Best full-Size Folding Cribs (Review & Buying Guide)


Best full-size folding cribs on rollers need little more than just a quality folding device and smooth-gliding caster wheels. Of course, Best full-Size Folding Cribs these two features have to be perfect, but the best full-size models offer extra features, which provides the overall crib’s usability even more. A full-size folding baby crib is a suitable choice for everyone. But those who live in smaller homes and parents who want to use it in different rooms will like its rolling feet and folding mechanism even more.

Initially, a full-size compact crib has a sleek minimalist design, which gives it the ability to fit through all official room doorways. Best full-Size Folding Cribs as such, you can move it from room to room without folding it down, let alone disassembling!

Types Of best full-size Folding Crib

1- MiClassic Stationary Bassinet One Second Portable

This takes no meter how much parents love their children, but it’s not easy to carry the newborn baby all time, so here is a product for a single parent’s run schedule. Best full-Size Folding CribsSo it is MiClassic Bassinet that will fulfill the needs of parents. It is a crib with wheels. Many features exist in that crib; it can be folded easily so anyone can carry it easily. It consists of a small bag that can also be folded easily.

In static mode, the baby can sleep easily. The mattress of that crib is much soft so that when the baby falls, there will not be any harm to the baby.

Quick summary

The weight of this crib is 15 pounds. If parents are finding a crib with lots of features and with an excellent design, they can buy Miclassic crib.

It can be pack just like a pro due to one second folded feature. Without taking more space so can be carried easily in any place where you want. It is very lightweight and can easily be used during travel using its folding feature. Huge space exists inside this crib so parents can easily change their babies’ diapers in an accessible environment.

Product Dimension

Feature      Stationery & Rocking Mode

Brand        classic

Gender      Unisex

Color          Gray

Manufacturer        MiClassic

Model         DH-UJN9-Y2M6

Assembled Product Dimensions    36.60 x 22.20 x 28.00 Inches

Additional Feature

  • Bassinet can be STATIONARY! Rock mode is only used to soothe the baby.
  • One-second open&fold system makes bassinet easy to transport or store. Please have a “QUICK PULL UP” to fold it!
  • Surrounded by breathable mesh and easy for parents to communicate with their baby.
  • Easy to carry

  • It can be adjusted anywhere because of wheel

  • It consists of a waterproof mattress

  • It comes in a different color

  • It cannot be used without the use of legs
  1. Delta Children Folding Portable Mattress

Delta children crib is one of folding full-size crib that consists of the mattress, which makes children warm and comfortable. This crib seems to be cute with lots of functions. These cribs came with a bed, and adjusting the mattress crib’s position will be convertible into the bassinet.

Due to its lightweight, it can move from one place to another. Delta children portable crib easily placed under the bed because of its folding feature. It takes less space rather than a crib which has a large size. The mattress used in that crib is waterproof. It also assembles with all safety standards.

Quick summary

This mattress is beneficial in traveling and when less space exists because it takes less space by using its feature of folding. Parents can keep their babies all time using crib wheels functionality. This crib also provides safety for their children and a comfortable environment for children to sleep. Manufacture by using durable wood, which makes them

easily folded.  Also, provide all features that are necessary for good sleeping for children. These also meet industry standards.

Product Dimension

Product Dimensions       25 x 37.75 x 39 inches

Item model number        4470-604

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer       No

Minimum weight recommendation    6 Pounds

Maximum weight recommendation    35 Pounds

Addition Features

  • GREAT CRIB FOR SMALL SPACES OR TRAVEL Crib includes casters for easy mobility Folds flat for easy travel and storage; The included mattress
  • The two-position mattress height adjustment on this crib allows you to lower the mattress as your baby begins to sit or stand.
  • Solid and sturdy wood construction helps create a dream nursery where you’ll spend plenty of Mommy and Me/Daddy and Me time Easy assembly.
  • It provides support for two mattress

  • Lightweight crib

  • It can easily be used during travel

  • It is used for baby things storage

  • The paints used for that crib has a high smell, which out with time.
  1. Dream Me Folding Stationary Cherry

This mattress is convertible into a small mattress, which can also be used when the baby grows. These dream on me crib has two beds with a footboard.

