5 Best Round Baby Crib | Product Review


Become bore with all these traditional shaped baby cribs? And want to purchase an advanced, stylish and amazing baby crib with an interesting shape? So here we are, with 5 best round baby crib

Having a round baby crib means you can decorate it just like a royal crib and can apply various ideas on it to make it more and more beautiful. While a round shape baby crib looks descent even you not decorate it. Its all up to you to decorate it or leave it simple. The both sides of a luxury round baby crib is highly acceptable and good to see.

Beyond the beauty and stunning design the round baby crib have other many benefits. Just like it occupy less space as compared to traditional rectangle shaped crib, secondly its lighter in weight so you can easily shift them anywhere you want and last but not the least the round baby crib is extremely soft and comfortable for the baby.

We have gathered 5 best round baby cribs that surely impressed you. And helps you to give your baby a happy and peaceful living. We become 100% sure that our selected products should be baby skin-friendly, safe, and comfortable for them and of course, they don’t disturb your budget.

So lets take a look at our top pick and decide which one you are going to become a part of your home.

Elegance Round Wooden Baby Bassinet with Bedding, Canopy, and Storage

Attractive Features

Elegant Design

Elegance Round Wood Baby Bassinet grabs the attention of the people by its elegant and charming design. Its traditional round and unique design gives it a distant and beautiful look. Plus at the top of the bassinet the curtains are set expertly to give it a royal look.

Caster wheels

There are caster wheels attached at the bottom of the bassinet. Means you can easily move it to anywhere anytime.Make sure that during moving or shifting the bassinet the baby is not inside the bassinet. So because of these caster wheels you can keep your baby close to your bed or any place where you are working.

Additional Features

  • The bedding material 80% of polyester and 20% of cotton. Means your baby can be comfortable and breath easily in this bassinet.
  • Complete bassinet with machine washable bedding (skirt, bumper, fitted sheet, canopy, foam pad)
  • Having washable Skirt, bumper, fitted sheet, canopy, foam pad. So you can keep your baby round crib clean and clear.
  • A hidden storage shelf included at the bottom of the bassinet. Keep your baby’s all needs with his/her crib anytime.
  • Frame is of wood, MDF, metal, ABS plastic. That makes it highly durable and not easy to break.

Uenjoy Convertible Newborn Round Crib

Attractive Features

5 in 1 Convertibility

This crib is one of the adorable round baby cribs. Because it has a higher level of convertibility. It can be converted to a newborn crib, crib children’s sitting and children’s playpen. Means spending your money on this incredible round crib is quite beneficial because you don’t need to buy any other luxury for your baby. This crib is enough to fulfill his/her needs.


Uenjoy really cares about baby’s health that’s why their all round baby cribs are made from food-grade safe material. Plus this crib does not contain any sharp edges. It carries smooth finishes that protect your baby from any kind of harm while he/she is playing inside the crib.

Additional Features

  • Uenjoy baby cribs are very easy to clean. Its material does not grab dust and dirt.
  • Its scientifically proven design helps the baby to grow.
  • Because of its convertibility this crib can grow with your child and last for a long time.
  • At the bottom, there is a grip sucker that prevents the crib from tripping.
  • It has four curved panels, square panel and door panel by which you can easily open or lock the crib.

Dream On Me Sophia Posh Circular Crib

 Attractive Features

4 Height Position Setting

This Dream on Me oval baby crib has a 4 height mattress position setting. Means you can easily adjust the height of the mattress according to your baby’s height or age. Adjust it to the lower side if your baby is able to pull and stand or set it upper side if you have a newborn baby.

Extreme Visibility.

Dream on me round baby crib is 100% safe. Its non-drop side railing provides an extreme level of visibility and safety. So you can easily see what your baby is doing inside the crib and its railing protects it from bumping.

Additional Features

  • This Dream on Me baby crib meets all the safety standards and CPSC/ASTM certified.
  • included with all necessary assembling tools. So you can easily assemble the crib without any hassle.
  • Made from solid woods which provides it a higher level of durability. You can use it for many years.
  • Its stunning spiral design gives it a royal look which makes your room quite beautiful.

Stokke Sleepi Crib, White

Attractive Features

Grow With Your Child

If you need round baby cribs then a stokke Sleepi crib is one of the best options to go. This crib can be used from newborn till 10 years age of child (using additional parts). So dont take tension if your baby attaches with his/her constant crib. Because you can keep it with your baby for a long time.

Natural And Quality Material

Stokke sleepi crib is made from 1005 natural and quality beachwood. This beachwood is collected from sustainable forests. That’s why this crib is highly strong and durable and can last for many many years without any breakage.

Additional Features

  • It has 4 position adjustment features. So you can easily adjust the height of the mattress according to your bed’s or baby’s height.
  • Its unique oval shape gives it a mesmerizing look. This crib looks extremely beautiful in your room or at any area of your home.
  • This round convertible crib has smooth curves which protect your baby from any harm.

Elite Oval Wooden Baby Bassinet with Bedding, Canopy, and Storage

Attractive Features

Complete bedding set

Elite oval wooden Bassinet is one of the best round baby cribs with canopy. The reason behind it is that this beautifully designed stunning round crib comes  with a complete set of bedding. The set included a machine washable bedding skirt, padded liner, fitted sheet, canopy, foam pad. So now you don’t have to worry to find the right and fitted sheet, pad and extra accessories for the crib.

Storage shelf

Elite round baby crib has a storage shelf that is attached at the bottom of the crib. So you can easily store your  baby’s everything (toys, feeder, diaper and clothes) and keep them near to your baby.

Additional features

  • This incredible and amazing round baby crib is made from wood, MDF, metal and plastic. Which gives this extreme durability and makes it strong for many years to use.
  • Its bedding materials are made from polyester. That’s why they are too soft and comfortable.
  • The bedding set is eco-friendly and highly breathable. Means your baby is 1005 safe in its bedding and can breathe easily.
  • There are also caster wheels included at the bottom of the crib. So when it’s time to change the place of the crib you don’t have to do any struggle.

Bottom Line

In the end of our this article, we do hope that you will get a full knowledge related to the best  round baby crib. So choose wisely the best one for your baby and make his/her babyhood extremely enjoying and pleasing.

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