The Best Baby Carriers For Plus Size Moms


We have shortlisted some best baby carriers for plus size moms. Plus size mothers face a lot of problems in daily life right from clothes to other essentials. Most of the time plus size mothers have difficulty in finding the right items. Plus size clothing or accessories are less in number because the majority of items are for thin women. It has become the norm to focus on women ranging from ‘Small’ size to ‘Large’ sizes maximum. Plus-size women often have complaints regarding the unavailability of items for them. Most people advice plus size women and mothers to lose weight to fit into the norm.

Carrying a baby outdoors becomes very problematic with medium-sized baby carriers. It becomes uncomfortable and, at times, impossible to fit the baby with ease in the carrier. However, we are now in the age of breaking the norms, myths, and misconceptions. We are opening many options for plus size women, and they now have more freedom in choosing the best baby carriers for plus size moms.

All plus size women will unanimously agree it is rare to find carriers to fit the baby comfortably and carry for hours. They must have felt ashamed and frustrated because of their bodies, size, and always thought of it as a limitation. Not being able to carry around the baby comfortably is very depressing news to mothers. All mothers dream of having a perfect carrier that is safe and comfortable.

Plus size baby carriers: A rescue

Fortunately, we have several plus size carriers these days in the market as viable options for plus size women. Every mother, irrespective of their sizes, can have the best carrier for their bodies. All plus size women have different bodies, and finding the best baby carrier is a matter of choice, comfort, and preference.

A guide to buying the best baby carriers

This article will guide you to the best baby carriers and give you tips on how to make the right choice. These are proven tips based on real experiences by mothers and will guide you to find the ideal baby carrier as a plus-size mother. Once you find it, you can see your life change and become comfortable both for you and your baby.

What Are The Types Of Carriers Available?

Firstly, let us look into the four basic kinds of baby carriers. Several designs are available in the market, but they can be categorized into these four major types. Before you look for plus size baby carriers, know the types and then look for the plus-size options in your preferred type for better comfort.

1. Buckle Carriers

This is the most popular of the lot. These carriers have buckles to secure your baby to your body. The highly padded waistband makes you feel comfortable while the shoulder straps and buckles tightly secure the baby.

2. Wraps

Wraps are long, stretchable fabric pieces that connect the baby and the mother by wrapping around the body. It keeps the baby close and secure to your breast.

3. Ring Slings

Ring slings are also long pieces of fabric like the wraps. These go over one shoulder like a loop and have a ring fastened to it. You can tighten the loop to make the baby more secure in the pouch type carrier.

4. Meh Dai

This is a carrier that lies between a buckle carrier and the wraps. They are easier to put on than a wrap but are manually tied up instead of having a buckle.

How To Choose Best Baby Carriers For Plus Size Moms

Choose your plus size options in any of these designs that you find comfortable. Some women prefer buckle carriers the most, while others may find Meh Dai to be more versatile. Each body type is different, and there is no hard and fast rule for plus size mothers. Even plus-size bodies have different shapes, and two women may find two different categories comfortable according to their preference. Having a large body shouldn’t limit you to just one single type of carrier.

We can suggest you tips about making yourself comfortable by looking for the right features in your plus size baby carriers in the types you prefer. 


A waistband of a baby carrier, if any, should be highly padded. Since it carries most of the load, you must not feel uncomfortable while carrying the baby for long. It shouldn’t dig into your skin. A highly padded waistband reduces the load by making you feel at ease. They also reduce friction so that you do not come home with an aching back.

Moreover, the waistband should be very sturdy and secure while also being adjustable. You should be able to adjust the tightness of the waistband to your comfort. This is very important for plus size mothers that the waistband is not too tight and suffocating. It should have an adjustable quality while being soft and stretchable. So the first thing plus size moms should check is whether they can loosen or tighten the waistband to their comfort.


The next most vital factor is the material you choose. This is necessary for all women to take note of irrespective of body size. Always go for baby carriers in breathable material. Firstly, the baby needs a soft and breathable natural fabric anywhere it is put in. Secondly, wearing a baby will become difficult if you feel hot and claustrophobic in a material that chokes you. Choose cotton or linen material carriers that are breathable and allow airflow.

Strap length and adjustability

Strap length is essential in choosing the best baby carrier for a tall moms. If you are tall and the straps are too short, you will have a problem carrying the baby too close to your chin. Having adjustable straps is the best thing you can have. It will help you adjust the height at which you wish your baby to stay close to your breast. You should be able to adjust the straps and buckles of the carrier you choose.

