Guide To Buy Best Baby Monitor | Choosing A Right Baby Monitor


A mother carries their baby for 9 months in their belly, and they know every kick and wiggles that happens inside their belly. But after you give birth to them, everything starts to change eventually.

You need to find a crib to prepare their nursery or find a place for them to sleep in your bedroom. Most parents first want to keep their baby as close as possible and let them sleep in their bedroom.

But over time, they need to prepare a different room for the baby to let them sleep without his or her parents. This is when parents start to become anxious about their baby and if they can sleep properly in their new environment.

Parents who get worried about their child should opt for a baby monitor. With the help of this baby monitor, parents can see and hear their child in the other room.

This gadget is very handy and helps you keep an eye on your child anywhere in the house while you do some household chores. With the advancement of science and technology, baby monitors come with new features.

What is the cost of Best Baby Monitor?

Parents can find various baby monitors at different price points. Monitors, which are only audio generating, tend to cost less amount of money than those which have both audio and video.

If the monitor has multiple headsets, wireless connectivity to tablets or laptops, high definition images, and other features will cost more amount of money. People can find baby monitors between $15 to $400.

Having a monitor at different prices makes it easier for every parent to own one for his or her baby. People who can’t spend much can also buy an audio-only baby monitor for their child’s room.

Some quick tips for Best Baby Monitor

1. Some people might not want to spend money on a baby monitor. Especially those who don’t stay in a big house and the baby will always stay close to the parents.

But parents should still consider buying a baby monitor for when their child will sleep in the other room. This will help you listen or watch your child for his or her safety. And you can go to their room if you find they are not feeling well or facing other difficulties.

2. Try to install a monitor before you give birth to your child. This will help you give a test run before you actually need it.

Many monitors often face problems based on background noise or by your home construction or with the wireless range inside your home. It is essential to check them beforehand and opt for the most suitable gadget when you have a baby.

How many types of Best Baby Monitor can I find?

Parents can find various baby monitors in the market. Some of them come with audio only and some with high tech features. Before buying a baby monitor, it is important to know about the different types of gadgets available in the market.

After knowing it, people can compare and choose the baby monitor that suits your preference. We have compiled the different types of baby monitors available in the market for users.

1. Audio monitors

Audio monitors tend to cost less as it only provides sounds. With the help of audio monitors, one can listen to the baby while they sleep in their crib.

This type of baby monitors solely focus on the cries and coos while minimizing the background noise such as air conditioner. Some baby monitors come with a light up system. It lights up when the cries grow louder even if it is on mute.

2. Digital monitors

Digital monitors offer encrypted transmission. Hence other people such as the next-door neighbor with a baby monitor won’t pick up any sound from your child’s room.

This tends to cost more money than audio only monitors, but they offer better sound quality and also ensure top class security. Hence it is a good idea to invest in these monitors.

3. Video and audio monitors

One can mount a small camera in the wall or put it on a plane surface inside the room. With the help of this, you can see and hear your baby at the same time.

Nowadays, many baby monitors come with a touch screen feature that you can use to tilt or zoom in to see you, child, carefully. They also come with a night feature, which helps you look into the room when it is not lit up or dark.

People can also find some baby monitors that offer multiple cameras that feed into one headset. With the help of this baby monitor, parents can easily keep an eye on the various rooms at the same time.

4. Wireless network monitors

Nowadays most of us use the laptop or phone all day long. Hence people can opt for the baby monitor, which connects to your wireless network, allowing you to keep an eye on your baby with the help of your computer, tablet, or smartphones.

Many monitors also send a notification in your desired device if they detect any noise or unnecessary movement inside the nursery.

5. Movement monitors

With the help of a movement monitor, parents can know if their baby hasn’t moved in their crib for more than 20 seconds. This type of baby monitors comes with a motion sensor pad, which needs to stay under the crib.

It can help determine if the breathing and movement occur in the crib. Many medical institutions recommend using this monitor to reduce the chances of SID.

The Best Baby Monitor people can choose

1. VAVA 720P 5″ HD Display Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

This video baby monitor can help you keep an eye on your child effortlessly. It comes with a 4500 mAh battery and a 5 inch screen, which allows you to notice delicate movements such as breathing. It also has 7 level sound volume and LED indicators.

One can handle it with ease as it comes with autopilot button, 2x and 4x zoom button, room temperature monitoring, auto night vision, and two way talking. It has 12 hours of audio only mode and 24 hours display mode available.

2. Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio – Auto Night Vision

With the help of GOODBABY portable baby video monitor parents can stay in peace while their baby rests in their crib. The monitor offers a 2.4 inch color monitor and provides a crystal clear image.

In power-saving mode, the monitor can last up to 12 hours, and on display mode, it lasts for 8 hours. Parents can adjust the volume as it comes with 5 level volumes and also has infrared night vision to detect dim lights.

This monitor comes with an alarm feature to remind parents about the feeding time. And they can also connect up to 4 cameras with this monitor.

3. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

This monitor doesn’t require any extra setup. It comes with a sound-activated LED bar that notifies the parents about the child’s crying. The camera doesn’t have any delay playtime, unlike those internet cameras.

It comes with a 12 hour audio only mode or 8 hours of live video. Some other features that parents can find in this baby monitor are the two-way talk, alarm mode, remote thermometer, digital zoom, invisible IR night vision, and expandable up to 4 cameras with scan mode.

4. VTech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor with up to 1,000 ft of Range

People who don’t have a lot of money to spend on baby monitors should opt for the VTech audio baby monitor for their child. One can easily use these baby monitors with alkaline batteries.

It transmits encrypted signals and makes it safe, as others don’t pick up on the baby monitor signals. The baby monitor will stay connected within the 100 feet of range. This monitor also comes with five levels of volumes, and one can easily control it with the press of a button.

It provides silent alerts such as blinking green light when the parent unit is not in range with the baby unit.

5. Baby Monitor with Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera

This monitor comes with 3.2 inches LCD and also digital encrypted signals to ensure a secure connection. The remote control camera rotates 355 degrees in horizontal and 120 degrees in vertical to help you look at your baby from every angle.

It also has a two-way talk feature to allow a conversation between you and your baby. This monitor also comes with various features such as room temperature monitor and alert, night vision, lullaby, audio-only mode, and sound level LED monitor.

Guide To Buy Best Baby Monitor | Choosing A Right Baby Monitor
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Guide To Buy Best Baby Monitor | Choosing A Right Baby Monitor
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