How To Choose The Best Yarn For A Baby Blanket


From the day your baby came into this world, you have been choosing the best items for her. Then why should you make an exception for selecting the best yarn for a baby blanket?

There are various kinds of yarn materials for baby blankets, and due to this variation, it becomes tough to select the correct one for your baby.  If you want to make the blanket with the best quality yarn, proper research will lead you to the best one.  

If you are expecting a baby or on the way to be a grandmother, perhaps this is the best way you can shower your love for your child.  

Starting from the color and size, it is essential to determine the correct measuring to get the best blanket.

We all know knitting the blanket is the simplest among all. A child’s skin is the most sensitive, and clearly, the yarn has to be a quality material to be safe and bring peaceful sleep for your child.

Today, we will show you some useful points that will be helpful for you to choose the best yarn.

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Guide for buying the best quality yarn.

Even if you find the best yarn for your baby blanket, there are a few factors that you should save in mind while selecting the right one.  We have gathered those points for you.

Easy to wash and easy to dry

With your baby, you have to be careful with everything. Your baby will throw up, spit, diaper malfunctioning, or sometimes will even spill food that will keep a rigid smell or spot on the blanket. If your yarn has the quality of easy drying and maintainable, you are definitely getting the excellent yarn for you and your baby.

Also, check if the yarn is stain proof and capable of machine washable. The machine-washable point can prove beneficial if it does not get damaged due to the washing machine.

Though hand washing will be the best for your baby’s blanket, we understand it becomes challenging to manage time.

Checking the durability

Having a baby means keeping the cleanliness the top priority. When you are choosing a yarn blanket, check if the yarn is suitable for washing frequently. A blanket that is washable frequently without any color fade fuzzes is the best blanket for your baby.

Such yarns are long-lasting and can survive constant need of washing without any tearing.

Selecting the right color

You will find various colors of yarn, but you need to choose the best one for your baby.  You can choose the color, which you feel decent. Determining the gender of the child for the color selection will also be helpful. Another point to check, if the color used in the yarn is suitable for baby skin. Many times artificial colors may cause skin irritation, and it can be dangerous for your baby’s delicate skin. Ensure you check all the points being the color 100% irritation proof and safe for the newborn.

Fiber check

Blankets made of wool are appreciated to maintain the heat and are the most suggested.

Understanding the softness of a baby’s skin, it is essential to understand that fabric is not harsh. You should select a yarn that is light in weight and thin. Threads such as alpaca, acrylic, polyester, bamboo, and cotton are the most suggested. Out of these, bamboo and alpaca are the softest and the most expensive. If you have a budget problem, you can go for polyester, cotton, or acrylic for affordability and mild fiber content.


We use blankets for different season changes. For the baby, it is the same. Your baby is unable to tell you about her discomfort.

Some yarns shed fiber after a specific usage, and it can go into your child’s eyes or mouth. It is best to choose yarn for a blanket as per the season. For summers, the blankets should be thin and light so that air can pass out. For winters, the blankets should be thick and must retain heat to keep your baby warm. Similarly, for autumn, the blankets should be medium in weight and thickness.


If you have a specific budget, it will judge the cost of the yarn. You might not use the blanket after your baby has grown up. In that case, you can choose a cheap adventure. If you intend to use the blanket for a longer time, even after your baby has grown up or want to use it for another baby, you might consider the better durability.

For blankets that are used in the long run, suitable investments.

Number of yarn balls

While doing the yarn, you may run out of the yarn to create the blanket.

Keep a note of the color or shade that you are using. There are shade numbers present on every fabric you purchase. It will help you to buy the same shade if you run out of yarn. Using a different shade can ruin the wonderful blanket for your baby.

Above, we have outlined the factors you should check while purchasing the best yarn for a baby blanket.

Today, we will evaluate different yarns and features so that you get an idea to decide the best thread for your baby.  

Acrylic Fiber

Acrylic fibers are the synthetic fibers that are suitable for creating a soft touch and lightweight blankets. These are made using plastic threads. Plastic threads are a material of polymer fiber obtained from fossil fuels.

 Replacing blended wool, acrylic is used to make products like carpet, blanket, sweater, boots, and many more. However, Acrylic is not preferred for clothing but is extremely good for blankets.

In the case of baby blankets, acrylic are usually safe. It is easy to maintain and dries very fast. As this material is water-based, it is effortless to wash with soap.

Acrylic blankets are ideal for machine wash. Hence, you do not need to go for hand washing that eventually reduces much work pressure.

You have to be careful while picking some acrylic yarn, as some are only restricted to dry cleaning.

Acrylic is much warmer than any other material. If you live in a country where it is snowy all the time, according to us, acrylic will be the best yarn for the blanket. Acrylic may not be the right choice for a hot climatic situation.

