How Many Crib Sheets Do I Need? (Wise Guide)


Having confusion, How many sets of sheets should I own? Relax because here we are with the answer to all of your questions. This article will provide you full awareness about how many crib sheets you have to be. 

But before starting the main topic, there are also some essential things related to crib sheet that every parent should know. This guide helps you to pick up the right sheets for your baby’s crib.

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So let’s take a look.

How do you pick good quality sheets? (Guide)

Before going to purchase crib sheets for your baby’s crib. You must know about some factors that are highly important and effects on your baby’s health and mood. 

These factors are listed below in detail.

Thread Count

The thread count is one of the main factors on which you must have to be conscious. Thread count is the number of threads per square inch. The softness of any Baby crib sheet basically depends on the thread count. The greater the thread count the greater the softness level of the sheet. Not only this if a sheet has a healthy thread count then it means its softness increases after every wash. 

People usually ask, Is 1800 count sheets good? You really have to know that,

For a softer and good sheet 200 to 800 thread count is enough. But now technology has been improved and many brands use less than 250 thread count but they give the feel like a higher thread count sheet. Just because of the perfect and pretty nice finishing. So don’t consider that if a sheet has a low thread count means its quality will also be low.


The second and the most important factor for which you have to be concerned is the breathability of the crib sheets. Babies spend most of their time lying in the crib. Because of which their back gets hot and sweaty. If you use breathable crib sheet it will keep your baby cool. Not only this a breathable sheet is also good for your baby when he/she wears it. They provide a 100% cool and fresh environment inside the sheet. So your baby can easily breath without any hassle even if he/she wears it over his/her face.

In short, a sheet with 100% breathability makes your baby safe and comfortable inside the crib.


It is the fabric of any crib sheets that makes them comfortable and durable. The comfort level basically depends on the fabric material of the sheet.  For a baby crib’s bedding people mostly choose a fabric that is soft, comfortable and highly breathable. For this purpose cotton is one of the most demanding fabrics that fulfills all the needs of the parents regarding their baby’s healthy and enjoyable growth.

Beyond cotton, polyester is one of the best alternatives. Polyester is less beneficial than cotton but it has almost all features like it. Plus it’s quite inexpensive. But we must say for a good and comfortable crib sheet go with the cotton fabric.

Weave Type

Weave type of the crib sheets is the most unusual thing about which less people know.

A weave type is a kind of manufacturing process on which the durability, types of fibres and fabric and softness of the crib sheets are included. 

The lighter weave based sheets are much more durable as compared to loose weave. Basically there are three major weave types which are used in sheet making. These are sateen, percale and combed cotton. 

So while you are shopping for your baby sheets you must watch that the sheets have one of these weave types.

Eye-Catchy Design

Last but not least, the last factor that is essential during purchasing your baby’s crib sheets is eye-catchy and beautiful design. Babies attract from colorful and cartoon themed based sheets.

 So make sure that you choose light but bright colored sheets. Also the designs of the sheets matters the most. Always buy the sheets that will suit your baby’s crib and room setting. 


The baby’s skin is highly sensitive. So you must keep an eye on that the crib sheets are free from all types of allergens. Choose the sheets that are hypoallergenic. Because the hypoallergenic sheets protect your baby from every type of allergen. Plus if your baby has any potential allergy then the hypoallergenic sheets are best for him/her.

Sizes Of Crib Sheets

The size of the crib sheets also matters the most. If the sheet is not according to the size of your baby’s crib size then it would be dangerous for your baby. 

In the loose sheet your baby can be stuck in the tangles of the sheets and can hurt him/herself. Or if the sheet is too fit or tight then it can be irritating and uncomfortable for your baby. Both conditions should be harmful. So make yourself fully aware with the sizes of the crib sheets before buying them.

Probably there are two main sizes of crib sheets available in the market. Which are Standard and Mini.

Standard Size

The basic dimension of the standard crib sheets is 52 inches by 28 inches. Standard size sheets are basically designed for standard mattresses and cribs. And these are usually for more than 5 month of babies. 

You can easily find the perfect match and fitted standard sheets for your baby’s crib mattresses. That 100% securely fit into the mattress. 

Mini Size

Mini size crib sheets are considered those whose measurement is 24 inches by 38 inches. The Mini size sheets are usually for newborns. Finding a perfect and fitted mini sheet according to your baby’s crib mattresses is a little bit difficult.

After knowing all the essential aspects related to crib sheets and their sizes. Now it’s time to move on to the main things on which this article is based. Which is How many crib bedding do i need?

How Much Should You Spend On Sheets?

Parents are over excited to bring all the good and comfortable stuff for their little ones. But we want to clear that spending too much on the bedding material is not mandatory. With an average amount you can also make your baby’s crib comfortable and enjoyable.

Usually parents are not aware of How many sheets and blankets a baby should have? So to make you aware, we did a vast research whose results are discussed below.

How Many Crib Sheets Do I Need?

Collecting too many baby’s crib sheets can be troublesome for you. Keep yourself in balance and limited by choosing standard and good quality sheets. The numbers of bedding is based on How often should you change crib sheets?

3 Crib Sheets

After our research we should say that the 3 pieces of crib sheets are quite enough. It’s an ideal number of sheets. Because it’s not more or less.

The baby’s whole world is in the crib. They drool, spit-up, sweat in the crib and when they have diaper leakage so surely you have to change the sheet on the spot. So having extra sheets is mandatory to keep your baby’s crib clean and infection free.

2 Crib Sheets

We can say that if you have only 2 sheets for your baby’s crib. Then it’s also not a problem. Because when you are washing the 1st crib you can easily use the 2nd one for the crib mattress. 

However you have to be punctual towards the wash timing of the sheet. Otherwise if both sheets become dirty you have to face trouble.

8 Crib Sheets

Mostly people collect the 8 sheet stuff. Which is not necessary but if you like so you can make a good collection of crib sheets. Some parents want their baby’s crib to always look new and beautiful. That’s why they use a new sheet daily. That is surely quite ok but keep in mind that having 8 pairs of sheets is not necessary.

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Bottom Line

In the end of our informative guide, we do hope that now you know exactly how many crib sheets do you need?  Collect the ideal numbers of sheets and make sure they fulfil all the requirements that any standard sheets must have. To give your baby a comfortable crib time and sound sleep.