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The evolving baby bed is often one of the first purchases for parents when they know they will soon be welcoming a child. It is generally bought before birth and allows you to project yourself into the future. Especially if you are not enough tall to put and handle your baby from a crib then the following crib is undoubtedly the best crib for short moms.

Opting for a convertible bed rather than a classic baby bed allows you to keep it longer as well as best for Petite Moms and Short Dads. By adapting to the growth of the child, the evolutionary bed transforms from a baby crib to a classic single bed, and thus stays in the child’s room for many years.

When it comes to baby cribs, the convertible bed is a long-term solution. Indeed, it modulates over the years, in order to always adapt to the size of the child. The convertible bed begins at 90 centimeters in length. As a result, whether you are tall or not, you can adjust the height of your baby crib with different appropriate lengths.

The advantages of the convertible baby bed are numerous. The first and probably the most important: resistance. Because it is intended to be transformed several times, the evolutionary cot is more robust than the classic models. It is also a space-saving and economical bed since it is a compact 3-in-1 bed. 

In addition to this significant space-saving, the convertible bed can also fit with a bed drawer, a child’s desk, or even drawers and shelves, depending on the model. Some models are also adjustable in height, which guarantees maximum safety, regardless of the child’s age.

Top 6 Crib For Short Moms

1- Stork Craft Graco Benton 4-in-1 Convertible Crib 

The Stork Craft convertible crib is elegant and understated. It will serve your baby throughout his childhood. The base has a wooden slat adjustable to 3 different heights. 

You will be able to install the baby comfortably. A chest of drawers and a changing table integrates into the bed. Original, the drawers of the dresser have teardrop-shaped cuffs. Scalable, the bed turns into a 90 × 190 bed (box spring sold separately) with a chest of drawers made up of 2 drawers. The cot measures 198 x 102 x 67 cm with a bed of 60 x 120 cm. The bed is made in France and designed in white beech wood.


  • Awarded the Greenguard Gold certificate for non-toxic materials.
  • This baby crib can converts from a baby cot to a large cot
  • There are various choice of colors and surfaces

2-Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib – Greenguard Gold Certified

The Babyletto Hudson is an evolving bed that will accompany the baby throughout his childhood. It is composed of a cot and a multifunction cabinet with 3 drawers and a changing table. 

The bed base is adjustable on 2 different levels to adjust the baby’s comfort. The bed converts into a teenager’s bed with a desk. It has 3 drawers that can hold your child’s things. It measures 53.75 x 29.75 x 35 inches.


  • This is a great choice if you want to give your baby a nice room. The 3-in-1 design allows you to turn your crib into the right bed for your little one as it grows, and easily convert it into a toddler bed by dropping the faceplate.
  • You can add an optional guardrail to this crib.
  • After that, you can turn it into a day bed and even a large bed, with the front and back of the crib becoming the header and footer.
  • Multi colors
  • Tested by Greenguard
  • These cribs are nice and classic, but the price isn’t quite as nice.

3- Dream On Me Synergy 5-in-1 Convertible Crib 

Synergy has a lot to offer our little ones. Babyletto’s products are affordable but do not compromise on safety or quality. The environmentally friendly baby products are perfect for raising babies in a “greener” environment. This is one of the best cribs for short moms on our shortlist.

This simple yet modern white crib looks fabulous in any kid’s room. The drawer underneath offers additional storage space, which is always a bonus for us mothers. It’s also made from sustainable materials and non-toxic surfaces! As you may know, we love non-toxic and environmentally friendly baby products here at The Safe Parent! It’s about having the best for your baby and keeping them away from any potential harm. So Babyletto is a pretty safe bet if that’s what you’re looking for.


  • The Synergy 5-in-1 convertible cot is GREENGUARD Gold certified, which means it has been tested for over 10,000 chemicals. It’s also lead phthalate-free, with a finish that is 100% non-toxic.
  • In addition, the Synergy crib as a whole complies with CPSC and ASTM standards. (Commission for the Safety of Consumer Products and American Society for Tests and Materials).
  • A conversion kit is included with this 5-in 1 convertible crib. This is very convenient for converting the cot into a bed for your toddler without having to buy a kit. This is another affordable option.
  • Non-toxic
  • Long last quality
  • Price is not the same for different colors.

4- DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 Convertible Crib 

For a children’s bed with a vintage look, the Jenny Lind 3-in-1 by DaVinci offers a lot of old-fashioned charm. It’s built from solid pine for sturdiness. This convertible cot is also great for an environmentally friendly home as it has been awarded the Greenguard Gold certificate for 100,000 chemicals. 

The mattress can be adjusted to 3 different heights and the cot can be converted into a toddler bed as your child grows.


  • This baby crib has wheels for easy moving of the cot around the room
  • No doubt, it is available in several choice of cute colors
  • For your child safety, it is made from non-toxic materials
  • It is such as family heritage and can be used in your next chile as well.
  • Various colors
  • Easy to shift from one room to another
  • Flawless crib structure
  • Bed conversion kit not included

5- Storkcraft Hillcrest Fixed Side Convertible Crib

The last nativity scene we showed you was very space-efficient, but this one could be a lifesaver. Storkcraft is a family business started by a parent who wanted to build one of the best cribs for short moms’ child. Therefore, safety and comfort are paramount in the manufacture of their wide range of baby furniture and products.

This award-winning 2-in-1 design can be a crib, toddler bed (with optional railing), day bed, and standard size bed. It sounds like a crib that has just as much to offer as any other convertible crib, but Storkcraft went to extra lengths.

This thoughtful design won a Women’s Choice Award for America’s Most Recommended Baby Furniture.


  • A set of drawers is attached to the side, with 3 drawers for lots of storage space for babies, some storage space behind, and an area that doubles as a changing table! 
  • If you prefer not to use changing table at all, it is a great space saver as a detachable bedside table that can still be used when the cot turns into a “large cot“.
  • This elegant crib is a small kindergarten’s dream and a lifesaver for every mother.
  • Enough space for baby to move in the crib
  • It is not too broad to occupy space
  • The crib includes changing table that is much smaller than a changing table

6- Babyletto Origami Mini Portable Crib with Wheels 

Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 has a modern, minimalist look that is modern. It sits pretty low to the ground, which adds to its rugged feel. There are 4 different heights for the mattress and it can also be converted into a cot. 

This is the best baby crib for short moms and gives proper value. As the toddler bed rail is included in it. However, it is made from New Zealand pine, it is durable and will last for many years.


  • You may get it in colors and wood stains
  • Robust construction with simple lines
  • Great design for a modern home
  • Greenguard Gold certified for the use of non-toxic materials
  • Plenty of storage
  • Changing table
  • The screws are very visible
  • Assembly takes two people

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Buying Guide – Best Crib For Short Moms

You should pay attention to this when buying a baby cot so that you can bed your child safely and healthily, you should opt for a high-quality model. In addition to safety and health reasons, there are other features to consider that are more related to your living situation or your individual wishes. First of all, you need to decide what type of baby crib you want it to be. 

The following criteria are primarily aimed at buying a cot.


Most manufacturers use sturdy pine or beech wood for their cots. You can choose between natural and lacquered beds. If you decide on a baby cot with paintwork, you should make sure that the paintwork is not harmful to your health. 

It is best to read the customer reviews because this will tell you whether the paint is evaporating. In that case, you should opt for a different model. Furthermore, the paint should be saliva-proof so that the paint does not peel off when it is wetted with saliva.


Good stability is of great importance for the baby bed. It must not be swayed by pushing or moving your child. Once your toddler begins to stand, bed stability is more than important. From this point on, children like to play in their beds and this includes movements such as jumping and hopping. 

On the one hand, you should strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions when assembling the bed. On the other hand, we recommend that you read the customer reports for the individual models on this point as well. Should a crib be unstable, buyers will mention this in their reviews.


Make sure that there are no nails, screws, or others protruding from the bed. In addition, the edges should not be sharp but rounded.

Slatted frame

Slatted frames that can be adjusted in height are very helpful. With many models, this is possible in three stages and usually in heights of 18 centimeters, 34 centimeters, and 47 centimeters. 

So that the air can circulate between the slatted frame and mattress, it should be a grid with wooden slats that are closely arranged. Some beds do not have a slatted frame, but a continuous wooden panel. Even if air holes have been drilled in the panel, the risk of mold growth is high. Mold can cause allergies and respiratory diseases.


