How to Hang a Baby Mobile over a Crib -5 Simple Steps


Baby mobiles are a great addition to the crib. Their pretty colors, soothing shapes, and cute details enhance the overall look of the crib. Parents usually hang mobiles over their baby’s crib. This can help the baby in different ways. You can make your baby fall asleep quicker. The mobiles can keep them visually engaged and quiet for hours. They promote a baby’s development as well. You need to know how to hang a baby mobile over a crib before you get one. Do not worry. We are here to help you out with this.

Why Do You Need to Hang a Baby Mobile over a Crib?

Do you find changing your baby’s diapers or clothes difficult? It might be your baby’s least favorite time of the day. Mobile can be much attractive for the baby to focus on. It can be very useful to help you both get through those few moments.

Here are some of the benefits of hanging a mobile over a crib:


Mobiles that turn or have beautiful lights can capture the baby’s attention. It will be fascinating for the baby for at least a few moments.


The babies who are too young to roll themselves over, spend much time on their backs. A mobile hanging over their cribs will likely hold their interest.

Newborns who do not have well-developed eyesight can focus the objects that are one foot away from their faces. So, a mobile hung with this distance will allow them to see it properly. It can be the reason for the center of attraction.


Being a parent is not an easy job. Making a baby fall asleep is very difficult for parents. Especially when it is their first baby, they had to put a lot of effort into it. Musical mobile with its soft music can help. You can turn it on at bedtime. It helps to soothe your baby to make him fall asleep easily.

You cannot relax your baby with loud, noisy music. Look for the baby mobile with a soft lullaby. It can also help to stimulate and develop the baby’s hearing.

Motor skills

Baby mobiles can help develop their motor skills. The infant while growing up shows more interest in the world around him and he may try to touch the mobile. This enables the baby to take small movements.

A mobile should consist of fun shapes and colors. So that it maintains your child’s interest. You can also look for the baby mobile that moves both vertically and horizontally.

Visual stimulation

The infants who do not have fully developed vision benefit most from looking at black and white. For older babies, bold shades of blue, yellow, red, and green are more beneficial. The crib mobile that contains more colors is more exciting and visually stimulating for your baby.  

While the babies follow the movements of the mobile in motion, it strengthens their eye muscles. It can help the eye muscles develop properly.

Educational benefits

A perfect baby crib mobile can help the baby learn. Parents can use it as an instructional device to teach their babies new words. The most beneficial mobile for your baby is the one that contains a lot of different shapes and colors.

Steps for How to Hang a Baby Mobile over a Crib

You do not need any special skills to hang a baby mobile over a crib. There are some tools you need to have to do it yourself. Get a hammer, drill, and measuring tape. You also need the drywall anchors and screw hooks. To install the crib safely, here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Measure for the Placement of Mobile

You must plan the placement of the mobile before you start drilling and installing. With the help of measuring tape, make sure to measure 16 inches from the mattress of the crib. Then mark the area with a pencil to drill easily. Now hold the mobile at the same height as the mark and measure its height. If the height is perfect, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Make a Hole in the Ceiling

Hanging a mobile from a ceiling is the best way. So, drill a small hole in the ceiling with the help of your 5/16” drill bit. Insert a drywall anchor into that hole. Tap the anchor with a hammer until it gets completely flushed with the ceiling. But do not tap very hard. Then insert the screw into the screw hook. When it is done, start hanging the mobile.

Step 3: Assemble the Mobile Parts

Assemble all parts of the baby mobile as it usually comes un-assembled. Read the instructions from the manufacturers on how to put them together. Follow every step carefully to complete the assembling. Then look for the string.

Step 4: Adjust the Height of the String

You always get the string with the mobile toys. But it may not be long enough to allow you to hang it from the ceiling to the defined height. An additional string is required for this.

Measure the gap between the screw hook and the mobile string from its determined position. After that, measure the same along the additional string. Cut it with the scissors. Attach both the strings using an additional hook.

Step 5: Hang the Mobile

This is the final step where you need to hang the mobile. Hang that extra string from the hook at the ceiling. Attach the mobile string with it. Cut the extra length of the rope hanging from the ceiling in case you want the mobile to be higher. If you want to lower it, then select a longer string to hang it. Your baby’s mobile is ready to be attached once all the adjustments are done.

How to Hang a Baby Mobile over a Crib -Safety Considerations

Is it safe to hang a baby mobile over a crib? You might have asked this question to yourself. Yes, it is safe if you take some safety considerations into account. Here are the safety tips that are very useful for the child’s safety as he grows up and begins to pull himself up.

Installation and Maintenance

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the secure installation of mobiles. Perform regular checks on screws or fastening elements. Make sure your baby’s mobile stays securely fastened. Always choose a baby mobile that has good user reviews about safety. Be sure you register your selected mobile. It will keep you update on recalls or warnings.

Length of Mobile Strings

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a mobile should be hung high enough that your baby could never reach it to pull it down and risk strangling. The store-bought baby mobile ensures you that it meets United States manufacturing guidelines.

But the homemade, antique, and individually crafted mobiles may not have these qualities. So, measure the length of the string to prevent strangulation. The mobile strings should not be more than 7 inches in length. Otherwise, they can be a potential strangle for your infant.

Mobile Placement

Make sure your baby cannot reach the mobile but can be able to see it. Newborns can look at the objects best from 8 to 12 inches away. Hang the mobile with the bottom hanging approximately 16 inches above the surface of the crib mattress. If your baby is not attracted, you can lower it. Never let the strings hang below the crib nails.

Choking Hazards

The choking hazards are caused due to small and detachable mobile parts. Check the mobile thoroughly before installing it. Look out for the fragile hardware or loose parts that could break and fall into the crib.

Age Appropriateness

Mobiles are designed for newborns under the age of 5 months. It is designed to attract and keep them entertained. By the age of 5 months, the baby tries to hold and reach things. This is the time to remove the mobile to avoid any choking danger.

You can hang it from the ceiling or over the changing table to distract your child while changing the diaper. Make sure the mobile remains out of the reach and away from the crib.


Mobile can distract a baby while moms are busy in the kitchen or doing some office work. It can be the best friend of the baby under the age of 5 months. The mobile hung over the crib can be fascinating for the baby. it also soothes their senses. Your baby can have fun and relax at the same time.

Hopefully, you have got all the necessary information for how to hang a baby mobile over a crib. It is a simple DIY task. You do not require any expertise. Just make sure that the mobile is safely hung and would never fall off. Now hang a mobile today for your baby to have fun.

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