10 Best Portable Baby Crib


When traveling with babies, the most important thing to consider is where your baby will sleep. If you think that there will be a crib option available at the place of your accommodation. In order to avoid causing your baby stress, you should carry a portable and travel-friendly crib along with you. Babies do not adjust to new environments, and they want to sleep in their cribs.

You should bring your crib along when traveling to make sure your baby is used to the same kind of sleeping environment. This will also assure comfort for your child. As it is very clear that when you choose the right product for the baby, it will make your baby safer and more comfortable. Due to the simplicity of their design, travel cribs for children are the best option to combine with long trips.

Finding the best crib for your little one is not an easy task because the market is filled with many brands. This is why we reviewed 10 best portable travel Baby Cribs that offer almost all the necessary features for your kids.

Our Recommendations for Portable Baby Crib

1.BABYBJORN Travel Crib 

The BABYBJORN Travel Crib is certainly one of the most amazing and best infant cribs in our list. The Baby Bjorn Portable (Travel) Crib Light is the best crib that comes with almost all the latest features. The design of the crib clearly tells that it is a durable and comfortable crib that also contains an insulated mattress. 

The weight of this portable crib is just 13 lbs, which makes it very lightweight.  There are no loose parts to attach, and the legs are foldable. This crib is very easy to assemble and carry anywhere. The base of this crib is very sturdy, which makes it safe and secure for your baby, and also it can provide a comfortable sleep to your baby. 

Further, you can keep a check on your baby by seeing through the mesh as the best and most comfortable crib available till now possesses a lot of space for children to play and rest. Thus, Baby Bjorn Crib Light is the best crib for traveling purposes. 

2.Lotus Travelling Crib and Portable Baby Playyard

The Lotus Travel Crib is not just a travel crib or comfortable sleeping environment provider as it is a best portable playard and crib combination. This crib is made for newborn babies till the age when they no longer need a crib. This makes it the best crib for a baby of 1 year old as well. The sides of the crib contain mesh that makes it more safe and visible. 

The mattress possesses fitted sheets to increase the comfort level of your child. The “side door” of the crib can be closed or opened with a zip so that your baby can be zipped when necessary and  you can unzip it when you want your baby to go out and play. The Lotus Travel crib and also portable baby playard is the best combination for the parents on the go. As you just need 15 seconds to fold up the crib and take it anywhere you want to. 

It is only 13 lbs so it can be carried anywhere, and even it can adjust in the lockers of the airplane. Further, this crib is available with a bag pack which means you can easily pack  it and head over to anywhere you want to along with your travel crib. 

3.Graco Pack’ n Play On the Go Playard

The “Graco Pack and also Play On The Go Play yard” is the most suitable crib for newborn babies. It provides a full-size bassinet that is excellent for babies weighing up to 15 lbs, and your baby can sleep peacefully anywhere at anytime. The big play yard will provide your baby enough space and the option of mesh will improve visibility and the crib’s ventilation. 

The crib also has an extra toy bar with soft toys for your child to get entertained. The frame of the crib can withstand stress and strains happening due to traveling. The folding of this crib is very compact. 

There is an included carry bag that makes it easy to carry the crib, and it is just 23 lbs. that makes it very light in weight. All you want is the comfort level of your baby.

4.Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Playard

“Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard” is another super amazing crib for parents traveling a lot and who need a multi-purpose crib. This crib has three outstanding features. As your baby can peacefully sleep in this crib, it is a secure play area for your baby and also there is a changing station for changing the diapers and clothes of your baby. 

Thus, it is the best option to purchase specially for newborn babies. This crib has an inclined sleeper that have removing option and also it contains three-point restraint. Also there is cushion headed support and also numerous other features for the comfort of your baby. 

This crib can easily fold down, and it only weighs 15 lbs. This crib possesses all the features that your baby needs: good sleep, playing, and diaper changing options.

