What Size is a Crib Blanket? | Detailed Guide 2021


Nobody said that parenthood would be an easy job.

You have to think from all angles to ensure comfort and safety for your little ones.

You will have to make sure everything is just perfect for them. We have to find the best for our babies.

From feeding the baby to changing diapers. From giving your daily baby baths, helping them to get into quality nap time.

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You might have already bought the most suited crib, and now you here searching to buy the most suited crib blanket.


Just a few seconds of carelessness in safety scrutiny while buying something for the baby.

Even a few minutes off of the baby’s activities surveillance could lead to hazardous incidents, sometimes fatal ones.

You certainly need to figure which crib blanket would be best suited for your little baby.

As babies are constantly growing physically and mentally at a much faster pace. They grow out of their clothes and shoes in one or two months’ time only.

Another few things is you need to ask your self, before rushing yourself to buy a crib blanket :

Q: How you going to use the crib’s blanket?

Q:Is your baby a newborn or a toddler?

Q:Size of your baby’s crib and your baby’s physique?

Q:Your baby might be wrapped into the blanket for most of the time or only while night time?

All the above rapid frequently asked question should have raised in your mind with in a snap of time.

You need to consider all these factors and think through it. Because you don’t want to buy wrong crib blanket or blankets. I am pretty sure as a full time parent, no one can afford extra efforts or errands.

Types of Different Baby Blankets

As a new parent, you should be aware of the multiple types of blankets.

Different blankets are required by babies until they are grown into kids. Every blanket has a specific purpose.

Now you can find the best-selling baby blankets which are unisex, breathable, and suited for the baby’s sensitive skin. We have recommended a few in each section below:


There are different theories about wrapping the newborn baby into receiving blanket since the first day. Some say it helps to keep their bodies leaner since the first day.

Whereas some simple logical reason is that the baby spinal cord is still weak. The baby’s bones, spine, and skull is still growling for strength and stability to survive in regular human life.

Mothers believe if they wrap their baby. It will reduce the chances of any mishaps as well directs the body to grow learner.

New born from 0 to 3 months are recommended to be wrapped with receiving blankets.

New Born Baby being wrapped in Receiving Blanket
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There are many advances in swaddle blankets nowadays. Rather using a raw loose cloth to swaddle your three months to six months old baby with.

Swaddles, now come with Velcro, button, and zippers. These designs allow the mums to swaddle their babies in a firmer, non-loose, wearable manner.

Loose swaddling is strictly prohibited by paediatricians. Because it could lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and hip dysplasia due to improper swaddling.

They also manufacture cute baby swaddles to keep your baby body firm and warm. It serves as a 2 in 1, both dress and blanket.

best baby swaddles
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5 Different Methods to Swaddle a Baby

Here a video guide on five different ways to swaddles your baby in a proper way to make your journey of motherhood easier.

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Crib blankets are available in three standard measurements. You will require a crib blanket to keep your baby firmly lying on the crib’s mattress.

Crib blankets make sure the baby stays at the same safe and do not moves through out the nap time.

From a safety point of view, a crib blanket is tucked into both sides of the mattress. To limit the baby’s movements during bedtime.

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You can’t limit yourself to home for all the time. But you can not also leave your baby without any adult supervision.

Now you have to make a quick outdoor errand to buy something, so why not take your baby with you. It is also healthy to take your baby outdoors, they will get more sunlight and fresh air.

You will be needing a stroller blanket to keep your baby snuggly warm and fuzzy while enjoying the outdoors.

New parents forget to enjoy the journey of parenthood because of all the hectic pressure. But remember you need to enjoy and make memories with your baby.

I would recommend you to take your baby with you to parks, or even to marts for grocery shopping. Remember the more you interact with your baby, the much better personality and I.Q development.

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What are Basic Crib Blankets’ Sizes?

There are three basic sizes for baby’s Crib blanket, that are most commonly bought by new parents.

Parents are recommended to use Crib Blankets for babies above 12 months.


