the infants to toddlers can be easily covered.

When you are traveling or camping, you can even fold and pack it. It is designed for various uses including crib, stroller, car seat, throw blanket and picnic. The blanket does not tear apart or loose threads due to the neat stitching and hem. You can machine wash cold on a gentle cycle. The blanket has a unique print. This large crib blanket weighs 13.4 ounces.

  • Resistant to wrinkles and washes well
  • Free from fire retardant and odor
  • Skin-friendly baby blanket
  • Travel-friendly
  • Neat stitching
  • Affordable choice
  • Need to make more throws with simpler patterns

6.      NTBAY 3 Layer Thermal Toddler Blanket

This three-layer toddler blanket is made from 100% muslin cotton. It offers matchless warmth and softness. The fabric craft is premium with delicate workmanship. Your baby stays safe from skin irritation as it is hypoallergenic and breathable. There is no fluorescent agent and it has good absorption.

The design is reversible that offers convenience and durability. There are white star patterns with blue background in the front of the blanket. The back has blue star patterns with white background. These organic toddler blankets can be used for traveling, picnics, stroller, car seat, or as throw blankets.

The material gets softer after each wash in a washing machine. Do not use bleach. Tumble dry at low heat. It is built to grow up with your toddler and last longer. The size of this cotton toddler blanket is 30 inches x 40 inches and it weighs 12.3 ounces.

  • No fluorescent agent
  • Good absorption material
  • Dual-sided design
  • Built to last longer
  • High-quality
  • Very affordable
  • Some users have an issue with the size

7.      ADDISON BELLE Oversized Toddler Blanket

It is a 100% organic toddler blanket comprising four layers. Finished with harmless reactive dyes, the blankets are made from the finest quality organic muslin cotton. The blanket will give a luxurious feel to your toddler. It makes nap time and cuddling cozier than ever. You cannot resist this ultrasoft and oversized toddler blanket. It measures 47 inches x 47 inches. You can use it for various purposes.

It is lightweight measuring 1.35 pounds. This is the right weight to comfort your toddler during sleeping. It provides the best in temperature regulation. The signature waffle stitch weave and airy muslin cotton keep the babies warm in winter and cool in summer. You can take it everywhere you go. The patterns are stylish and unique. It gets softer with washing every time.

  • Large size and lightweight
  • Non-toxic finishing
  • The right amount of warmth
  • Soft and fun prints
  • Perfect for all seasons
  • It is a bit costly

8.      Zenssia Ultra Soft Baby Crib Comforter

This organic toddler blanket is extremely comfy and warm. The exterior features 100% organic long-staple cotton. While a 100GSM microfiber polyester is in the filling. These lightweight materials create no pressure on babies. It is breathable and an ultrasoft blanket. With no steamy or prickly heat, the blanket is harmless to the toddler’s skin.  You can keep your toddler warmer on cold nights and cooler in summer.

The sewing technology is of superior quality and seamless. It ensures the quilting firmer to avoid the lift of the curling. You do not need to worry about the babies rubbing or scratching their delicate skin. There is also a high thread of fabric and sewing at the edge. This helps to secure the warmth and reduce the issue of filling leakage.

The size is moderate that measures 39 inches x 47 inches. You can use it as a crib blanket, travel blanket, stroller cover, and baby shower gift. It eliminates the need to purchase additional baby stuff. It can be used for tummy time, cuddling, traveling, car seat use, and throw blankets. The weight of this comforter is 1.05 pounds. You can easily take care of this blanket. Just machine wash cold at gentle cycle. Do not use bleach.

  • Unique quilted cloud design
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Neat and precise stitch
  • Machine washable
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Reasonable price
  • The threads come out said by the user

How to Choose the Best Crib Blanket for Toddler

You need to be careful when buying a toddler blanket for their safety and comfort. Here are few important factors to consider while choosing a baby blanket.


Take the purpose and your toddler’s age into consideration for choosing the material of the blanket. For swaddling your baby, cotton or muslin cotton blankets are good to go. These fabrics are thin, breathable, and lightweight. If you want to cover your toddler when taking a nap or sleeping, a fleece or polyester blanket is great.

The season is another important factor to keep in mind. It is appropriate to get a lighter blanket for summer and a heavier one for winter. If you live in a colder climate, a thicker blanket is needed. While for warm climate regions, there is no need to get as many thick blankets.


To avoid any harmful consequences, make sure to test that the blanket is breathable. Just hold the blanket up in front of a fan. The blanket is breathable if you can feel a breeze. Organic cotton is a good breathable fabric.

For your toddler to have a good sleep, choose a blanket that does not irritate a baby’s sensitive skin. A skin-friendly blanket allows the baby to feel comfortable. 


The blankets for toddlers are available in different sizes. It is essential to choose the right size to keep your toddler warm. The standard size of the blanket is 45” x 45” to 60”. This size blanket can be used for different purposes such as swaddling, bedding, floor mat, and more.


While choosing a toddler blanket, safety is obviously a top priority. Baby blankets with loose tassels, hanging ribbons, fringes, or buttons should be avoided. Babies can choke or tangle themselves.


Pick a blanket for baby cribs that is easy to care for and maintain. A machine-washable blanket and that requires to be air-dried is perfect.


Toddler blankets are the most used and fun baby essential to purchase. Picking the best crib blanket for toddler is a bit challenging task. But we hope it would not be the same now. You just need to decide the purpose of buying a toddler blanket. Are you looking for a versatile blanket? Or a blanket that can grow with your baby? Or else you might be in search of just something that can keep your baby cozy.

It will be very easier for you to decide from the 8 best crib blankets for toddlers after listing down your needs. However, all the options listed in this article will keep your toddler safe and warm. You will also get to choose from different budget baby blankets.


What fabric crib blanket is best for toddlers?

The blankets that are lightweight, breathable, and thin are good for babies. Cotton and muslin cotton is the best fabric for toddlers. For covering your child while napping or sleeping, fleece or polyester blankets work well.

Best Crib Blanket for Toddler to Buy in 2021- Reviews
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