Is It Safe To Hang A Mobile Over A Crib?


Having confusion, is it safe to hang a mobile over a crib or not? Well, this blog is all about crib mobiles. If you are a new parent and excited to decorate your baby’s nursery and not sure if hanging a crib mobile over a crib is good, then continue to read.

When you’re planning the nursery for your baby, You’re likely to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of themes and colors available. However, before you throw up the towel, you need to consider more things. For example, it’s tempting to purchase a cute mobile for your child’s crib. 

However, you’ll soon discover that everything you think is adorable isn’t always a secure option for your baby’s crib. When you’re preparing to decorate your baby’s room, you might be thinking, is it safe to hang a mobile over a crib? 

Are Crib Mobiles Good For Babies?

Crib mobiles are top-rated among parents and their babies. These toys are designed to keep your little one entertained during the night. But while they may be great for your baby, you should keep a few things in mind. First, be aware of choking hazards. If your baby is prone to pulling on the strings, you may have to remove the mobiles. They are also a choking hazard.

It is safe to hang a mobile over a crib if you turn it incorrectly. However, mobiles can be dangerous to babies if they are not attached to the crib safely. If you decide to use a mobile, make sure you secure it well to avoid accidents. When buying a mobile, make sure to read the instructions carefully. Most of them suggest removing the mobile when your baby is five months old. It’s best to remove the mobiles from the crib when your baby starts sitting up.

The best crib mobiles are high-contrast because newborns’ eyesight range is about eight to 12 inches. You should ensure that your baby cannot reach the strings, and the strings should be above the railing. 

The lower the string, the easier it will be to remove the mobile. Moreover, you should remove the mobile as soon as your baby can sit up. This way, they will not be able to pull the toys off the mobile, thus, posing a choking hazard.

Importance of Crib Mobiles

Crib mobiles are very important for a baby’s development. They help in developing the baby’s attention span and hand-eye coordination. They also offer visual stimulation. Once your baby is old enough to stand and sit upright, you can raise the crib mobile. 

These toys also stimulate the child’s motor skills and spatial awareness. Using these toys is that you don’t have to worry about replacing them when your child grows up.

When placed on top of a baby’s crib, a mobile helps stimulate the child’s senses and brain development. Some babies prefer to watch the moving objects in the crib. It helps them sleep better by concentrating on them for long periods. 

The constant motion of the mobile strengthens the eye muscles and develops the coordination between the eyes and the body. The powers that help a baby watch the moving objects with its eyes also grow more robust. These muscles will also come in handy when your child starts reading.

When placed in a baby’s crib, mobile can provide visual stimulation to the child, essential for their development. In addition, some mobiles are designed to help a baby fall asleep by mimicking movement. 

However, other designs can also soothe a fussy child and encourage sleep. They can be placed in the crib to calm a baby. Choosing the correct type of crib mobile is essential for the health and well-being of your child.

How High To Hang Mobile Above Crib

One of the most common questions parents ask is, “How high can I hang a mobile above my baby’s crib?” The answer is higher than you think! You can install a mobile above a crib from a joist or beam in the baby’s room. 

Aim to hang it 36 inches above the crib. Then, ride a mobile from the hooks. You can use pom-poms, ribbons, and cotton balls. If you’re unsure about the ceiling height, cut the balls into equal sections.

It’s best to choose a mobile about 16 inches above your baby’s crib mattress. This height encourages your baby to stretch and lift its head. It also makes it easier for you to wind up a music box or turn on the lights. 

If your baby isn’t responding to the mobile, try hanging it lower. If your baby isn’t responding, lower it. In any case, always check the height of your mobile before you hang it over the crib.

The ideal height for a mobile above a crib mattress is approximately 16 inches above the mattress. However, it’s unnecessary to hang it higher if your baby can reach it easily. 

Moreover, if your baby isn’t responding to the music box or the lights, you should lower the mobile as far as possible. The higher the mobile is, the safer it is. But don’t hang a mobile above your baby’s crib just because it looks pretty.

Steps For How To Hang A Mobile Over A Crib

Before hanging a mobile, parents should check the crib for compatibility. The ideal choice is a crib that has three or four corners. Those with two or three corners will not work. Nonetheless, there are ways to hang a mobile over a crib to allow it to work.

 Follow the instructions included with the mobile. If you choose this option, you can also attach it to the ceiling with drywall anchors. To hang a mobile, attach its arms to the crib. Then, use hot glue or fishing wire to secure the mobile. 