5.Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages

One of the most outstanding characteristics of the Graco Travel Lite Crib with stages is that it has the option to be adjusted according to your child’s size and age. You can utilize this crib for your newborn baby, and then you have the option to alter the height of the bassinet when your child grows up. 

According to a lot of people, this is the best portable travel crib as it is suitable for using it for a longer period of time. There is a roomy play yard that is a great option to keep your child busy when they are awake. It has a very space-saving design and also it weighs 20 lbs., which makes it very light in weight. 

Further it contains wheels which makes this crib more portable. Never get fooled by the size and weight. As this crib can provide you a lot more features. As it contains a comfortable padded mattress, a toy bar, and a canopy and guarantees to make your baby happy. 

6.4moms Breeze Playard

The 4moms Breeze Playard wind the hearts of parents when it comes to the ease of the usage. All you have to do is just push a single button, and it opens up and closes with the same button. If we talk about the parents’ convenience, then nothing is better than this portable travel crib. 

There is also a full- size bassinet that is completely removable, and also it provides a great time for playing in the day time and also it the best crib for providing a comfortable sleep to your baby. This is a very sturdy and very reliable crib specifically made for parents who want to spend most of their time travelling. 

It is very compact and it can easily adjust in an easy to carry travelling bag with a shoulder strap. Although thus crib weighs 25 lbs., but is very convenient in usage.  

7.KidCo PeaPod Plus

The Kidco PeaPod Plus is a pop-up style cocoon infant portable travelling bed that is considered the best pop-up, cocoon-style travelling crib for infants or newborns. This crib weighs around 3.5 lbs., and easily folds inside a small bag that is travel friendly. 

You can even anchor this crib to the ground and also to the bed as it provides great stability and also security and also the sides contain mesh that are utilized for ventilation. 

However, there is no extra space for your bigger child to stand and play, its just best for your newborn to sleep comfortably. Whether you are traveling for camping or going to a beach, this crib is best to take along.  

8.BRICA Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet

Choosing the BRICA Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet can be your top choice if you just want your baby to sleep safely, securely, and comfortably. The unique and the most safe feature of this crib is that it contains a lockable frame and also a breathable mesh. 

As this crib is quick and very simple to set up, it is one of the smallest cribs available in the markets that can even adjust in a suitcase. The weight of this crib is even less than 3 lbs. It is very easy for carrying and also you can put it in your carry-on luggage. 

However, as a parent, you can sleep peacefully when you know that your child is sleeping peacefully.  And wherever you want to travel you can take this crib along with you because you will not even feel the burden of this crib as it is the lightest crib in town available for parents’ ease.

9.Valco Baby Zephyr Travel Crib

The Valco Baby Zephyr Travel Crib can be called a unique and portable, cot that is amazing for travelling purposes. This crib contains a padded mattress and an insect net that can protect your child from mosquitoes when travelling or staying outdoors. 

There is also mesh on the crib’s sides that can enhance the visibility, and there are small pockets on the side of the crib that are really helpful in keeping small things. This crib also possesses a travel bag in which the crib can easily fit and fold down.  

Although this crib does not contain any kind of play yard, it has enough space that your child can have a night of cosy sleep. Although the frame of the crib is very sturdy, it still does not weigh much. As the total weight of the crib is about 14 lbs.  

10.Phil & Teds Portable Traveller Crib

Phil & Teds Portable Traveller Crib can be called as the best suitable and lightweight crib for traveling parents.  The weight of this crib is not more than 7 lbs. Furthermore, this lightweight crib is very easy to carry, can be easily transported, and can be folded down to a very small size that can adjust in any travel bag. 

The convenient carrying option of this crib makes it easy for families who are travelling in the airplane. Moreover, this crib also contains a lot of space for your child to sleep and also play as well.  This crib is considered to be the best crib for toddlers as it also contains an inflatable mattress, and also it comes with an extra sheet for the comfort of your child. 