A 30″ by 30″ Crib Blanket size is best for new born baby. However, your baby will definitely outgrow it in few months. But still there are few advantages of having this size crib blanket.

First of all, it takes a very less amount of cloth approximately one yard. Secondly, even if your baby outgrows it, you can still use it as a playmat or as an optional cloth.


This 30″ x 40″ is perfect and preferred by those who want a rectangular size blanket. Its length will give your tot plenty of room to grow. Also, don’t worry, you can still easily use yardage for the backing without having to piece it.

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It is known as a standard-sized Crib Blanket because it can fit well over a crib mattress which is usually around 28″ x 52″.

But more importantly, from a safety point of view, the American Association of Pediatrics(AAP) recommends using a bare crib (no quilts or blankets) for infant safety. Hence, the crib size is not that important.

Rather than the appropriate size that the parents will appreciate.Any Blanket larger than 36″, whether square or rectangular, can also make a great floor covering for babies on the move.

Much larger Blankets are sure to be used as the child grows and begins sleeping with covers.


You must consider these factors as a consumer of Crib blankets, before buying. As it will help you to sort out and buy the best one for your baby.


Baby above 12 months are recommended to use Crib Blanket by expert pediatricians.

Infants are not recommended to be covered with extra covers or sheets in the crib, as there are chances of suffocation or getting strangled.


Some babies exhibit exceptional growth and body physique depending on their origin and genetics.

About 1% to 3% babies can either be skinnier, healthier, taller than other babies or shorter. Therefore, you have to make you if your babies comes under this radar.

Otherwise you can go for the standard size crib blankets for your baby.


Your primary consideration should be the size of the crib.

  • The size of an average baby’s crib measures approximately 36” by 52”.
  • The size of the blanket should be about 36”x54”.
  • A small structure crib should be around 15”x30” for which the blanket size should be roughly 40″ ×42″ inches.
  • A Large crib size should be approximately 28”x52” for which a blanket size of 45”x60”will be suitable.

The Crib blanket size should niether have extra yards, nor should be shorter that you are unable to tuck it in the crib mattress and cover your baby.


To ensure a snuggly and cozy sleep, you need to have suitable crib blanket to tuck your little one into it safely.

  • Baby cushions are usually 27” x 52″.
  • You can make a baby’s blanket around 36” by 54” that will be big enough.
  • You can also make it larger enough if you need it to.
  • A large quilt of 45” x 60” is big enough that it can be used in upcoming years of childhood.


Here are a few thing experienced parents and experts pediatricians have recommended to look over before getting the right Crib blanket.


Whatever Crib blanket you go for, remember to check for easily stretchable, good quality, and breathable.

Many pregnant mums to knit or crochet blankets for the baby. So make sure the blanket gives a calming and cozy effect.


Mostly light-weight Crib blankets are first choice of all parents. Because they are easy to wash and baby enjoy sleeping with lighter fluffy and cozy crib blankets.


Baby Crib Blankets comes with a variety of materials. The crib blankets material can be Muslin, Cotton, Polyester, Wool and jersey as well.

Better look out for any rash if your baby has any specific skin allergic reactions. Not all babies but mostly have sensitive naive skin and are prone to skin allergies.


Q: Which is the best suited crib blanket for my newborn?

For newborns Receiving blankets are the most recommended ones. They will keep the baby warm and body in a firm stature.

Q: Is one crib blanket enough for my little one?

I would recommend to go for offers where bundle packages of 4 blankets. You can maintain a collection as one goes old you can buy a new one.

Q: Can I use old Receiving blankets as Burp cloths?

If you have already not bought burp cloths, you can use receiving blankets as burp cloths as well.

Q: How many types of must-have blankets a parent should have?

As a parent you will need receiving blankets, stroller blankets, and swaddle blanket.

In The End……..

I would like to end up with a message that as a parent or parent to be. you need to be very cautious as babies are prone to falling off on their heads. THey need to you constantly supervise them, feed them, help them to burp, change their diapers and even help them to get to sleep.

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