Different colors exist according to the settings of the room. Different positions of mattresses exist, so one can choose any one place for changing the crib’s height, which can easily suit the baby, so the three-level crib is beneficial. These cribs are lightweight and can covert to play mode for children, and can also be used during traveling. The limits for baby weight are 34 lbs.

Quick summary

Dream on me is a full-size crib that consists of many positions, and these can be folded when there is no space. And later on, when space available, it can be unfolded. When the crib is extended, it can be locked and save for children. These cribs are certified by standard industry, so a product used in manufacturing is not harmful to babies. Wheels are also used in that cribs, making it easier to move from one room to another. Moreover, it is easy to hold up.

Product Dimension

Product Dimensions       54 x 31 x 46 inches

Item model number        673-C

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer       No

Target gender        Unisex

Material Type        Pine

Additional product features      Folding

Number Of Items    1

Style     Crib

Additional Features

  • The Dream On Me Full Size 2-in-1 Folding Stationary Side Crib is a convenient 2-position folding crib. Once your child outgrows it, the patented folding system allows you to fold it and store it with ease.
  • Best full-Size Folding Cribs It’s lightweight & mobile-move it easily around your home. It folds flat for storage-compact and perfect for small spaces. Safety is our topmost priority. All our cribs meet/exceed applicable ASTM & CPSC standards.
  • Good looking

  • Easily hold

  • It can be folded and move from one place to another

  • It is affordable

  • There is a drill hole according to the complaint of parents.
  1. Dream Me Folding Convenience white

Dream me folding is a full-size crib with two positions. When parents do not want to use a crib, they fold a mattress and store it. Best full-Size Folding Cribs when again to make in used thank easily can be unfolded. There is also a wheel that makes future security by locking in one place.

Two levels of position cannot be converted. One story is used when the baby is a newborn. And the other group is used when the baby grows up. This also consists of a mattress pad, and Dream Me mattress is certified with standards industries.

Quick summary

The design of the Dream Me crib is, especially rail design. The wheel of this crib is commercial size. With the use of these wheels, the child can move from one room to another room quickly.

The weight of this product is 47lbs. Best full-Size Folding Cribs with the patented folding system, it can be folded easily and can also place under the bed. The finish of that crib mattress is finish.

Product Dimension

Product Dimensions       54 x 31 x 46 inches

Item model number        672-W

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer       No

Target gender        Unisex

Material Type        Wood

Number Of Items        1

Style               Crib

Batteries required       No

Item Weight       46 pounds

Additional Features

  • When the crib is not needed, simply fold flat using the patented folding system and store it. No disassembly required – unfold and use again when needed.
  • The stationary rail system and heavy-duty, locking, commercial size wheels provide the utmost in product safety. It meets applicable ASTM standards.
  • The crib features a minimalist design. Best full-Size Folding Cribs Choose from three finish options and mix and match with any room theme One-inch crib mattress and tools for easy assembly included.
  • Perfect crib for newborn baby

  • Easy to used

  • Easily fold

  • This crib is not easy to resemble
  1. Baby Deluxe Holiday Folding Metal

When parents want to travel, in this case, it is a Best full-Size Folding Cribs. This crib is flexible and also used for storage. There is space for one crib, but at this place can use two cribs.

It can also be folded to take less space so that it cannot be used in that case. When parents want to use it, they unfold it again, and they also take more room.  This crib mattress is assembling, which means no spending time on putting it directly. Good mettle casters through which crib can move from one place to another place.

Quick Summary

These cribs meet with the safety regulations which mean it is secure for children. Three mattresses are there for one crib, which can be beneficial for newborn babies. For cleaning that crib, it must wash with warm water and soap so it can easily clean.

Product Dimension

Product Dimensions       39.3 x 25.25 x 37.5 inches

Item model number        882 W

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer       No

Minimum weight recommendation    5 Pounds

Maximum weight recommendation    50 Pounds

Material Type        Metal

Additional product features      Under Crib StorageWheelsFolding.

Number Of Items     1

Finish                    White

Additional Features

  • Features exclusive, “Lock-down,” safety floor system. Stationery side rails and one position mattress support.
  • Foam bumpers are included to protect doorways and other furniture.
  • Bilingual instructions in English and Spanish. An optional nylon storage cover is available.
  • It is easy to setup

  • the quality of that crib is good

  • easily moved between room

  • There are no specific cons of that crib; usually, customers face terrible customer service.

