Best Crib With Changing Table Reviews


Baby crib with changing table is a combination that you rarely see, but which makes sense. Usually, cots and changing tables are two separate pieces of furniture. A cot with a changing table is a 2 in 1 piece of furniture that combines both elements. Space-saving and practical, the changing table is located directly on the cot and can later provide plenty of storage space and an enlargement of the bed.

A baby bed, as well as a changing table, are indispensable for the newborn offspring, so it is actually logical to combine both pieces of furniture with each other and to save space. The combination piece of furniture is not only interesting for those who have little space, but also for those who simply like to have more freedom of movement. 

In this review guide, we will list the best crib with changing table. And hopefully, you can make a decision on which one to buy from according to their quality and pricing.

Top 6 Baby Crib With Changing Table

1. Delta Children Abby Convertible Crib

The Delta Children Crib with Integrated Storage is made of high-quality solid wood which makes it extremely durable and non-toxic. Therefore very safe for the health and well-being of your little one. It is available in several colors and natural finishes. 

This cradle with changing table has ample storage space and comes with drawers and two rear shelves. The changing table is detachable and able to use as a side table after converting the cradle to a double bed.

Along with the cot, it includes a waterproof vinyl changing mat as standard which is a perfect addition. Similar to the previous two pre-selected options, the Delta Children comes with a toddler bed conversion kit that makes it convertible into a toddler bed, day bed, and possibly a full-size bed. It grows with your child to meet their needs. The solid wood body is strong and durable, while the design is sleek and stylish.


  • This bassinet with built-in storage has a large storage facility with changing table, drawers, and 2 rear shelve
  • It also includes a waterproof vinyl changing mat
  • This crib is made of solid wood.
  • Easily converts into a toddler bed, day bed, and double bed
  • A toddler bed includes conversion kit
  • You can set it to 3 adjustable mattress levels
  • The 4 fixed sides of the cradle add to the safety
  • Sleek and solid body
  • The wood of the crib is soft and can easily be scratched during rough handling

2. Storkcraft Graco Solano 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

Storkcraft Graco Solano Convertible Crib is an adorable mini crib that offers great ease of storage. This crib with built-in storage has an attached chest of drawers and a changing table that includes three drawers and two rear shelves. 

In addition, the base of this crib also has two wide drawers. Each section of this room is designed to give you maximum use of the available space. And if that’s not enough, it’s made of non-toxic and durable pine wood. This makes it extremely environmentally friendly and, in fact, it exceeds US safety regulations. Plus, it grows with the baby and you can convert it into a daybed and even a pre-teen bed as your child grows. 

While being very easy to assemble, it has a sturdy body that slides easily. Being compact and very well designed, this baby crib with storage solves your bedding and storage problems with a unique solution.


  • Adjoining chest of drawers and changing table that includes three drawers and two rear shelves.
  • The base of this crib with integrated storage also has two large drawers.
  • You can make maximum use of available space with Storkcraft Graco Solano Convertible Crib.
  • Eco-friendly and made from sustainable pine wood.
  • It can be converted from a child’s bed to a day bed and a youth bed.
  • A sturdy and easy-to-slip body
  • A great choice for small nurseries and homes as it solves bedding and storage issues in one piece.
  • The changing table with storage can be detached and used as a side table when the cradle is converted into a youth bed. The two wide bottom drawers are part of the youth bed and continue to provide ample storage space.
  • Large storage facility
  • Easy to assemble
  • Finding the perfect mattress for the youth bed can also be a bit difficult.

3. Graco Remi 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

Available in a range of colors, the Storkcraft Graco Solano Convertible Crib cradle is ideal for any nursery. Being convertible from a crib to a cot, it could very well be the only one you will need for your child. Not only is it create from the best possible materials, but it also meets or exceeds all applicable safety standards.

There were mixed feelings about this crib among the parents who bought it. One lady struggled with the instructions, while another relative found them fairly easy to follow. One mom was unhappy with the drawer, saying it didn’t provide maximum storage space because it didn’t go all the way to the bottom of the crib.


