How to Choose Safe Toys for Toddlers


Choosing toys for toddlers can be a challenge for parents. All children love to play with toys, which play an important role in their development. Children’s play is undoubtedly one of the most important human activities.

Through play, the child learns to coordinate, understand his body’s functioning, and builds his own identity.

In today’s society in which we live, It is cover with technology and electronic junk. It is very difficult to choose a toy that reinforces some aspect of our children’s brain development. However, a non-technological toy, a traditional toy, does not have to be worse than a modern one.

A good toy enhances the relationship of the child with adults. It gets reciprocity during the game that enhances the activity itself, which electronic toys do not usually get.

In this post, we want to review the basics of the game in childhood. So that they allow you to choose best Toys for Toddlers.

Importance of Games & Toys

Importance of Games & Toys

The game is an activity that a child performs outside of their daily routine. This activity has no end in itself as the child does not play to achieve a specific goal. In this sense, if we asked a little boy why he plays, he wouldn’t know what to answer.

The game facilitates the child’s neurological development. It enhances different brain plots such as physical activity, language, social relations, problem-solving, or the control of emotions. Therefore, the game is an essential activity through which the child knows the world around him. 

“Play is an essential activity in early childhood that contributes to children’s cognitive, social, and emotional development.”

Toys would be all those objects that invite the child to play. These items do not need to be purchased toys as any item made at home or found in nature can fulfill this paper. It is as valid as a toy like a rattle as a stick or leaves of a tree, as long as the child uses them to play.

Also, when a child plays with quality toys and is suitable for their neurological development, the game’s activity is usually longer.

Toys play such an important role in the child’s brain development. Some study has shown that children who play with varied toys, it has an IQ at 3 years older than those who do not have that possibility.

What to consider when choosing Toys for Toddlers?

What to consider when choosing Toys for Toddlers

If we understand that the game is a fundamental activity, it should not be very difficult for us to choose good toys for toddlers. Here we will cover a few important points that you must follow before buying any toy for a toddler,

Interest and age of the child

One of the most important aspects when choosing toys for toddlers is understanding that does this toy suitable for with child. We must check that does it is useful for the neurological development of a child. 

For example, if we give a few building blocks toys to a child who is starting to stack things, we will allow him to play constructions. If we give a ball to a child who has started walking, we will boost gross motor skills by inviting him to kick the ball.

Another example is that if we offer a kitchenette toy to a child who already shows interest in the reference game. We will allow him to develop the imagination and set up a restaurant and prepare us for an imaginary dinner.

Choosing a toy shouldn’t be very complicated if we rely on what the child can do and what we want to boost (new skills).

Read the labeling

A key aspect before buying toys for toddlers is paying attention to its labeling. Because of labeling, you can find security precautions, which indicates that the toy meets the safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.

Also, it is advisable to ensure that no warnings appear about toxic or flammable elements.

Follow the safety instructions

Depending on the child’s age, it should be noted that the parts are large enough to avoid possible choking. The small parts raise the risk of aspiration asphyxiation.

If they have batteries or use electric currents, it is essential to check that specific instructions and warnings accompanying the appliance. If you follow the instruction, you prevent them from overheating.

Button batteries should not be accessible to children. Their size makes it easier for young children to be intake. 

Also, if the toy has straps or ropes, it is advisable to check that they are not long enough to roll into the child’s neck. In any case, reviewing the toy’s safety rules will prevent the toy’s misuse and reduce the risk of injury.

A toy suitable for every age

Buying toys with small pieces, sharp edges, or viscous textures from young children can hinder their safety. Therefore, it is recommended that we always adapt the toy to the age of the child.

Babies from 6 to 12 months old, rattles, sound toys, or musical carousing are appropriate. For children from 1 to 3 years old, some suitable proposals may be runners, carts, or balls, which will help develop their ability to move.

From this age, somewhat more complex toys may be suitable, such as puzzles or even bicycles and scooters, but always consider the Age recommendations of packaging and safety warnings. In either case, parents need to share toys with their children, both during Christmas and the rest of the year.

Limit devices with displays

The advancement of technologies makes it common to give mobiles, tablets, or video consoles to young children. However, it is important to prevent children under the age of two from using interactive digital toys or mobile apps, in short, any display type.

And as for the time of use, it is not recommended more than one hour daily on average in children and no more than 2 hours a day in adolescents.