If you use a music box, attach it to the arm and hang it with hooks. You can hang different items, including cotton balls, pom-poms, ribbons, and stuffed animals. Cut the pieces into equal sections. Once the arms are secure, you can attach the music box.

The arms and the dial are the essential parts of a crib mobile. Before hanging, make sure the mobile parts are in good condition. You should also check the base. Usually, the protruding portion helps balance the weight and keeps the mobile steady. 

If the base is made of plastic or lightweight material, it will not hang well. Or the mobile is fragile, it might fall and break. If you want to prevent this from happening, hang it over the crib.

Before hanging the mobile over a crib, make sure the mobile is stable. The mobile’s arm should be level with the centre of the crib. Screws can be used to attach the music box to the arm. Once the music box has been secured, you can hang the mobile from the hooks. It is recommended that you use sturdy string or embroidery floss for the mobile. Avoid lightweight material.

Before hanging the mobile, you should ensure that the arms and dial are in good condition. The arms are the key components. When you hang a mobile over a crib, it’s essential to ensure that the arms are in a good position. For stability, it’s necessary to make sure the arm is positioned to be compatible with the crib’s centre. In addition, ensure that the mobile is aligned with the centre of the crib.

If you have a mobile with strings, it is essential to check that the string is long enough to support the mobile. In addition, it would be best to make sure that the ties are strong. If you’re unsure of how to hang the mobile, the first thing you should do is measure it. 

The arm should be at least 16 inches above the crib mattress. Moreover, it’s better to hang it slightly lower than the ceiling to avoid the baby from being able to reach it.

Tips To Safely Hang A Mobile Over A Crib 

If you want to hang a mobile over a crib, there are some things you should keep in mind. First, it should be out of reach and out of sight. Ideally, the mobile should be positioned about 8 to 12 inches away from the crib. Incorrect placement of mobile may not only make entertaining your child difficult, but it may also lead to it falling. The following tips help you safely hang a swanky mobile over your baby’s crib.

  • First, make sure the mobile is secure. The strings should not be loose or flimsy, posing a choking hazard for your baby. It is also best to avoid using mobiles with small parts that can sway and hurt your baby. You can use a floor lamp to hang your mobile. Remember that the mobile should be hanging about 16 inches above the crib mattress.
  • Another vital tip to safely hang a mobile over a crib is to note the height. The mobile should be lower than the crib mattress for a newborn, and it can be raised to a higher level as your baby grows. In addition, babies love fun, moving objects, so they’ll gravitate towards them and reach it more often. This is a significant step in developing motor skills.
  • When hanging a mobile over a crib, paying attention to safety is essential. Make sure the arms, dial, and base are in good condition. The protruding portion on the base will balance the weight of the mobile and keep it stable. You’ll also want to make sure the mobile is out of reach of the child. It’s best to place it above the crib rails.
  • If the mobile is not within your child’s reach, be sure to place it at a safe height. Depending on the mobile, it can be challenging to keep a baby from engaging with the mobile, and some parents don’t feel comfortable hanging a mobile over a crib. If the child is not involved, the mobile should be lowered to a lower level, preferably 16 inches above the mattress.
  • Mobile should not be too high off the crib. Even if it is too tall, the mobile may not be safe. The mobile strings should be below the level of the crib mattress, allowing the baby to reach the mobile and play with it. But the lines of mobile must not be too short. If you have small children, they should not be able to reach them.
  • If you choose to hang a mobile over a crib, make sure the string is long enough for your baby to reach. A new baby can’t grasp the strings of the mobile, so be sure the mobile is far enough up so that they don’t reach it. If a baby can’t achieve the strings, the mobile should be at least 7 inches above the mattress.
  • Be careful when hanging a mobile over a crib. It would be best to be sure that the mobile is secured and doesn’t fall off easily. It should be at least two feet away from the wall and snug-fitting. Mobile should not contain any pillows, bumpers, or stuffed animals. When hanging a baby mobile, be sure to put it out of your child’s reach.
  • It is best to hang the mobile over the crib at a height that will not cause your baby to fall from it. If your baby is not into the mobile, you can lower it to a safe level that won’t disturb him. A baby mobile can be hung from the ceiling or over a crib with a toggle bolt. Be sure to place the anchor in the centre of the joist.


We probably say that yes, it is safe to hang a mobile over a crib, but if you do it like a pro. A wrong measurement or a wrong hanging place can create risk and harm your little one. So try to follow the tips mentioned above for hanging a mobile over a crib to get the safest position.