7 Best Crib Toys For Entertaining Infants


Parents do a lot for their children. From clothes and food to décor and toys, they make sure everything is safe and right for them. However, how do you set a checklist to see if things qualify your standards? How do you get to know if these entertaining toys are right for your infants or not?

Do infants need toys? They don’t even know toys exist. So how will you decide if your baby would like your gift or not?

Infants are growing explorers. Everything you bring to them is new for them. So, they tend to get attracted to everything that looks fascinating and enchanting. Bright colours, soothing melody and soft touch are the most common things among them.

When they are introduced to toys with such features, they get engaged and entertained by them. This is when the responsibility of parents increases as they need to decide on the kind of toys they should get for their baby.

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Buying Guide

When you walk into a store, you’ll be overwhelmed by the variety being offered but at the same time, also confused. To help you in such situations we have a list of things that you should consider while buying entertaining toys for your infants.


The toy that you get for your baby has to be safe. Infants are not sensible enough to think about their health themselves.

This is your responsibility to ensure no harmful or hard product is within your baby’s reach. Make sure you don’t get any hard metal toys that could hurt your kid. Soft, plush or cotton toys are a great choice.


Do colours matter for kids also? Yes, they do. Dull and boring colours don’t fascinate babies and they might not like your gift.

So, choose a play toy that has bright or high-contrast colours. However, black and white contrast is considered developmental for sight of a baby.


There are toys in the market that not only entertain your kid but also help in the development of skills like hearing, vision and coordination. We’ve mentioned such toys later in the article. So, make sure that the toys you buy don’t just lie around on the ground but also help your baby to explore more and more about himself.

Easy to carry

Parents often skip on this feature but note it down, it’s extremely important. You might need to carry toys when you take your baby out on a walk or while travelling or while roaming around. So, toys that require heavy installation should be avoided. You should go for gifts that are easy to install, portable and durable.

7 Best Crib Toys For Entertaining Infants

Now you have a checklist to know if the gift you’ve selected is right for your baby or not. But to make your task even easier, here we mention the top 7 best entertaining crib toys for infants. Crib toys are the best when safety, comfort and portability is considered.

These are neutral toys to eliminate the concern of gender priorities. You need not always pick blue for boys and pink for girls, there are some common platforms too.

So, here’s the list of 7 entertaining toys that you must bring to your house for your infants. Note the point, your baby is sure to like it.

1. Baby Toy Soft Hanging Rattle Crinkle Squeaky Toy


The hanging rattles are a nice way to keep your kids engaged. These are made from high quality plush with PP soft cotton filling so that your baby has a perfect sleeping partner. With this, your baby gets a company and feels safe. The built-in BB device makes a sound when you shake it.

This is to improve the good hearing of baby. Simply hang it in the bed or stroller and let your kid play with it. Meanwhile, the toy will help in the development of vision as it allows the baby to recognize the colors. Make your kid learn about basic things from a very small age without any efforts. So, this set of 4 hanging rattles make a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for your baby.

2. TUMAMA Baby Toys for 0,3,6,9 to 12 months


The Activity Plush animal toy is a great choice as a gift for your baby. The soft and safe cotton plush makes sure your baby isn’t hurt while playing. Parents look to enrich their baby’s childhood by safe, educational toys. So, here’s the best you can get. You can hang the toy on the bed, stroller or car seat so that your baby gets to play with it.

This is more importantly to improve the learning, recognizing and coordination skills of the baby. Also, the interaction with parents help them in learning, speaking and making a preference of choice. When it comes to the baby, parents don’t want to compromise on quality and safety. This is why we recommend you to get this well-designed 100% safe, soft and durable learning toy.

3. KiddoLab Baby Crib Mobile with Lights and Music


This toy is a star projector night light mobile with relaxing music. When the lights of the room are turned off, an interesting light show begins that projects moon and stars onto the ceiling.

You can easily attach the toy to the side bar of the bed of your baby and allow your baby to enjoy the “star-life”. It has a music option that allows you to choose between continuous soothing lullabies, gentle nature sounds and a soft music that stops after 15 minutes.

If your baby is habituated to continuous lullabies during the sleep, let the toy help you and make your baby fall sleep faster. The toy has four cute toys attached that gives a safe vibe to the baby. This is the best way you can put your baby to sleep with so much love and care.

4. VX-Star Baby Travel Play Arch Stroller


There are times when you want to keep your baby entertained while dragging him around the house in the stroller. So, here is a baby play arch stroller that gets easily installed and gives your baby a company.

There are small, cute plush animals attached to the toy to encourage the baby to reach, squeeze and pull them. This keeps the baby active and also helps in the strengthening and development of muscles. The multicolored toy easily draws baby’s attention and also helps the baby build a visual perception.

Not only this, the toys make sound when you shake them. This will stimulate the auditory nerve of your baby’s body. So, let your baby enjoy while the toy develops his ability of tactile senses and hand-eye coordination naturally.

5. Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim


This toy solely focuses on the visual development of the baby. The Infant Stim-Mobile is basically a nursery mobile for cribs which keeps your infant engaged with research-based black and white graphics.

Once your baby gets used to the black and white images, reverse these interchangeable cards and develop the baby’s vision to distinguish colours. These cards feature a range of complexity, design and colour.

Also, the best part is that the cards are labelled by age to help you understand which card would be the most developmental for your baby. You’ve now found an enchanting toy the main motive of which is to stimulate your child’s growth.

6. Lambs & Ivy Animal Jungle Musical Baby Crib


It is a charming musical mobile which also features four soft, cute, plush jungle animals. Made of a soft, fuzzy velour, these animals have embroidered faces and look really cute when rotating underneath a taupe ring.

Babies are sure to love the detailed plush animals that include an elephant, a lion, a tiger and a giraffe. Your baby now has four new friends to play and grow with. You can turn on the music that plays nursery songs for 20 minutes long.

Also, the babies develop a sense for animals and parents’ interaction can help them learn about them more. Easy to install, the toy is extremely cute to decorate the stroller or the baby bed.

7. Tiny Love Meadow Days Take Along Mobile


Here is a smart solution to the genuine needs of parents – a toy that supports a baby’s development from birth. The magical musical mobile helps you keep your baby smiling at home or even on-the-go.

You can attach it on the side bar of your baby’s bed at home or attach it on the stroller when traveling. The sight of babies is still developing, and this is why the toy provides visual stimulation through its engaging black and white contrasts.

It also offers the interrupted musical entertainment for 30 minutes to soothe and entertain your baby. The tiny pioneer characters on the toy are enough to visually stimulate and fascinate your baby.

These toys are to make your lives easier and your baby’s initial days productive. Get these and allow your baby to have fun while the toys will make sure to contribute to the development of several skills. Parenting done easy!