How To Make A Crib Bumper Without Sewing | Guide


Make a crib bumper without sewing? Sounds interesting but quite hard to do? A big no doing this is not as tough as you think. Don’t believe it? So let’s make it happen by following the simple steps and in some time you have your self made baby crib bumpers.

Yes you read it right you can have your personally made and designed crib bumper without sewing. We know that there are mostly mothers who are managing their home and office at a time. And they don’t know how to stitch. Don’t knowing anything about sewing is not as bad as you think. 

So for those mothers who don’t know how to stitch or those mothers for them sewing is a drag. Don’t take too much stress. Here we are to guide you about how to make a crib bumper without sewing.

We are quite willing and excited that till the end of this article you will be able to make a crib bumper without sewing. So let’s begin this from the very beginning.

What are Crib Bumpers?

A crib bumper is one of the most cheap and secure ways to keep your baby safe and active inside the crib. Usually crib bumpers are the soft and breathable padded panels. These bumpers are placed on all the sides of the baby crib to prevent the baby from any kind of harm.

Why Do You Need Crib Bumpers?

As babies are too naugthy and hyper-active. They can stick their arms, legs or even head in the crib’s rails. That’s why parents fix these soft and smooth bumpers over all the cribs. So a baby can’t hurt himself or herself by their activities.

Although, as we all know, a baby crib is made from hard and highly durable material. So if its sides and edges are not covered with any soft material so there is a danger for the baby because he or she can bump their head to the crib sides. To solve this problem parents used to lie bumpers on the sides of the cribs. So the baby can’t hurt even if he or she bumps his or her head to the crib side.

Are Crib Bumpers Unsafe?

There was a time when people thought that using bumpers in the crib is quite unsafe for the babies. And they were quite right because at that time the quality of the bumpers were not as good as now. 

Because of the low quality crib bumpers the baby can face suffocation, or he or she can tie his or her neck around the bumper ties, and even the baby face would be pressed against the bumpers. Of course all things are horrible and no parent can’t even think about it.

But as the time passes the manufacturers pay much attention to making the bumpers safe and 100% secure for the baby. And fortunately they almost  succeed in their moto. Now you can freely use the crib bumpers. But try to select a good quality and breathable bumper for your baby. 

If you don’t trust the manufacturers then no worries! You can make your own crib bumpers in a simple way. Here we are going to teach you the simplest way to make a crib bumper without sewing. So that’s how you can choose the right fabric and desire design to decorate your baby’s crib and can make it more secure and safe for your little world.

Make A Crib Bumper Without Sewing

Required Material

To make good looking and soft crib bumper without sewing there are some things that you must have. There is nothing that will hard to find in the market. You can easily get them from any kid’s store.

Be ready to Collect all the things.

Crib Bumper Insert

This is the most important thing because this is the thing on which you are going to work. You can easily find them in various Kid’s stores. Crib bumpers inserts are usually comes in sets with different sizes. Select the one set according to your baby’s crib size.

Bumper Insert Fabric

Choose the fabric of bumper insert of your desire or the one fabric which suits your baby (if he or she has any potential allergy). You can also select the fabric design or color that will match your nursery. Don’t forget to measure your baby’s crib size. So you don’t have to pay extra cost for excess fabric.

Cutting And Measuring Material

To prepare any material the things that give it a perfect finish and looks is a perfect cutting and accurate measuring. So to make a crib bumper without sewing we also need a sharp scissor for cutting purpose and a measuring tape to measure the strips of the fabric accurately.

Binding Materials

Now it’s time to buy some binding materials because we are going to make a crib bumper without sewing. So for a binding purpose it’s good to have a Bias tape, a heat and bond and a glue gun. A bias tape is a great binding tool that perfectly binds the raw edges or seams of the bumper.

The next binding tool is a glue gun. It’s an amazing and cheap substitute for sewing. Because it can seal the bumper’s sides very securely. And we all know how easy it is to use a glue gun.

The Heat and bond is an amazing tool that is used for binding the fabric without pinning or sewing. Its binding is 3 times stronger than a traditional web. For better results, you also need iron which is used to secure the heat and bond fabric. 

Easy Procedure | Action Time

So after collecting all the necessary materials to make a crib bumper without sewing. Now it’s time to start the main procedure. For better understanding, we have divided the procedure into some easy and simple steps. So you can make a crib bumper by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Take a crib bumper insert and the fabric that you select to cover up the bumper. Cut a sufficient amount of fabric that will be enough to cover the bumper.

Image Credit: Somedayilllearn

Step 2: To securely fit the bumpers to the sides of the cribs cut the bias tape (binding material) in 6 ties. Keep the bias tape ties enough long that you can easily knot it double.

Step 3: Turn two pieces of the bumper’s fabric from both sides. Now use the heat and bond with the iron of the sides of the bumper together. Don’t forget to leave one of the bumper’s short sides open.

Image Credit: Somedayilllearn

Step 4: Leave a small part of the bumpers open for a perfect and easy tie of bows. Then place the fabric right side up and insert the bumpers one by one with perfect finishing.

Step 5: Now it’s time to seal the sides and edges of the bumper with a glue gun. Use it wisely and kneely apply the glue gun on the bumpers to keep the beauty of the bumper as good as before the application of the glue gun.

Step 6: So it’s time to set the bumpers on all the sides of the crib. Secure the ribbon strips and bias tape to the place you want to fit them. Then apply a hot glue gun on all the sides of the crib for perfect binding.

Image Credit: Vanillajoy

Step 7: In the end, just tie it strongly that your baby can’t pull them while playing.

Here we are done to make a crib bumper without sewing. No doubt that it's a little bit tricky but if you use the right things with accurate measurement. You will get an outstanding outcome.


Q: How much fabric do I need for a crib bumper?

A: Well it totally depends on the size of your baby’s crib and on the design that you want to make. But for a standard size crib 3 to 4 yards of fabric is enough to make crib bumpers of perfect fit. Although its widely depends on the design of the bumpers how much fabric it demands.

Q: How do you clean crib bumpers?

A: The best way to clean the crib bumpers stains caused by your baby is to pre-soak the bumpers with a natural detergent and warm water. After doing that, you can wash it in a traditional way. Using this technique is quite beneficial to keep the fabric of the bumpers soft and comfortable.

Q: How long is a crib bumper?

A: Firstly measure the sides of the cribs then do any action. But normally for a standard size crib the bumper should be 27 inches long from the short sides and 54 inches long from the long side. This is the ideal height for a crib bumper.