How To Stop Baby From Chewing On Crib | Guide


Want to stop baby from chewing on crib? Congratulations because in this article we are going to give you useful and tested ways by following them you can get rid of this problem.

We know that, who wants to see their little world chewing something that is absolutely harmful for him or her. For parents this is quite painful and worrying. 

But you can overcome this issue and can stop baby from chewing on crib. Yes there is no rocket science in it even if you don’t have to spend too much money to resolve this issue. The only thing you have to do is to follow the guidelines and bingo everything will become normal. But first you have to know a few things that must be important for parents and their babies.

Why Do Babies Chewing On Crib?

How to stop baby from chewing on crib

Parents must find their baby chewing or biting on the crib at the period of baby age from 9 months to 2 years. Experiencing that your little one is habitual of chewing something that is not good for him or her or can hurt them is quite disturbing. But why do babies do so? Let’s know the myth.


Teething periods for the baby are quite painful and disturbing. At that time he or she is always in search of that thing who can calm their obsession of chewing or biting and the first thing that they find is their crib. 

In the teething duration babies gums have become sore and your baby face irritation and itching problems. In that case they need a hard surface to chew to get a soothing feeling. 


If your baby becomes anxious about anything this would be the other reason for chewing the crib railing or chewing his or her fingers. When babies probably start chewing materials like cribs, their fingers or any other thing excessively this is a clear sign that your baby is facing anxiety. 

Baby Chewing On Crib Rail | Is Anything About to worry?

Catching your baby while he/she chewing on the crib rails means now it’s time for you to have to be a little bit more alert and conscious. You must have to stop baby from chewing on crib because it can be highly dangerous for him/her. The baby gnawing on crib habit can affect him or her in several ways. 

Effect The Face and Throat

If a baby starts chewing or chomping the crib rails the first thing that can harm him or her is the crib paint. No matter how keenly you choose the paint for the crib. It still has some intoxicants that can be harmful for your baby’s sensitive skin and stomach. 

Because of chewing the crib rails paint, the paint chips not only sprinkle on your baby face, teeth (which is not as much dangerous) but it can also go down to your baby throat and cause some miserable situations for you and your baby.

Effect The Stomach

The second thing is the material of the crib. Parents prefer wooden cribs for their babies just because of their durability and elegant looks. But if your baby has grown teeth and he or she is beginning to chomp or chew the crib rails then there is a possible chance that he or she can chew some wood splinter with the paint. These paint particles and wood splinters can affect the baby stomach and throat pipe very badly.

Sounds dangerous to hear, that’s why it’s quite necessary to do something immediately to stop baby from chewing on crib.

Cause Of Teeth Breaking

The crib is made from tough and hard material for a long lasting use. So If your baby continuously chews on the crib rails there are possible chances that he or she can hurt him or her gums or teeth from the railing of the cribs. They sometimes become a reason for teeth breaking which can hurt your baby very badly.

That’s why if you see your chewing marks on the crib or catch your baby red handed while chewing. Then you must have to take some appropriate actions to stop baby from chewing on crib.

How To Stop Baby From Chewing On Crib | Wise Ways

Dont take tension, you can overcome this problem by doing some little actions which are not so costly yet. 

Use Crib Rail Guards

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Mostly a baby biting crib rails because he/she can easily reach them and chewing them is quite easier as compared to side rails. Using crib rail guards or silicone guards is one of the best and advanced ways to stop baby from chewing on crib

You can find a useful and standard quality of crib rail guards without doing any hard struggle from the market. These rails guards are specially designed to protect your baby against paints, wood of any other material from which the crib is made while he/she is chomping the rails. 

These crib rail guards are one of the safest ways to give your baby a safe and satisfying teething period. They are extremely easy to attach on the crib rails and after that you will be free from the risk of any harm that would happen if the rails guards are not applied.

These rail guards are pretty soft and quite hard to tear (for a baby it’s almost impossible). Now your baby chews on crib without any fear of danger.

Want to buy Some Safe And Secure Crib rail guards. Here they are.

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Use A Teething Toy

How To Stop Baby from Chewing On Crib

Usually toddler chewing on crib just to satisfy their teething period. In the teething duration the baby went through from a painful and tough time. That’s why they always find something that can satisfy their pain and inflammation.

In spite of that baby biting crib. There is no need to worry about whether you can stop baby from chewing on crib by doing a simple task. And that is, provide them something more interesting and soft than a crib to chew.

A soft and non-toxic teething is one of the best solutions to calm your baby teething obsession. You will find a huge variety of teething toys that are specially made for baby’s teething duration. Try to find the right teething toy that doesn’t contain any small loosen parts or harmful chemicals. Plus they should be soft and smooth so that’s how the toy can’t hurt your baby jaws.

Buy Some best teething toys of our choice.

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Feed Frozen Or Homemade Treats With Vanilla

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Teething is the time when the baby becomes grumpy and doesn’t like to eat or feed anything. That’s why your baby’s health affects the most during teething duration. 

To solve this problem you have to simply introduce some delicious frozen treat to your baby. For these frozen treats popsicles is one of the best options to relieve your baby from the irritation and pain of the gums. A homemade frozen treat is quite healthier for your baby. 

Try to add a little amount of vanilla extracts in the frozen meal because vanilla helps to reduce the pain of teething. But make sure that you don’t use an excess amount of vanilla extracts. Because it can be harmful for your little one.

Message Baby Gums

How To Stop Baby from Chewing On Crib (2)

Okay so last but not the least the final option to end up your baby chewing on crib habit is the messaging their gums. The message for the gums not only calm down your baby’s chewing obsession but also helps to grow teeth with feeling less pain and inflammation.

Confusion: how do I massage my baby’s gums? NO worry! Here we are going to tell you the proper method of massaging babies’ gums step by step. Follow them and stop your baby from chewing on crib

Teething Massage Steps

Step 1 (Massage Outside The Jaw Line)

Gently pressure outside the jaw lines of your baby with your fingertips. Move your fingertips in a circular way. This massaging technique reduces the pain of teething and also soothes those muscles who used to sucks things.

Step 2 (Massage Inside The Jaw Line)

Do the same technique for the inside jaw line for both top and bottom jaws and also try to massage the surface of your baby’s cheeks. This firmly gentle pressure gives enough strength to your baby to counteract against the pain and inflammation of teething.


Q: Are crib rail covers safe?

A: Yeah you can say that, although we know that there are some quantities of harmful elements included in all types of baby toys and their accessories. That’s way always considered those covers and accessories for your baby who have a minimum amount of harmful elements.

Q: What can I use instead of a crib bumper?

A: There are many alternatives of crib bumpers that you will easily find in the market. Or even you can also easily make crib railing covers at home by using some simple techniques.

By the way some most common and affordable alternatives of crib bumper are.

  • Mesh crib liner
  • Vertical crib bumper pad
  • Crib rail cover
  • Baby sleeping bags

Q: What is a teething rail?

A: There are many cribs who come with a teething rail to provide your baby a 100% safe and sound crib time. A teething rail is a simple rib rail but it’s covered by the plastic. So when it’s come of your baby teething time he or she can chomp or chew the rails but the painted chips and wood splinters can’t harm your baby just because of this teething rails.

Auditor’s Notion

So at the end of this informative article. There are many things I tried to cover up and I do hope i fulfil my job honestly and this article will help parents to stop baby from chewing on crib, keeping their babies safe and secure and provide them with joyful babyhood.