Also, they must be comfortable. The straps should be of sturdy material and build to carry the baby’s weight without putting pressure on your shoulders. They should be broad and highly padded so that they do not dig into your skin. That would be painful when you wear the baby for long hours. Wide and padded straps help to distribute the weight and make it seem lighter for you. Pay attention to the straps’ width, adjustability, and the buckles while purchasing a plus size baby carrier. This is the third most important factor to check for plus size moms. 

Let us now look into the important tips about choosing the plus-size options in each type of carrier.

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Tips for Selecting The Best Plus Size Ring Sling Carriers

Many mothers opine that ring slings are the best for plus size options. If your body type makes you prefer ring slings over other types, always check the following things for a snug fit and the best experience. 

  • Go for longer ring slings to be sure regarding your body type. If there is any extra cloth, you can get it sewn by a tailor for a better fit. But there is no point going for a shorter sling and enhancing discomfort. Long slings are the first thing you must check in this category.
  • Go for the width of the sling as per your body or shoulder type. Women with plump breasts but a comparatively narrow shoulder should go for padded narrow shoulder width to keep their arms free. Women with broader shoulders obviously need wider shoulder width for the slings.  

How To Choose The Best Buckle Carrier For Plus Size Mothers

The most popular type of carrier is the buckle carrier. But, it is also challenging to find the right plus size carrier in the buckle category. Why should you miss out on convenience just because you do not belong to the standard size category? Here are a few tips for choosing the best buckle carrier in plus size options for your baby. Ensure that you check the following factors to make the best choice as a plus-size mom.

  • Look for the long and adjustable waist belt and arm straps. Adjustable buckles help you create a large baby carrier as per your convenience and have a secure yet comfortable fit. The best thing is that you can adjust the baby’s position as you wish any time you want. When you can adjust the arm straps’ length and the waist belt, you won’t feel tight and suffocated. Otherwise, it would be difficult for women with a heavy upper body to fit the baby in the carrier with ease. This allows you to easily loosen the waist belt and the arm buckles to get the right, comfortable fit. 
  • Next, consider the width and padding of the straps to maximize comfort. Wide straps will distribute the weight across your broad shoulders and make it comfortable for you. Padded straps and waist belts make the carrier comfortable for your skin. 
  • Check the buckles and ensure that they are adjustable. It is always best if you can push them down on both sides to lengthen the strap. 

How To Choose A Meh Dai For Plus Size Moms

A Meh Dai is the most versatile baby carriers, especially for plus size moms. It makes the best baby carrier for large breasts because you get the freedom to adjust your baby by wrapping the band to your preference. It allows you the convenience of straps while taking out the buckles. Moreover, the Meh Dais are made of stretchable cotton or spandex, making you feel extremely comfortable.

These soft fabric bands can be adjusted easily without the inconvenience of a wrap. Put in your arms through the arm straps and fasten the bands for a secure, cozy fit without feeling choked to death. Here are some suggestions to make the best plus size choice in this category. 

  • Go for Meh Dais with long straps to leave ample room to tie them up around your body. Shorter straps constrict more and make things uncomfortable. Longer straps will always give you a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Ensure that the cloth straps are wide enough to evenly balance the weight across all areas instead of putting excess pressure on your skin.

Tips for Buying A Plus Size Wrap for To Carry Your Baby

Wraps are often considered complicated and difficult to learn for many new mothers. However, as already said, each mother is different, and each plus size body has got unique preferences. Some women find wrap carriers to be the most versatile because they are size-friendly and very adjustable. You can use the wrap to go around your body and secure your baby in a way that makes you feel comfortable. There are no buckles or straps to adjust or tailor fit. These are long pieces of stretchable fabric made to customize your fittings just the way you like it.

Just ensure that you always go for stretchable fabric for wrap carriers. Since you are looking for freedom to find a customizable size to go around your body without making you feel choked or restricted, stretchable materials are the best. They smoothly go around twice the standard size of mother and baby and give you the exact convenience you have been dreaming of as a plus-size mother. Learn how to secure a baby to your body with a stretchable cotton wrap carrier, and nothing can restrict you from easy movement while wearing your baby in the best way possible.


These were our suggestions to keep you and your baby close irrespective of your body type. We believe that it is time to break away the pressures on a mother to confine to the standard body size. Nothing should hinder you from carrying your baby close to your body. It’s the best feeling in the world for a mother, and the baby feels safe and secure too. The happiest babies are the ones who stay close to their moms always.

This guide wanted to introduce you to the ways of selecting the best baby carriers for plus size moms. Make the right choice and go on about your job unhindered while your baby clings to your body, safe and secured, while keeping you at comfort for hours. It is only a matter of selecting the correct item to change your life and lead you towards happier motherhood.