What To Do With Old Crib Mattress | Useful Tips


What to do with old crib mattress? This sentence has now become the most common in this modern and luxurious world. People normally think that after the crib mattress becomes old it is useless and can serve you more. But my friend, you are totally wrong. It can still serve you in many interesting ways. 

Don’t let your old crib mattress go to waste. With so many options for recycling it, you might be wondering where the best place would be. We’ve got some good news. Currently, there aren’t any facilities that will take in used car seats or mattresses from homes. Because they need to be washed first before being accepted into their program (this is called sanitization). 

But don’t worry, we have some great suggestions on how you can reuse or repurpose these items instead. Read below about all of them and then choose which one works best suited towards what matters most to YOU!!

A crib mattress is a long-lasting investment. It will last for the duration of your child’s bed and then some! Creative parents know how to reuse their used mattress after flipping it over into an even older space. Like when they turn toddler beds in at age 3 or 4 years old (on average). 

In this way, you not only get two uses out of one purchase but also free up more room under your young family. By recycling materials instead of buying new ones every few months as needed. Which can cost anywhere from $50-$1K per year depending upon where in-town real estate prices are going these days!).


Mattresses may seem like an investment, but what if you’re not sure how long a mattress will last? Mattress lifespan can be difficult to predict. A good rule of thumb: the softer and more gently it’s used (as opposed to jumping on top). Then the greater chance that your baby crib mattress could last up to 10 years or more.

In order to find the longest-lasting crib mattress, it’s important that you take your time and do some research. This will help make sure you buy a great product for your baby or toddler in their first year of life.

For example: if durability is not something top priority when buying furniture items like living room sets then this might not be an issue with mattresses as these can typically last up until around age six before needing replacement.



The first thing to know is that even plain water can be destructive enough, especially if it seeps into the inner workings of your mattress. Failure to dry out might lead to bacteria or mold growth which will damage the baby’s health as well.

That said, a crib mattress with an extra-durable cover should withstand spills better than those without one because they won’t get wet in areas covered by fabric edges like corners do.

A good way (and sometimes necessary) for prolonging its life span during childhood years would involve keeping babies away from any soiling accidents at all times – including sleeping through feedings.


The second factor that matters the most in any mattress durability is firmness. New parents know that saving money is always important, but it can be MORE crucial when you have a new addition coming into your family. That means replacing any old furniture pieces as well.

A mattress lasts much longer if it’s supporting its weight with an innerspring device (like those found in mattresses) versus being supported entirely by cotton or other fabric materials without springs inside – so make sure yours isn’t one of them and toss out anything less supportive over 20 years ago.


A crib mattress is the most important part of your nursery. It’s where the baby sleeps and plays for hours a day, so you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. The material used in making these mattresses can have an effect on how many years will pass before needing another one. 

But don’t worry – there are still some factors at play that ensure each type has its own range when durability comes into question.

For example, the low-density superlight foam won’t take nearly as much punishment from stressors like tossing around by little hands every night or being stepped upon countless times during those first few months home alone while waiting restlessly outside the parentheses door.


How you use your mattress can make a world of difference in how long it lasts. The weight and strain placed on the foam, springs, or latex layers will wear them down faster than other materials. So if possible try to keep children off these surfaces as much as possible! Cleaning regularly with an appropriate cleaner keeps away any buildup that might start degrading its quality over time too.

Just be sure not to let those dirty hands touch anything but cloth cleaning fabrics when handling this delicate material. Lastly beware: placing near heat sources like furnaces, radiators, etc, is bad news for all sorts of mattresses because they tend to cook things up from within which weakens their structure steadily little by little until eventually breaking apart completely after enough abuse – even if only.



If your mattress is still in OK shape and less than 10 years old, the easiest course of action for you might be to give it away. You can do this by donating directly from home (or a storage unit) or taking items into local charity stores like Goodwill Industries that accept mattresses as donations. 

Next, try contacting homeless shelters near where you live; if these are full then see if they have space available on their waiting list. It’s also worth checking out churches in your area-depending who works there may know how best able accommodate those looking after pets with disabilities since many faith communities now dedicate themselves towards easing animal suffering.


Protecting yourself from a tornado is important, but it can be difficult to find suitable shelters. So if you live in an area where tornadoes frequently happen and don’t want something temporary.

Like an under-bed storage unit or closet as your only protection against these destructive forces of nature then consider using one of your old crib mattresses for shelter instead. Store them away during storms when they are not being used so there will still always be some form of home safety nearby just in case disaster strikes again.


The old crib mattress is a great alternative to the trampoline. It’s cheap, and it will keep your child entertained for hours on end without tiring them out. The classic game of jumping can be enjoyed by children at any age- from tiny babies all the way up until the teenage years. 

But if you don’t have enough money with which purchase an expensive toy like this bouncing equipment then there are other things that could work in its place too such as using some old crib mattress instead eider than buying new ones every now again because those items often wear fast over time so they won’t last very long either before being replaced.


Another thing you can do with your old crib is to donate it and give the mattress as well. Local furniture banks are in need of well-used products, so this will help them out by giving something useful. 

Some cities have these places where people donate their unwanted items while others don’t – if these furniture banks don’t know about any nearby ones near where these people live then they’ll be able to direct them towards some local organizations that should suffice just fine.


Image Credit: FurHaven Pet Products

Your dearest pet is always there for you, but as your baby grows and moves into a new room of its own that’s not quite ready yet (or if they just don’t want to go at all), Fido needs some lovin’ too. 

All it takes is an old mattress from anywhere in the house or apartment-even one used as extra seating while watching TV before bedtime can work wonders on these two furry friends who have been through so much together already. 

You’ll be giving them something comfy with no hassle – what more could their human ever ask? Of course, he deserves something special and comfortable.


Q: How do you dispose of a crib mattress?

A: Many retailers offer recycling programs, but not all have them. Check with your mattress retailer or Re-Matt (a local recycler) for more information on what they are able to provide in terms of this service; donation may be an option if you want someone else responsible for getting rid of it instead.

Q: Can a crib mattress be reused?

A: Crib mattresses seem to be a common item that’s recalled for safety reasons. There are some risks associated with them, even if you’re not aware of them! The short answer is: don’t reuse your old crib mattress- it could cause injury or suffocation when used by another baby in their own bed as well as transmitting infections between mothers and babies sharing items such as clothing which comes into contact during breastfeeding (and wearing dirty diapers).

Q: Can you leave a mattress on the curb?

A: Once you’ve wrapped your mattress in plastic, take care of it by placing it next to a trash can. Make sure that only one is out at any given time and never stack more than two mattresses or other furniture items on top for pick up because they might slide off while being loaded onto the truck.

Q: Is it OK to buy a second-hand mattress?

A: Sleepers who sleep on old mattresses could be at risk of developing a range of health problems, including cot death. A study by the Foundation for Infant Deaths found that second-hand beds are likely to house bacteria and molds which can cause inflammation in your body or trigger an allergy attack; these microorganisms may also lead you into asthmatic episodes while sleeping due to their potency as allergens.