  • A changing table with a changing mat on the water roof
  • Two spacious drawers, plus an open shelf to hold all the items you need
  • According to parents who purchased this crib, it is of excellent quality, comes with fairly easy-to-follow instructions, and has plenty of storage space.
  • Incredibly sturdy and a great buy
  • Well built
  • A real deal
  • Bit expensive

4. Delta Children Birkley Convertible Crib and Changer

Delta Children Birkley convertible crib is a beautiful crib with built-in storage for small spaces as it is compact in design and has a large storage capacity. In addition, it is a lightweight and portable baby sleigh bed and therefore suitable for a more fluid lifestyle. 

The crib also comes with a changing table which is also lightweight, and that extra storage is a godsend. While you would have to spend individually on a crib, dresser, and changing table, this mini crib combines the best of this world and offers a one-stop solution to your child’s sleep needs.

In addition, this convertible crib converts into a day bed and a double bed, and has two /level mattresses, so it can grow with your child over time. It’s made of a strong and sturdy material, is CPSC certified, and comes with a simple yet elegant and classic design, and essentially a great choice for small spaces, apartments, and townhouses.


  • This is a lightweight and portable crib that offers a large storage capacity
  • It comes with a changing table that includes a changing mat, a retaining strap for safety, three spacious drawers, and two rear shelves. A 1 ” mattress topper is also included with the crib.
  • Cradle converts to a day bed and single bed (optional bed rails sold separately)
  • adjustable bed bases with two mattress levels
  • CPSC certified
  • A great choice for small spaces
  • Magnificent
  • Solid
  • The bassinet with built-in storage comes with a mattress topper which is much thinner than a mattress itself.

5. Dream On Me 5-in-1 Brody Convertible Crib with Changer

If we had to choose a travel cot, our choice would therefore certainly be the Dream On Me 5-in-1 Brody Convertible Crib with changing table. The arrival of a baby is a bit of a commotion, we need to be careful to have thought of everything, we always wonder if we haven’t forgotten anything and of course, we want it. best for baby’s comfort. Well, with this model, we have an all-in-one bed that makes our life a lot easier.

This 30.12 x 73.17 x 41.68 inches bed is very easy to assemble and disassemble. Its storage bag makes it compact enough to carry it on the go and these casters allow the bed to be moved without having to carry it everywhere. Although you can use it at home, this bed is especially useful if you are going on vacation, going to see family, friends …

In terms of accessories, we have everything we need with a storage basket in which we can store diapers, wipes, and all the products that we must always keep with us for baby. The removable changing table can be taken out and tucked in easily and quickly to be able to put the baby back in his bed once changed and one of the points that we particularly appreciated is the height of the bed, which is adjustable.

Indeed, especially for newborns, babies must be taken often to breastfeed or because they cry. With this model, you can place the sleeping space high enough so that you don’t break your back when you need to pick up the baby. Also small bonus, we really liked the little musical mobile with the pretty cuddly toys provided with the Dream On Me 5-in-1.

This baby crib with Changing Table has a foam mattress but as far as we’re concerned we decided to add an extra travel mattress to provide softer sleeping space. The only downside with this model is that there is no guarantee (but after testing it, we can say that the quality is there) and the price is relatively high, although justified in our opinion.


  • Does not take up much space and moves easily
  • All the necessary accessories: Changing table, storage space, musical mobile
  • Easy to set up and take down, this cot and changing table is always ready in no time if you need them.
  • Adjustable bed height
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Not smooth screwing and wood cracking
  • No guarantee

6. Graco Benton 5 In 1 Convertible Crib and Changer

Graco Benton combi crib Basic model with chest of drawers is a cot with attached changing table. The look is bright and child-friendly, the orthopedic slatted frame can be adjusted in two ways.

Since the piece of furniture is made of chipboard and solid birch wood, it has a high load tolerance and durability.

You can use the bed for many years, as it can easily be converted from a baby cot with a changing table to a cot with a chest of drawers. So you can still use the bed for your child up to the age of about 12 years. The motifs applied to the piece of furniture are chosen so that they still fit at this age.

