How To Dress Baby For Bed In Winter | Guide


Have no idea how to dress a baby for bed in winter? No worries! Because in this post you are going to learn each and every essential point about how to dress a baby for sleep.

Parents are always quite concentrated on their little world’s sleep. They try harder to provide their baby a peaceful and sound sleep. Especially for the new parents, it’s quite difficult to understand how to dress a baby for bed in winter.

It’s really important for a baby to get a comfortable and warm sleep time. Because it’s a growing phase for babies and they even grow while they are sleeping. If your baby can get valuable sleep time then it can be harmful to his growth (both physical and mental).

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We know that you are really conscious about your baby’s sleep and want to give him or her quality sleep time even in winter. That’s why we will provide you with a full guide about how you can dress a baby for bed in winter. 

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So stick with us till the end of the article to get to know how to dress a baby for sleep in winter. 


Well, in spite of dressing the baby for bed in winter you have to be a little bit careful about what your baby is going to wear while sleeping. The TOG rating of the swaddle or sleeping bag also matters. Last but not least the temperature of the room is also another factor to which you have to pay attention.


Dress up your baby in a swaddle or sleeping bag which has a rating of 1.0 TOG or 2.5 TOG. The TOG rating of the Swaddle or sleeping bag really matters. Because it helps you to choose the right swaddling for your baby according to your room temperature.

With a suitable TOG rating of swaddle or sleeping bag, you also have to choose that one swaddle that is made from organic cotton (natural fiber). Because it’s not only warm for your baby but also highly breathable. 

Swaddle bags are really necessary for babies. Because mostly babies take jerks after every 20 to 25 minutes. These jerks are caused in babies because of loud noise, or any sudden movement which is totally normal. 

So using a swaddle bag to swaddle a baby can prevent him or her from the harmful effects (like flailing of arms, neck, and head) of such jerks. 


To dress baby for bed in winter you should have to outer layer your baby. Make sure that you choose an outer layer that has long sleeves and is made from cotton or wool. Because cotton and wool are not only comfortable and highly breathable. But they also keep your baby warm in winter.

Using a layer of fleece material can be comfortable for your baby. But it can make your baby much overheated. That’s why going with wool or cotton is the best option.

Well if you are thinking about how many layers you have to put over your baby. Then in most cases, only one layer is sufficient to keep the baby warm in winter while sleeping. But it also depends on your selected swaddle bags contains how many layers. 

If the layering of the swaddle is light definitely you need more than one layer. But if the swaddle has enough layers then you only need one layer for your baby.


Using a crib sheet is the best alternative to a blanket. Select that one crib sheet to dress baby for bed in winter which has 100% pure material. Mostly cotton and flannel are the most recommended materials for crib sheets during winter.

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Is quite essential to dress baby for bed in winter according to the room temperature. Keep in mind that if the temperature of the room is warmer you don’t have to dress-up your baby in so many layers. It can overheat you baby and distrubed him or her while sleeping.

Or if the temperature of the room is cold. Then definitely you have to wrap your baby into multiple layers. Otherwise he can feel the cold and get sick. 

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  • For dressing your baby correctly for getting a peaceful and warm sleep. First note down that the temperature of the room should be between 21 to 23 degree centigrade. Then check the temperature of your baby by touching his or her tummy or back. 
  • Then place a suitable crib sheet on the crib that will be not too hot or too cold for your baby according to his or her body and room temperature.
  • Now dress your baby in one or multiple layers. That will be enough for him or her to warm him or her body.
  • Now cover your baby with a swaddle or sleeping bag.

Here you have dressed up your baby to get a warm and comfortable sleep in winter.


Most parents especially newly parents) thought that to keep their baby warm while sleeping in winter it’s necessary to wear his or her cap or hat. While it’s totally a wrong myth. covering baby’s head while sleeping can be dangerous for him or her.

Research shows that babies release heat from their face and head to cool themselves down. If their head or face are covered then they can overheat too quickly. 

Things do not end up here. The most dangerous thing about covering a baby’s head is that there is always a risk of choking or suffocation for a baby.


It is possible that the temperature that you do not feel cold may be too cold for your baby. In that case, you should have to know about the standard level of temperature that is recommended for babies by the experts.

How can you come to know that the temperature is too cold for your baby? It’s quite simple. Just simply note the temperature level which helps you to set the room temperature according to your baby’s body temperature.

A temperature level between 65 degree fahrenheit to 72 degree fahrenheit supposed to be an ideal temperature level for babies. This temperature not only warms their body but is also good for their skin. Also a balanced temperature reduces the risk of SIDS, and startle reflex.

However if the temperature reaches -15 degrees fahrenheit. Then this level of temperature is too cold for your baby. This level of cold can cause hypothermia or frostbite in your baby. That’s why always try to keep your baby’s room temperature at an ideal temperature to prevent him or her from any kind of harm.


There are many parents who believe in an absolutely wrong myth. To know the body temperature of a baby you can feel it by touching his or her feet or hands. While it’s totally wrong to find out a baby’s temperature.

As the baby’s hands and feets are normally uncovered. That’s why they carry a lower temperature and can’t accurately tell whether the baby is too cold or not while sleeping.

To figure out if your baby is too cold or not. The best way is to feel the nape of his or her neck or torso (trunk). If your baby is too warm his or her neck and torso are sweating. In case of cold they will be cold.


Q: What should a baby wear to bed in winter?

A: There are many options available in the market to warm your baby in winter. You can use cotton or flannel sheets or blankets to give your baby a warm sleep time. Also you can cover your baby in a sleeping bag or swaddle bag to give him or her a more comfortable and m=warm environment while sleeping.

Q: Is it OK if my baby’s hands are cold at night?

A: If your baby’s hands become cold at night. There is no need to worry. This is not because of the cold temperature. It’s a natural process and indicates that your baby is growing and developing while sleeping. 

Q: Should I cover my baby’s hands at night?

A: Well if you think that by covering your baby’s hand at night you are providing him or her a more warm feel. Then you are absolutely wrong. Covering a baby’s hands while sleeping can be dangerous. Because by doing that your baby’s body can be overheated and he or she can feel suffocation. 

Q: Will a baby cry if they are too cold?

A: Of course yes, if a baby feels too cold , definitely he or she will give you a sign of that by crying.