  6-Orbelle Three Level Portable Espresso

Orbelle is a three in one crib which is very lightweight. These cribs consist of their mattress as well as portable crib. Without difficulty can be adjusted and convert into play mode easily when the child wants to play. It can be folded when there is less storage existing.  Due to its lightweight, it can easily be used during travel. There is only one crib with three-level structures. With no, the mattress’s tools level can easily be adjusted when a newborn baby grows.

Quick summary

It is only a mattress that comes with three levels with its bed. The mattress used in that crib is free from led. So it is not harmful to newborn babies.

Another benefit is that it is lightweight so that it can be easily moved from one place to another and used during travel. The mattress use is free from a dangerous product such as led, so babies can easily sleep on that without any harm.

Product Dimension

Product Dimensions       18 x 38 x 30 inches

Item model number        1166ES

Number Of Items            1

Finish          Espresso

Batteries required       No

Item Weight       43.7 pounds

Additional Feature

  • It comes complete with its Mattress, with 3-position mattress support.
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Constructed with New Zealand pine
  • Model Number: 1166ES
  • It is an excellent portable crib

  • The quality of that crib is also excellent

  • Easy to set up because of no need for tools

  • Most of the crib does not have a good quality mattress.

Best Folding Full-Size Crib With Wheels Buyers Guide

There are a few things that should be necessarily found in the crib to select the best full-size folding crib. Most of the time, all features are available in the crib, but some guidelines should be followed for buying a portable folding crib.

  • Design of crib

The design of crib matter when purchase crib for babies. If parents are interested in buying large cribs, they should purchase those crib that is converted instead of a portable crib.

  • Size of the crib

The size of the crib also plays an important role when parents buy a crib for their child. Size depends upon the space at which the crib has to be placed, whether it’s maybe room and some other place. So by keeping in mind space, parents should purchase cribs not very small or not very large.

  • Wheel of the crib

For a portable crib, the wheel is also a significant part. It is necessary wheel should be locked in any place for the security of children. All the crib must contain that crib that has good locking, and their lock should work better.

  • About mattress of the crib

Some of the mattresses come with mattresses, and others are not. The bed attached to the crib may not be of good quality and not secure for children. The quality of that mattress is not good. So purchase a mattress for crib independently for crib of good quality that is also secure for children.

  • Price for the crib

The standard crib is expensive relatively than a portable crib. But nowadays, the price of portable cribs increases rapidly. Many expenses generate for newborn babies, so parents are already prepared to bear these expenses. So parents do not want to buy a product that has not good quality, and they are also not satisfied with this lousy quality product used for manufacturing these cribs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a full-size crib?

A full-size crib is a bed specially designed for infants for use in or outside the home. It has a standard dimension of 28 ± 5/8 inches (width) and 52 3/8 ± 5/8 inches (length). Full-size cribs have larger surface areas, which reduces the risk of injuries and death of infants.

What is the best fold-up bed?

The best fold-up bed should consist of foldable, portable, and durable steel or wooden frames (ones with cheap metals may develop creaky sounds after some time) and castor wheels for easy mobilization. Some fold-up beds come with mattresses, and if not, durable and firm mattresses can be bought separately.

What type of mattress is best for a crib?

The best mattress for a crib should firmly fit into the crib frame, and this means that you should not work more than two fingers in between your bed and your crib. To prevent looseness, you should know your crib dimension to get a befitting mattress. Additionally, the crib mattress should be water-proof and certified as safe.

What is the most comfortable portable crib?

The most comfortable portable crib would be one that has the following outlined features:

  • Lightweight for easy mobilization.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • They are certified as safe by the appropriate regulatory agencies.
  • Easy to clean.
  • A price tag that fits within your budget.
  • Transparent and breathable fabric

Are portable cribs safe?

Portable cribs that comply with all safety precautions, including having firm supportive metals, sturdy frame, toxic chemicals free, and breathable fabric mesh, can be said to be safe to a substantial degree. Any portable crib short of these should be avoided as the safety of your little one should be your top-most priority.