The craftsmanship is good and all safety aspects were complied with according to the standard. Edges and corners are not a source of danger. The slatted frame is included in the scope of delivery, but the mattress must be ordered separately.


  • Does not take up much space and moves easily
  • This baby crib has all the necessary accessories like changing table, storage space, musical mobile
  • Graco Benton 5-in-1 includes soft mattress 
  • Adjustable bed height
  • Available in various colors
  • No guarantee
  • No storage space

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Buying Guide – What Should You Pay Attention To When Buying?

In the first part, we introduced you to six baby cribs with changing tables. Now in the advice section, we will answer the most important questions for you. And let’s go!

There are a few points that you should definitely consider when choosing your combined cot.


If you have enough space, then it may not play a big role for you, but if you only have a little space, you should definitely pay attention to the dimensions so that it fits into the room.


Safety concerns many points, after all, it is about your baby and sometimes you can not think too complicated. Make sure that the bars are not too far apart so that your baby cannot become trapped, especially when he begins to crawl. Likewise, the distance must not be too small, so that it does not get its hands and arms caught.

Sharp Edges

There should also be no sharp edges or pointed corners. It is also important that the paints, glazes, or coatings do not contain any harmful substances or splinter. In addition, the changing table must have fall protection so that your baby cannot fall off. Here you can find out more about safe changing: 7 tips for changing your baby safely on the changing table.


The workmanship should be good and not leave something to be desired when looking at it, because this would not only mean that the piece of furniture will not have a long lifespan, but also that there may be safety defects that may not be directly apparent.


You should definitely pay attention to which accessories are there in the delivery. This is the only way to prevent unpleasant surprises such as missing slatted frames and mattresses.

What Are The Advantages Of A Cot With An Integrated Changing Table


If you don’t have a lot of space in your child’s room, if you set up the cot in the bedroom or if you simply like to have more space, then these are all reasons why a combined cot can be suitable for you. Space is used optimally because the piece of furniture is more space-saving than if it were two separate parts.


Buying a changing table and a cot separately is usually more expensive than buying a cot with a changing table. And by being able to use the combined bed differently, you save twice as much.

Convertible to a bed with a bedside table.

If your child is no longer a baby and the cot is gradually too small, your cot with changing table can be converted into a child’s bed or a bed for young people, which has a separate bedside table or a separate chest of drawers.

Optically Matching

It is not always easy to find a cot and a changing table in the right optics. There are often pieces of furniture that go together, but sometimes both are not available or one part is overpriced. With a cot with a changing table, you always have a constellation that belongs together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How big and how heavy is a cot with a changing table?

The dimensions of each cot can be different, on average you have to calculate with these dimensions: 175 cm x 65 cm x 115 cm. At around 80 kilograms, such a cot with a changing table is also quite heavy, so and for the sake of simplicity, it is advisable to set up the bed with two or three people.

Q- How expensive is a cot with an attached changing table?

According to our list of the best crib with changing table, an average cot can cost you around $300.

Q- How can a baby bed with a changing table be cleaned and cared for?

A cot that has an integrated changing table can be wiped off with a dry or damp cloth. You should avoid aggressive cleaning agents or chemical care products, as your baby’s skin is very sensitive, and allergic reactions can quickly occur. If more intensive cleaning is necessary, you can use a suitable and disinfectant agent.

Q- What alternative to the 2-in-1 is there?

As an alternative to the baby bed with a changing table, there is a separate version. So you can buy a cot with an integrated changing table or a cot and a changing table. Have a look at our changing table test & comparison.

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A baby crib cot with a changing table is practical and space-saving. In addition, with such a combination you usually save money and have everything together right away. The fact that a combined cot can often be converted into a child’s and youth bed is a practical and saving advantage. 

What you absolutely have to pay attention to is safety, of course. Although this is very important, you are allowed but not the extent forgot as fits the cot with changing table not clean, it can not be installed. Among the top 6, we can recommend the bestseller the Delta Children Abby Convertible Crib.