Top benefits are:  

  • Acrylic dries out extremely fast. Do you can wash it anytime without worrying about the time for drying.
  • The material is resistant to chemicals.
  • Soft and ideal for making baby blankets.
  • Keeps your baby warm
  • Not at all bulky and comfortable on your baby.
  • Resistant to any bugs or moths.

Alpaca wool

Another outstanding yarning material has to be Alpaca. It is an exceptionally healthy and effective yarn for blankets and suitable for babies.

Alpaca is warm, healthy, and waterproof fiber and versatile. Alpacas are also known as green animals and are known to be easy keepers as they have softly padded paws.

It is biodegradable and natural radiance, making it the finest fiber for the baby blanket. Many fibers tend to shrink after every wash.

Alpaca wool is so durable, no matter how many times you wash the blanket, it will not shrink.

We have to admit that alpaca wool is expensive but worth buying. Its outstanding durable quality, warmth, and softness can beat any other material. Also, it does not wear out rapidly, making it a long-lasting product.

The fantastic benefits of alpaca wool are:

  • It is an anti-microbial and keeps away any fungal growth. Alpaca is extremely helpful for saving your baby from such threats and keeps her healthy
  • Dust-proof and might resistant ideal for baby coverings, duvets, and more.
  • Absorbs the ultraviolet rays and saves your baby from radiation harms.
  • Alpaca wool has a unique feature that keeps you warm in winter and also saves you from the irritation of heat in summer.
  • Alpaca wool is environmentally tasty.
  • Keeps the body temperature perfect that is helpful for your baby
  • Yarns for baby blankets should be stain resistant. Alpaca wool is known for being stain-proof
  • Keeps away bad odors
  • The quality of alapa is natural and makes it to be a breathable material.
  • The alpaca fiber is hypoallergenic and lanolin-free.

Mohair wool

Another unique yarn that can be used for baby blankets is mohair wool.

Mohair wool is a yarn that is derived from Angora goat’s hair. Angora goat has bushy hair that is produced from environmental situations. These goats are useful for their silky and all-purpose wool.

Mohair wool is super soft and known for its luster. Due to its immense glow, this wool is also called “diamond fiber.”

It goes with most types of dyes.  Also, it is crease-resistant, non- flammable, making it ideal for a yarn baby blanket. Mohair wool or diamond fiber is expensive.

If used with any other material with minimal quantity, mohair wool improves the fiber quality, luster, and elasticity.

Another noticeable feature is the wool’s resistance to entangling.

Almost all the types of wools have scales in them, and if washed at the incorrect temperature, it can result in messy. With mohair wool, you do not have to worry about the weather. You can clean the mohair wool blanket at any temperature. This feature is helpful, and no matter how you wash it, it stays the same.

The topmost benefits are:

  • It is helpful in any climate. You do not have to store it for any specific weather condition.
  • Easy to wash and not at all heavy.
  • Dustproof

Bamboo fabric

Bamboo fabric is brilliant for baby blanket earning. It is a natural fiber yarn for baby blanket built from bamboo grass. The thread is made from pulp until the thin line comes out. The yarning gets complete, and we get warm blankets and coverings.

Bamboo blankets are probably the best for the babies. The fiber is breathable, silk, renewable, and wrinkle-free.

Your baby won’t feel suffocating due to its thermoregulating properties that all bamboo material possesses. However, it can be hard at first use. So, we suggest that you wash the blanket first and then use it. This will reduce the stiffness and roughness of the blanket.

Bamboo is famous for being eco-friendly with antimicrobial properties.  Due to this, the bamboo fiber blanket keeps you warm during winters and cool during summers.

Bamboo fiber is much better than cotton due to its extreme control of temperature. It is good enough for breathing and keeps the baby comfortable.

The benefits of using bamboo fiber blankets are:

  • Clears moisture and sweat absorbent.
  • It keeps your baby dry
  • The antibacterial guide is beneficial for keeping the blanket odor-free and retains the freshness.
  • A natural UV rays protector. It covers the delicate skin of your baby.
  • It is safe and does not cause any skin irritation
  • Easy washing.

Final impressions

Selecting the baby blanket yarn is not an easy job as there are many aspects of every yarn that we need to see.

The best yarn for babies is the one that you can rely on entirely no matter what is the result after you make it.

Handspun blankets are the best as they are free from any chemical use and do not undergo any high-end machine work.

Many babies can have an allergic reaction from different wools, and you may not know. It best to know about the safety of the fabric from allergies before purchasing

You can also take medical help from your doctor to suggest the best material that you can use to yarn a blanket.

If you are looking to invest a decent amount to purchase the expensive fiber, we urge you not to rush.  There is a vast variety of fabrics, and it might not be evident for you to select.

We hope this baby blanket yarn guide helps you understand the fabrics in detail, and you select the best yarn for your baby’s blanket.