Most baby beds come with a mattress that fits the bed surface. Since your child is lying on the mattress, it is very important that it is free of any harmful substances. High-quality models have a reinforced step edge on the edge. If your child stands up, this property gives them a firmer hold and cannot easily slide between the bars or against the sidewall. 

The mattress thickness should be at least 10 centimeters. Some manufacturers work air channels into the interior of the mattress to prevent rebreathing and overheating of your child.


The distances between the bars are standardized and range from 4.5 centimeters to a maximum of 6.5 centimeters. These clearances will prevent your child from sticking their head through the bars or getting their legs or arms stuck.

Convertible or not

Whether a cot can be converted into a cot depends on your wishes. The advantage is that you can use such a bed for a long time. The most common sizes of baby cots are 60 x 120 centimeters and 70 x 140 centimeters. Because these are standard sizes, you will not have any problems finding suitable bed linen. 

If you want a convertible bed in which your child can sleep for as many years as possible, you should opt for the dimensions of 70 x 140 centimeters.

Usually, this size is enough for children up to the age of six. Of course, this is dependent on growth. Most of the time, there is a strong growth spurt during elementary school, so by the age of 10, your child will likely need a larger bed 200 centimeters long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How to adapt the evolutionary baby bed to the growth of the little one?

First of all, the best evolutive baby bed models have different bed base heights, to be adjusted according to the baby’s evolution. Depending on the age and size of the toddler, the highest box springs provide optimal comfort for parents. In fact, in the early stages, your baby’s transfers between his evolving cot and other rooms in the house, or stroller, etc. will be most frequent. So give preference to height adjustments, which are more comfortable for your back. 

As he grows, the baby learns to take his first steps in a standing position, it is then recommended to lower the box spring, for safety. The lower the bed base, the more the toddler is kept inside his evolving baby bed, without having access to bars and barriers. Once the baby grows up, the convertible baby bed transforms into a child’s bed, with bed base heights also adjustable to the needs of his age.

Q- Until what age should I use an upgradeable baby bed?

Of course, everything will depend on the evolving baby bed model, and its different functions and options. On average, the evolutionary baby bed stands out for its durability, with the advantage of covering the entire period of baby’s growth, up to the child or adolescent stage. 

Some upgradeable cots last until baby 5 years old, others until the end of childhood, around 9 years old, while some manufacturers offer bed versions that are valid for up to 12 years old. Remember to check the recommendations of each brand and model beforehand. Finally, adapt your choice according to your lifestyle, desire for a change of house, or future arrangements. In general, the use of an evolving baby bed is ideal after a few weeks. 

When leaving the maternity ward, It is recommended to give preference to bassinet cradle type sleeping arrangements for newborns. Indeed, in his first weeks, the toddler needs to be surrounded, as in a cocoon, in order to reproduce the feeling of security of the mother’s womb. Once the transition is smooth, move on to the upgradeable cot. 

For the most durable and environmentally friendly item, opt for the all-in-one multifunctional baby models. To transform at will, and to use up to 12 years of bed your little one … grown up! go to the upgradeable baby bed. 

your little one … grown up! go to the upgradeable baby bed. For the most durable and environmentally friendly item, opt for the all-in-one multifunctional baby models. To transform at will, and use up to 12 years of bed your little one … grown up!

Q- How to assemble an evolutive baby bed?

A scalable baby bed is generally designed to allow parents to easily assemble, disassemble, reassemble and transform the baby bed! Simple assembly, a complete kit, few tools needed, and a user manual within everyone’s reach … rest assured, the upgradeable baby bed is basically designed in a practical and ergonomic way, in order to fulfill its needs. evolution functions in a simple and intuitive way.

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As you can see from above, there are a lot of different things to look out for when choosing between the best crib for short moms. It is best to find out what the determining factor is. Choose between the category options above and move on from there. Or maybe you have completely different criteria such as the size of the cot or the color.

As a mom, you know what’s best for your baby, so no one will make a better choice than you. Our guides are just a starting point. From here we can see that there are huge differences when it comes to Krippen . It is actually very surprising how different one simple white crib can be from another.