In addition to limiting the child’s creativity and social interactions, the overuse of preschool screen devices can be a risk factor. It is dangerous for child obesity, especially in noisy and unestablished routines. 

Toys that encourage creativity

Although advertising has a strong influence on minors’ tastes when choosing their toys. It is important to note that children’s play should contribute to fostering their creativity and cognitive development.

In this way, technological toys that do everything on their own, or that do not encourage to play with other children, will lead the little one to get tired soon and stop being curious about it.

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This does not imply that all toys have to be educational, as there is a risk that the child will get bored. But opting for toys that promote imagination and physical activity will provide more hours of play. The fun while helping the child develop their cognitive abilities.

Evolutionary toy

Another important aspect is to choose toys that are evolutionary. An evolutionary toy could be a simple wood block, used in the first stage to make a construction. But a few months later, he uses it as if it were a cup to feed a doll.

For example, the typical set of train tracks used at first for the child to play to push those trains along the tracks. Later, he wants to assemble the circuit with the different pieces of the same.

Although there are studies that have linked the choice of a specific type of toys depending on the child’s gender, adults must offer children a wide range of toys regardless of gender.

If a child prefers to play with cars than with dolls, he has decided not because he did not have the possibility of having both toys at his fingertips.

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Importance of playing with children

Importance of playing with children

When adults start playing with children, we are doing an invaluable activity. On the one hand, the child gets the experience of the game’s own, which can enhance a particular skill and, secondly and perhaps most importantly, the interchange of playing with someone from which he can learn and exchange experiences.

It’s proven that children who play with an adult develop language first and improve their social relationships.

When a child plays with an adult, he gets a double experience. It would help if you did not miss the opportunity to spend some time with your children. They are playing on the ground doing construction or kicking a ball because there is no better toy than a father or a mother playing with their child.

Are electronic toys better than traditional ones?

We live in a world surrounded by technology, so we should not be surprised that many of the toys sold today have incorporated some of that technology into the toy. The question we should ask ourselves is: are these tech toys better than traditional toys? The answer is clear and blunt: No, they are not.

Research and Studies

Many studies have shown that toys incorporating technology do not allow the child to experiment and have a free game. Many of them include light buttons and voice recordings of which the child is a mere spectator. This type of toy does not allow the child to interact with the toy beyond hitting a button to see what happens next. 

They do not enhance their imagination as they are repetitive toys with a pattern that does not perform new actions. Also, while a child plays with an electronic toy, it usually happens that stops are interacting with the adults around them, which leads to the loss of that reciprocity that we previously mentioned when an adult intervenes in the game.

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Electronic toys tend to be more expensive than traditional toys. They are better and have never shown to enhance further the neurological skills that I told you at first respect for a traditional toy. Don’t fool by marketing and ads; traditional toys are much more likely than the vast majority of modern toys.

Final Tips for Choosing Toys for Toddlers

After everything you’ve read, you’ll be circling whether that toy that’s home is right or how you’re going to pick something to give your niece on her next birthday. If you’ll excuse me before I finish, I’d like to leave you a series of tips that may be useful for when you have to choose a toy:

  • Toys should help the child’s play and interaction with their caregivers.
  • We must offer the child different types of toys to cover the different areas of neurological development. Such as fine motor, thick motor, artistic, language/conceptual, and referential.
  • Choose toys that allow the child to use their imagination.
  • Choose the settings in which your child is happy that allows you to explore their surroundings.
  • Look for toys that are evolutionary and allow the child to play with them throughout childhood.
  • You shouldn’t choose a good toy based on its price. Sometimes the simplest toy is much better than a complex one.
  • It is much more important to the quality of a toy than having many toys.
  • Always keep in mind that toys should never be a substitute for the game shared with adults.
  • Electronic toys are not necessary; they do not improve the neurological development of children.


I hope this article will help you understand a little better the role of the game in childhood. It also helps you with how to choose toys for Toddlers or a close family member.

Remember that the best toy a child can have is a parent by his side playing with him. Remember that it’s better to have a few good quality toys than many that don’t do any good.

How to choose Safe Toys for Toddlers in 2021
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How to choose Safe Toys for Toddlers in 2021
Choosing toys for toddlers can be a challenge for parents. All children love to play with toys, which play an important role in their development.
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