The sides and the top of the crib contain mesh, and one side of the crib can be fully unzipped. There is an ultraviolet light protection top that can provide protection during the outdoor activities like any picnic.   Overall, if you consider the level of portability , weight , comfort, then this cot is the best option to carry along with you. 

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Buying Guide: How to Choose Best Portable Baby Crib

For new parents, choosing a portable baby crib is not an easy task. Therefore, below are some of the important factors you need to pay attention to when buying a portable baby crib for your little one.

1.Security and Safety

The major and most important aspect is your child’s safety, and it is essential to consider your child’s safety before buying any baby product. There are so many features available in cribs, so select the ones that are according to the safety standards. Further, some cribs are offering additional features for the safety of the crib.

If your baby can easily crawl out of the crib very easily, it is not a safe crib for your child. Secondly, check out the gaps in the crib so that the child could not fall from them. Inspect is it a sturdy crib or your child can knock it over when moving here there?


Comfort is the second important factor to consider when purchasing a travel crib. A good night sleep for your baby means a good night sleep for yourself. You need to properly inspect the mattress’s softness as it has a great role in your baby’s proper sleep. Moreover, you need to consider the space availability as well as the airflow of the mattress.

Further addition of things like the canopies and toy rails can increase comfort and pleasure, but they are not very important. Although extra features increase the level of comfort of your child, they increase the weight if the crib.

3.Age of baby

There are varying types of portable cribs available for different age groups and also sizes of babies. You need to properly check the weight limit of the crib according to the weight of your child.

For instance, if you are purchasing a crib for your newborn baby but planning to travel a lot in the future, the best option is to buy a travel crib with many features. As you don’t want to purchase a crib that your child will quickly outgrow. You should be aware that toddlers got out of the cribs more often as compared to other tiny babies. So you need to purchase a travel crib that is not just safe in the present, but it should remain safe when your child grows.


Apart from all of the features and comfort level provided by the crib to your baby. People consider the ease of transporting a crib. As buying a cot that is not easy to carry, neither it is foldable nor it is light in weight is totally waste of money as it will never adjust in your car and you cannot take it along while traveling.

On the other hand, portable or you can say travel cribs are very easy to carry because they are lightweight and also compact, which means they are smaller in size, and when they open up they provide huge comfortable space to your child. At the same time, some of these portable cribs do have wheels and carry bag. So its up to you if you want extra features then this will increase the weight and level of portability will be decreased.

5.Ease of Use

You would be happy to know that these portable cribs are very simple and easy to assemble and re-pack. As if you are staying at a place for a longer time, then you can instantly assemble it. And when you want to travel again, then it will take minutes to re-pack the crib again that’s these cribs are called portable travel cribs. So for travelers, these cribs are the best option to consider.

6.Types of Cribs

Basically, there are two main categories of these travel cribs. First of all, there are cocoon-like bedding cribs and also the one that unfolds to look similar to a regular crib. There are advantages and disadvantages of both them. Generally, cocoon-style bedding cribs are very light in weight and they are extra compact and very simple to set up.

Thus, they don’t have much space for babies to stand and play, and they are also easier for older babies to get out instantly, which is the con of these cribs. The second type of cribs are a lot more safe secure. But the disadvantage of those cribs is that they are a little heavier and also bulkier.


Obviously, the crib’s cost is also a very important factor to consider when you are planning to purchase a portable crib. The best cribs are those that can last for a substantial time period. So that’s parents can be satisfied that there is investment is not wasted and parents who want to travel a lot don’t have to invest again and again after buying a high quality portable crib.


When you think your baby is important to you, sleep must also be important to you. If your baby doesn’t sleep well and becomes tired, it would be difficult to handle your baby. Therefore, the main purpose of creating these portable cribs is that your baby can sleep in the same bed that is at home and also sleep in peace while traveling. It is better to choose the best crib for your baby and suggest other parents to buy it as well, especially if they love to travel.